Morris VEALE found in Westmoreland Co., VA by 1669.  He died between
3 Oct. 1695 when he wrote his will and 29 July 1696 when it was probated
in Westmoreland Co., VA.1
Dorothy, who went with her children William and Eleanor to St. Mary's Co., MD,
and was living on 21 Feb. 1734 [1734/5] when she signed with her daughter
Elenor as next of kin to the inventory of Jacob VANDEVEAR.11  Dorothy
was deceased by when her daughter Eleanor wrote her will 17 Mar. 1738/9, and
bequeathed the "bed and Bolster which formerly Belonged to my Mother."10

Morris and Dorothy were married prior to 3 Feb. 1672/3 when at court it was
shown that "Dorothy Veale called Mrs. Elenor Quigly Irish whore and Irish bitch
and Irish witch and Irish hagg and Irish baud and if I had you heere I would
stampe you under my feete."12

Biographical information on Morris VEALE.

Morris VEALE and wife Dorothy had children:
1. Amy1 VEALE m. Humphrey POPE3 by 17042
2. Eleanor1 VEALE b. say 1678; m.1. between 23 Feb. 1697 [1698]4
   and 26 June 17005 William SMOOT;6 m.2. between 26 Jan. 1708/9;7
   and 28 Aug. 17128 William TRIGG; m.3. after 1719 John AUSTIN;9 
   d. ca. 1746 St. Mary's Co., MD10
3. Morris1 VEALE m. before 1713 Sarah;13 d. between 9 Apr. and 25 June 1750
   Prince William Co., VA14
4. John1 VEALE m. Deliverance;15 TAYLOR;22 d. between
   21 Nov. 171816 and 25 Feb. 1718 [1719]3 Westmoreland Co., VA
5. William1 VEALE m.1. by 171817 Sarah (TUCKER)21 NETHERTON;17 m.2. after 1730;19
   Margaret;18 d. between 4 and 30 Jan. 1737 St. Mary's Co., MD;18 his widow
   Margaret m.2. Richard KING20
6. Mary1 VEALE

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