William Barton b. ca. 16051 (Warwickshire?)27, England; died ca. 16752
   Charles Co., MD
1. daughter BARTON m. Thomas THOMAS3
2. William4,12 BARTON b. ca. 16348; m.1. Anne7 SMOOT (the widow of William
   HUNGERFORD,5,6 Sr.); m.2. Mary;16 died between 5 and 22 Sep. 1717 Charles
   Co., MD17
3. Nathan13 BARTON b. ca. 16379; m. Martha11; d. between 5 Nov. 16819 and 
   4 Oct. 1685 Stafford Co., VA10
4. Margaret12 BARTON

William BARTON and Anne SMOOT had children:
1. Grace14 BARTON b. 26 Aug. 165914 Charles Co., MD; d. 31 Aug. 165914
   Charles Co., MD
2. William15 BARTON b. 29 June 166215 Charles Co., MD; d. before 1668 when
   William had another son named William born22

William BARTON and Mary had children:
   A child of William Barton (b. ca. 1634), unnamed in the record was 
   born 25 Mar. 166718.  This could be either Mary or Margaret.  If
   Margaret was the child born in 1667, then Mary was born between 1662
   and 1667 and could be a child of either wife, Anne SMOOT or Mary. If
   Mary was the child born in 1667, then Margaret would have been born
   between 1662-1667.  As Margaret married William Hungerford, Jr., a son
   of Anne Smoot (1st wife of William Barton) by her first husband William
   Hungerford, Sr., Margaret cannot be a daughter of Anne Smoot, as that
   would make her a half sister to her husband. Margaret would have been
   a child William Barton's second marriage to Mary, as would all children
   born after her.
1. Mary16 BARTON m. Thomas WARREN;16 living 168816
2. Margaret19 BARTON m.1. William HUNGERFORD,19 Jr.; m.2. Jacob MILLER;20
   living 173321
3. William4 BARTON b. 27 Feb. 166722 [1667/8] Charles Co., MD; m. Sarah4
   (MARSHAM)23 WARING4,23; d. between 23 Oct. 170525 and 6 Nov. 170525 Prince
   George's Co., MD4,25
4. Elizabeth26 BARTON b. 27 Feb. 1671/226 Charles Co., MD; m. Thomas
   SMOOT;17,24 d. before 6 Jan. 170424 Charles Co., MD

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