The English origin and parents of John (GATER) GAITHER, born 1599, of
Virginia and Maryland are unknown.  John GATER age 36, Joan GATER age 20,
and a John GATER age 15 were on a list of 24 July 1635 to sail from London
on the Assurance.1 Research by George Riggs Gaither published in The
Gaither Connection in a series beginning in 1991 stated that John
GATER baptized in 1603/4 at Lamberhurst, Kent, England had married Joan
MORLEY, and had a son John born (sic) 5 March 1635.  He stated this was
the family that arrived in VA.  Examination of the original Lamberhurst
parish register showed the following:2

1. John GATER had a daughter Elizabeth bap. Dec. 1632 [exact date not
   viewable on the microfilm
2. John GATER and wife Mary had a son John bap. 5 Mar. 1634. [1635
   Gregorian calendar]
3. John GATER and wife Mary had a son William bap. 20 Mar. 1637 [1638
   Gregorian calendar]

The VA settler was NOT the John "GUTER" (sic) baptized 23 Feb. 1603 [1603/4]
at Lamberhurst, Kent, England, for which no parents were stated in the
baptismal register.  THAT John of Lamberhurst MAY be the son of William
GATER and Tomson LINDREDGE who were married there on 9 May 1602.  The
subject of that John's parentage is a moot question, as he is not the
ancestor of the American GAITHER family.  Some Internet researchers have
outright forged/falsified/changed the above baptismal date in their records
to report that this John was "born" on 15 Feb. 1598/99, to agree with
John's age of 36 stated on the 1635 passenger list.

That the John at Lamberhurst with wife MARY was still living there in
1637 [1638], he cannot be identical to John with wife JOAN that arrived in
VA in 1635. He was also not likely the father of the John GATER, born
about 1620, that was on the same ship. The elder never claimed any land
for transporting the younger. He did claim 800 acres for transportation
of himself, his "wife Joane" [Jane in one land claim] and 14 other persons,
all named.3 IF the elder John were the father of the younger John (born ca.
1620), he would undoubtedly have paid for his transportation, and claimed 
land for paying for the transportation. That he did not indicates the
younger apparently paid for his own transportation. As no record has been
found for land claimed by anyone for transporting the younger, he likely
either died soon after arriving in VA, or returned to England.

There is no evidence that John GATER's wife Joan was surname MORLEY as
claimed in the article by George Riggs Gaither.  There is no marriage 
record for a John GATER to Joan MORELEY (or anyone else) at Lamberhurst.

There are numerous other errors in the George Riggs Gaither article,
regarding the alleged ancestry of that John there. As this is not the 
John of Virginia, those errors are not addressed here.

John's first wife Joane/Jane died prior to 1642 when John remarried.
He returned to England where he married on 31 October 1642 as John
GATHER to Mary WALTER at St. Luke's Church, Chelsea, Middesex Co., England.95
No record of his return trip to Virginia is found. In 1646 John GEATHER was
administrator as "brother-in-law" of the estate of Henry WATERS6/WALTERS.7

At a court on 16 Jan. 1653 (1654) a deed from John Godfrey of the County
of Lower Norfolk to Thomas Dadford for 800 acres was ordered to be recorded.
The deed was dated 16 Jan. 1653 (1654) and was stated to be 800 acres originally
granted to John Gather by patent on 26 July 1638. The original grant was
recorded in Nansemond County on 12 July 1649. "John Gater aforesaid by & with
consent of Mary Gater his wife" had assigned the land to John Godfrey on
12 July 1649 for other considerations.4

Since John Gaterís [the immigrant's] 1638 grant included land for transportation
of his wife Joan, and was assigned by the "aforesaid" [same] John Gater and
wife Mary, this shows this is the same man with two wives.  This would show
Harry Wright Newman's theory5 that the John born ca. 1620 married Mary, and
was the son of John born ca. 1599 to be incorrect.

John GATER moved to Anne Arundel Co., MD about 1649/50, where letters of
administration were issued on his estate on 24 Nov. 1652 to his widow Mary.8

He was not living in 1666 as alleged by Harry Wright Newman.  The records
show that the VA land mentioning John GATER in 1666 as an adjacent land
owner in VA, was the same land that John assigned in 1649. The records
were reciting old land owners from previous deeds, and had not been updated
to show current (1666) land owners.

JOHN GATER had one known child. It is believed his son John was born in the
mid 1640s, meaning his mother would be Mary WALTER(S). It should also be noted
that his son named a daughter Mary, as did at least four of his children.  The
name Joan was not used among his known children or grandchildren. 
John GATER and Mary WALTER had child:
1. John GAITHER b. by 1646 VA;9 m. Ruth BEARD;98 bur. 12 Nov. 1702
   All Hallow's Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD;102 
      Claims that she was a daughter of Joseph MORLEY are in error. This appeared
   in print with Harry Wright Newman's 1st Edition (1933) of "Anne Arundel Gentry,"
   based on MORLEY's 1672 will in which he made Robert PROCTOR and John GATHER his
   executors and legatees.21  Newman corrected this in his second edition (1970), as
   court records show Joseph MORLEY died with no heirs.10 

   After the death of John GAITHER, his widow Ruth secondly married Francis
   HARDESTY on 13 Jan. 1703 [1703/4].99  Francis HARDESTY and Ruth had child:
   Francis HARDESTY born 27 Feb. 1707 [1707/8].100  Ruth was buried 5 Oct. 1719
   at All Hallow's Parish, Anne Arundel County.101

John GAITHER and wife Ruth BEARD had children born in All Hallow's Parish,
   Anne Arundel Co., MD
1. John GAITHER b. 15 Jan. 1677/8;11 m.1. Jane BUCK 21 Aug. 1701;11
   m.2. Elizabeth (DUVALL)13 WARFIELD 20 Aug. 1719;11 died between 4 May and
   20 June 1739 Anne Arundel Co., MD14
2. Ruth GAITHER b. 8 Sep. 1679;11 m.1. John WARFIELD 16 Feb. 1696;11
   m.2. Daniel CARTER 17 June 1719;11 living 172815
3. Benjamin GAITHER b. 20 Feb. 1681/2;11 m. Sarah BURGESS 8 Sep. 1709;11
   d. between 26 Mar. and 31 Aug. 1741 Anne Arundel Co., MD when he
   wrote his will.16
4. Rachel GAITHER b. 19 Apr. 1687;11 m. Samuel WHITE 18 Apr. 1706;11 
   living 175594
5. Edward GAITHER b. 28 Sep. 1689;11 m.1. Mary DUVALL 21 Feb. 1709;11
   m.2. Rachel;11  m.3. Margaret (SELLMAN)11 WILLIAMS17 19 Aug. 1734;96
   died between 2 Jan. and 10 Apr. 1741 Anne Arundel Co, MD17
6. Mary GAITHER b. 13 Apr. 1692;11 m.1. Joseph WHITE 9 Feb. 170911
   m.2. Edward NICHOLS19/NICHOLSON93; d. 1737 Anne Arundel Co., MD93
7. Rebecca GAITHER b. 24 May 1695;11 m. Richard SIMPSON20/STIMSON18;
   living 174218
8. Susannah b. 22 July 1697;11 bur. 9 Oct. 1717 All Hallows Parish103

Benjamin GAITHER and wife Sarah BURGESS had children born in All 
   Hallow's Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD:
1. Benjamin GAITHER b. 16 July 1710;11 never married; d. between 21 Apr.23
   and 7 Oct. 178422 Anne Arundel Co., MD
2. Elizabeth GAITHER b. 14 Oct. 1711;11 m.1. Thomas24 DAVIS16;24 m.2. Mark
   BROWN25;24 d. 27 Dec. 1773 to 22 Jan. 1774 Anne Arundel Co., MD104
3. John GAITHER b. 24 Apr. 1713;11 m. Agnes (ROGERS)26 WILLIAMS26,27; d. 
   6 Sep. 178428 Anne Arundel Co., MD29
4. Edward GAITHER b. 20 Dec. 1714;11 m. Eleanor;30 d. between
   26 Mar. and 11 June 1777 Montgomery Co., MD30
5. Samuel GAITHER b. 19 Jan. 1718;11 m. Mrs. Ann25 BURMAN5 d. between
   23 Sep. and 8 Oct. 1762 Anne Arundel Co., MD25
6. Ruth GAITHER b. 23 Oct. 171911; d. before 26 Mar. 174116
7. Joseph GAITHER b. 18 Sep. 1722;11 d. before 26 Mar. 174116
8. Henry GAITHER b. 7 May 1724;11 m. Martha31 RIDGELY;32  d. between
   13 Mar.22 and 21 Aug. 178331 Montgomery Co., MD31
9. Sarah GAITHER b. 29 Mar. 1726;11 m.1. Richard WARFIELD22;33 m.2. John
   SEDGEWICK25;33 living 177434
10. William GAITHER b. 11 July 1728;11 never married; d. between 2 Oct.
    1777 and and 7 Jan. 1782 Anne Arundel Co., MD35
11. Anne GAITHER b. 25 Feb. 172911 [1729/30); m. John HAMMOND22,25
    14 June 1748;11 d. between 29 May 1783 and 26 June 1784 Baltimore Co., MD36
12. Mary GAITHER b. 17 Mar. 1732;11 m.1. Edward NORWOOD22;37 m.2. Mr. LONG22,35;
    d. between 13 Mar. 178322 and 14 Oct. 178839
13. Cassandra GAITHER b. 23 Mar. 1734/5;11 m. Thomas LINTHICUM22;38 living
    7 Oct. 178422

Harry Wright Newman claimed that Edward GAITHER's wife was the widow Eleanor
WHITTLE, of which nothing else was known.  The evidence is that Eleanor, wife
of Edward GAITHER and Eleanor the widow WHITTLE are NOT the same person.

Edward GAITHER and Eleanor had children born in (now) Montgomery Co.,  MD
1. Basil GAITHER30 b. ca. 1748;41 m. Margarert42 WATKINS 20 Dec. 1766;40 d.
   Aug. 180343 Rowan Co., NC42
2. Benjamin GAITHER30 b. before 1755;49 m. Elizabeth44 WATKINS;46 d. between 
   21 May 180244 and 10 Feb. 180347 Rowan Co., NC
3. Eleanor GAITHER30 b. say 1753; m. Thomas PRATHER30;50 died between
   23 Sep. 177850 and 12 Jan. 178351
4. Greenbury GAITHER30 b. say 175653,60 (4 Dec. 1751, sic)52; m. Ann52
   ANDERSON54 1354/14 Apr. 177952; d. 9 June 1823 Nelson Co., KY52
5. Burgess GAITHER30 b. 16 July 175755; m. Amelia "Milley" MARTIN57
   24 Sep. 179155; d. 9 Dec. 1819 Iredell Co., NC56; 
6. Nicholas GAITHER30 b. say 1758;53,60 m. Eleanor "Nelly"83 GREENFIELD
   26 Oct. 1779;54 d. between 4 Jan.83 and 24 May84 1793 Iredell Co., NC83
   bur. Bethany Church Cem., Iredell Co., NC85
7. Johnsey GAITHER30 b. 175653-175960 m. Mary59 THRELKELD58; d. between
   12 Dec. 1797 and 1 Jan. 1798 Montgomery Co., MD59
8. Sarah GAITHER30 never married d. between 4 May61 and Aug. 179262 
   Iredell Co., NC
9. Cassandra GAITHER30 b. ca. 1763;41 m. bond James REID 8 Nov. 1782;51
   living 1824;97
10.Brice GAITHER30 b. after 175630; m. Elizabeth64 REID63; d. between
   11 Jan. 1822 and 31 Oct 1823 Putnam Co., GA64
11.Lyla GAITHER30 b. say 1767; m. Vachel IJAMS;51 d. before 1791
    Rowan Co., NC51
12.Eli GAITHER30 m. Elizabeth45 NEWMAN;65 d. between 7 Mar.45 and 4 May
   180948 Rowan Co., NC

Basil GAITHER and Margaret WATKINS had children:
1. Eleanor "Nelly"42,51 GAITHER b. 7 July 176966,86 Montgomery Co., MD;
   Isaac JONES42,86 2 Apr. 1787;51 d. 12 Oct. 1825, bur. Joppa Cem., Davie Co.,
2. Nicholas Watkins GAITHER68 b. before 1774;67 (Mrs.)92 Tabitha BAILEY
   18 Sep. 179251; m.2. bond Catharine "Caty" Hampton 10 Jan. 1819;51
   d. 21 Jan. 1824 (now) Davie Co., NC69
3. Walter GAITHER42 b. ca. 177167 Montgomery Co., MD; Elizabeth 
   SMOOT 5 May 1807;51 d. 14 Nov. 1825;70 Rowan Co., NC71
4. Basil GAITHER42 b. 21 Dec. 177472 Montgomery Co., MD; Tabitha
   SMART 8 Mar. 1803;51 d. 183273 Tipton Co.,74 TN73
5. Gassaway GAITHER42 b. 3 July 177872 Montgomery Co., MD; m. Mary SMOOT75
   ca. 1806; d. 2 Feb. 1848,76 Davie Co., NC76,77
6. Nathan GAITHER42 b. 15 Sep. 178879 (1785?) (now) Davie Co., NC; m. Martha 
   "Patsy"78 MORRISON 14 June 1817;78 d. 12 Aug. 186279 Columbia, Adair Co., KY
7. Elizabeth51 "Betsy" GAITHER42 b. 26 Nov. 178872 (now) Davie Co., NC;
   John MARCH, Jr. 18 Jan. 181051

Gassaway GAITHER and Mary SMOOT had children born in (now) Davie Co., 
1. Eleanor "Ellen" GAITHER80 b. 25 July 1807;87 m. Elisha GIBBS80; d. 
   5 Jan. 1857, bur. Old Joppa Cem., Davie Co., NC87
2. Ephraim GAITHER80 b. 13 Dec. 1808;66,90 m. bond Sarah Hall JOHNSON
   14 Jan. 1835;51 d. 17 Apr. 1889, bur. Old Joppa Cem., Davie Co., NC66,90
3. Elvira GAITHER80 b. 6 Dec. 1810;88 m. bond Henry Railsback AUSTIN80,88
   16 Nov. 1830;51 d. 12 Aug. 1905, bur. Old Joppa Cem., Davie Co., NC88
4. Matilda W. GAITHER80 b. 1815-1820;82 m. bond Samuel ROSEBROUGH80 20 Aug. 1840;81
   d. between 29 Sep. 1848;80 and 31 Mar. 1849;80 Davie Co., NC
5. Burgess S. GAITHER80 b. 14 July 1818;66,91 m. bond Sarah Ann McMAHAN 27 Nov. 1843;81
   d. 8 Aug. 1887, bur. Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church Cem., Davie Co., NC66,91
6. Mary Maria GAITHER80 b. 22 June 1822;89 m. bond William Booe MARCH80,89 1 Sep.
   1842;81 d. 14 Jan. 1847, bur. Old Joppa Cem., Davie Co., NC89

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