William SMOOT b. ca. 159835; presumed living 14 Jan 166536/166637
when Grace SMOOT, "wife" [not widow] of William SMOOT died
m.1.  -?-
m. 2. Grace1 (widow) WOOD1
As William had a daughter Elizabeth SMOOT, and his wife Grace had a daughter 
Elizabeth WOOD, it is doubtful that Elizabeth SMOOT, or any children older
her were children of Grace.  As a birth order of William's children is
unproved, it is unknown which children may be by which wife.
William SMOOT had children:
1. Thomas1,64 SMOOT b. ca. 1634; m. Jone2/Joan3 BATTEN;2 d. ca. 1668 Charles Co., MD3
2. Richard1 SMOOT m. Elizabeth;4 d. between 23 Apr. and 31 Oct. 1676
   Charles Co., MD5
3. Elizabeth1 SMOOT m. Humphrey ATWICKES63
4. Anne1,64 SMOOT b. ca. 1640;62 m. 1. William HUNGERFORD;6 m.2. William BARTON;6,64
   d. ca. 1662 Charles Co., MD7
5. Alice1 SMOOT
6. William10 SMOOT born after 1646;1 m. Jane by 1684;8 d. between
   24 Feb. 1715/6 and 4 July 1716 Richmond Co., VA9

William's wife before her marriage had one known child.
1. Elizabeth WOOD1

Thomas SMOOT and Jone/Joan BATTEN had children:
1. William2,15 SMOOT b. ca. 165515 Charles Co., MD; d. between 12 Apr. 170611 and
   30 Apr. 170711 Westmoreland Co., VA; m.1. Anne;14 m.2. Eleanor11 VEALE13 between
   23 Feb. 1697 [1698]12 and 26 June 170013
2. Thomas SMOOT b. say 1660; m. Elizabeth22 BARTON16,17; d. between 6 Jan. 1704
   and 30 Jan. 1704/5 Charles Co., MD16

William SMOOT wrote his will in Westmoreland Co., VA in 1706.11
William and first wife Anne had children:
1. William11 SMOOT; died before 1747 with no living children18
2. Thomas11 SMOOT never married; d. ca. 171919

William SMOOT and second wife Eleanor VEALE had children:
3. Sarah11,20 SMOOT Westmoreland Co., VA; m. James29 RIGG20,29
4. Winifred11,20 SMOOT Westmoreland Co., VA; m. William HARRISON;20,21 living 173920
5. Mary11 SMOOT b. before 1703 Westmoreland Co., VA;  m. John RICE;30
   died before 26 Nov. 172971
6. John20,21,65 SMOOT b. 170731 Westmoreland Co., VA; died between 26 Oct. and
   15 Dec. 1789;32 m.1. -?- -?-; m.2. Sarah20 (widow) CRANE28; m.3. -?- -?-

William SMOOT's second wife Eleanor VEALE after his death married secondly
William TRIGG and third John ASHTON [AUSTIN].  In all the VA records,
John and Eleanor are listed as ASHTON, while in MD records they apppear as
AUSTIN/ASTIN.  She was married to John ASHTON between 30 Jan. 1722 [1723]
when Ellenor TRIGG was allowed to keep an ordinary in her home,73 and
22 Feb. 1723 [1724] when John ASHTON sold a tract of 150 acres to Thomas
BARNES in Westmoreland Co., VA.74 John stated on 2 July 1722  he held
the land by right of having married the widow of Daniel SULLIVANT, on
whose death the land had escheated as SULLIVANT had no heirs. The land was
part of patent to John BEARD in 1666 who had sold it to Danl. SULLIVANT on
4 Oct. 1672. A patent to John ASHTON for the 150 acres he possessed was
granted on 15 Feb. 1722/3.75  

At the same time that John and Ellenor acknowleged on 27 Feb. 1723 [1724]
their sale to BARNES, John ASHTON also had leave to keep an ordinary,
for which William VEALE was one of his securities.76  

Daniel SULLIVANT's widow that John ASHTON married was named Mary.  She had
married Rice WILLIAMS after the decease of Daniel SULLIVANT before she
married John ASHTON.  On 26 Nov. 1718 Mary WILLIAMS, relict of Rice
WILLIAMS was granted administration on his estate.77

On 24 May 1719 as Mary WILLIAMS she sold to Nathaniel GRAY 100 acres.
It was part of 250 acres patented by John BEARD and sold to Daniel SWILLIVANT
on 4 Oct. 1672 who by deed of gift gave it to his wife Mary.78 

John Austin wrote his will in 1732/3 in St. Mary's Co., MD.21

Eleanor wrote her will in 1739, but it was not probated until 1746.20
She had no children by her third husband John AUSTIN.

Eleanor (VEALE) SMOOT secondly married between 26 Jan. 1708/923 and 28 Aug.
171224 to William TRIGG.  He was deceased by 29 Jan. 1717/8 when Eleanor
was administrator of his estate.25
Eleanor VEALE and second husband William TRIGG had children:
1. Susanna20 TRIGG b. say 1713;26 m. Thomas DOXCEY;20 living 173920
2. William72 TRIGG b. say 1715; d. 173072-173920
3. Jemima20 TRIGG b. say 1717; d. before 173920
4. Elizabeth TRIGG21 b. say 1719; d. between 173321 and 173920

John SMOOT b. 1707 Westmoreland Co., VA wrote his will in 1789;32 m.1
name unknown who died before 1734 and had children:
1. Austin Sanford SMOOT20,21 b. ca. 172727; living 177838

John SMOOT m.2.
Sarah, widow of Robert CRANE; she d. by 175228 St. Mary's Co., MD
John SMOOT and Sarah had children:
2. John20,28 SMOOT b. ca. 173728 St. Mary's Co., MD; d. between 30 Dec. 1788 and
   14 July 1789 St. Mary's Co., MD33
3. child20 SMOOT b. ca. 1739;20 died before 175228
4. George28 SMOOT b. ca. 174228 St. Mary's Co., MD; m. Anne BEALE [BEALL]39; d. before 178932
5. Cuthbert28 SMOOT b. ca. 174428 St. Mary's Co., MD d. 178042-178932 St. Mary's Co., 
6. Caleb28,32 SMOOT b. ca. 174728 St. Mary's Co., MD; m.1. -?- -?-; m.2. Martha
   McCLAMROCK 10 Sep. 1795;40 d. between 3 Mar. and 24 July 1797 Orange Co., 

John SMOOT m.3.
name unknown died before 1789 and they had children:
7. William32 SMOOT b. say 1750 St. Mary's Co., MD; m.1. -?- -?-; m.2. Margaret
   JENIFER 24 June 1793;43 d. between 13 May and 31 Aug. 1815 Rowan Co., NC44
8. Thomas32,34 SMOOT b. say 1752 St. Mary's Co., MD never married; d. between
   13 Apr. 1795  and 15 Mar 1796 St. Mary's Co., MD46
9. Anna32,34,46 SMOOT b. ca. 1754 St. Mary's Co., MD; m. Rudoph BARNHOUSE32,34;
   living 179546
10. Elisabeth32,46 SMOOT b. ca. 1756 St. Mary's Co., MD; never married;
    d. between 25 Oct. 1790 and 4 Oct. 1791 St. Mary's Co., MD34
11. Eleanor/Elender32 SMOOT b. ca. 1758;80 St. Mary's Co., MD; m. Benjamin PRICE32;
    d. 21 July 1843, bur. Ira Price Cem., Madison, Boone Co., WV80
12. Hezekiah32,34 SMOOT b. ca. 1760 St. Mary's Co., MD; m. Elizabeth -?-;81
    d. between 26 Aug. and 9 Sep. 1834 Charles Co., MD47
13. Alexander32,34,46 SMOOT b. 1 Aug. 176942 St. Mary's Co., MD; m. Anne "Nancy"
    (JONES)42 HAWKINS48 17 Oct. 1798;48 d. between 3 Dec. 1825;45 and 20 Feb. 1826
    Rowan Co., NC79

The next generation is likely Austin Sanford SMOOT.  Harry Wright NEWMAN
in The Smoots of Maryland and Virginia believed it was Cuthbert SMOOT.
James SMOOT is proved as a grandson of John SMOOT, in that John SMOOT named
him as such in his will.  In the 1830 Rowan Co., NC census, James SMOOT's
age was 70-80, placing his birth between 1750 and 1760.49  This age is confirmed,
in that in the 1809 and following Rowan County tax lists, James SMOOT
appeared with land, but no white polls.68  The upper age in NC
for tithables at that time was 50, placing James as born before 1759.

James was unlikely a son of Cuthbert who was born ca. 1744 (age 8 in 1752).
Another indication that James' father was more likely Austin Sanford SMOOT,
is that Newman believed Austin Sanford SMOOT had a daughter Elizabeth that
married a MILBURN.  James SMOOT's daughter Henrietta (SMOOT) LYON had a son
named Anderson Milburn LYON.  Anderson was probably from her two sisters
that married ANDERSONs, and it is believed MILBURN was from her aunt's married

James32 SMOOT before 1759;68 died between 8 Oct. 1836 when he wrote his will
and Aug. 1837 when it was probated in Davie Co., NC;50 m. Jemima BENNETT51
who was living 1820.
1. Elizabeth50 SMOOT b. ca. 1784 St. Mary's Co., MD; m.bond Walter GAITHER50 
   5 May 1807;52 d. 23 Nov. 1825 Rowan (now Davie) Co., NC53
2. Mary50 SMOOT b. ca. 1783;82 to 178654 St. Mary's Co., MD54; m. Gassaway56 GAITHER50;
   d. 24 Nov. 1851, Mocksville,82 Davie Co., NC55
3. Margaret50 SMOOT b. ca. 1788;69 St. Mary's Co., MD69; m.bond Nelson ANDERSON50
   24 May 1806;52 living 187070
4. Henrietta50 SMOOT b. 18 June 1790;58 Madison Co., VA59; m.bond Nathan Johnson
   LYON50 dated 1 Jan. 1809;52 m. 4 Jan. 181058 (sic); d. 4 May 1873;58
   bur. Lyon Cem., Readyville, Rutherford Co., TN57
5. Elender50 SMOOT m.bond Charles ANDERSON 5 Dec. 1808;52 d. before 183650
6. Thomas B.50 SMOOT b. 1793;61 m. Margeret BOGUE 18 Sep. 1823;60 d. 1874;61
   bur. Bell (a/k/a Bell-Youree, Youree) Cemetery, Fannin Co., TX61
7. Brittania50 SMOOT b. 26 Dec. 1796;66 Madison Co., VA67; m.bond James SLOAN50
   29 Jan. 1821;52 d. 28 Nov. 1889 Mill Bridge, Rowan Co., NC66

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