John WATKINS was in Lower Norfolk Co., VA by 1635.1  He died testate between
   20 Feb. 1648 and 31 Oct. 1649 Lower Norfolk Co., VA when his will was written
   and probated.2  He married
Frances;2 she married 2nd by 1654 Edward LLOYD.3 They moved to Anne Arundel
   Co., MD.
John WATKINS and Frances had children:
1. John WATKINS2 II b. ca. 1642 VA; d. before 14 Mar. 1682 (1683) Anne Arundel4
   Co., MD when "John WATKINS, Jr." was administrator of the estate of
   John WATKINS, deceased
   other children, not mentioned by name in their father's will

John WATKINS II had one known child:
1. John WATKINS4 III b. say 1661 Anne Arundel Co., MD; bur. 27 Feb. 16965
   All Hallow's Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD; m. Ann GASSAWAY;6 she 
   m.2. William BURGESS 13 Aug. 16975 and she m.3. Richard JONES7
   Richard JONES was bur. 30 Mar. 17145

John WATKINS III and Ann GASSAWAY had children born All Hallow's Parish,
   Anne Arundel Co., MD
1. John WATKINS b. 15 Aug. 1689;5 m. Mary WARMAN8 1715; d. between
   11 Nov. and 7 Dec. 1743 Prince George's Co., MD9
2. Nicholas WATKINS b. Mar. 1691;5 m. Margaret LAMB;10 d. ca. 1770 Anne
   Arundel Co., MD11
3. Elizabeth WATKINS b. 11 Apr. 1693;5 m. Samuel SMITH 27 Jan. 1714;5 
   d. between 21 Jan. 177449 and 1 Feb. 1779 Anne Arundel Co.12
4. Gassaway WATKINS b. 31 Mar. 1695;5 m. Elizabeth IJAMS;13 d. between
   23 May and 9 July 1746 Anne Arundel Co., MD14

Richard JONES and Ann GASSAWAY had children:
1. Anne JONES b. 27 Jan. 17005; m. Turner Wootton48
2. Jane JONES b. 13 Feb. 1702;5 bur. 21 Aug. 1704 All Hallow's Parish,5
   Anne Arundel Co., MD

Nicholas WATKINS and Margaret LAMB had children born All Hallow's
   Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD
1. Nicholas WATKINS b. 20 Aug. 1722;5 m. Ariana WORTHINGTON;15 d. before
   3 Mar. 1758 Anne Arundel Co., MD;16 she m.2. John IJAMS16,17
2. John11 WATKINS b. 27 Nov. 1724;5 d. ca. 176047
3. Elizabeth11,19 WATKINS b. 19 Nov. 1727;5 m. Henry HALL11,19 27 Dec. 1748;5 
   d. between 19 Aug. 1788 and 27 Feb. 1789 Anne Arundel Co., MD18
4. Ann11,19 WATKINS b. 12 June 1730;5 m. Philip20 PINDELL;19 living 177219
5. Gassaway WATKINS b. 13 Nov. 1731;5 bur. 21 Oct. 1732 All Hallow's
   Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD5
6. Gassaway11,19 WATKINS b. 25 Apr. 1733;5 m. Dinah21 SMITH;49 d. 1789 MD21
7. Joseph11,19 WATKINS b. 23 Feb. 1734;5 m. Anne22 BROWN;47 d. between
   4 Feb. 178- and 2 June 1788 Anne Arundel Co., MD22
8. Thomas11,19 WATKINS b. 14 Feb. 1736;5 ?(m. Lucy BELT 26 Dec. 1779;37 inventory
   1 Sep. 1782 Anne Arundel Co.23, with Elizabeth HALL signing as next of kin,
   Lucy m.2. John ADDISON)?
9. Jeremiah WATKINS b. 12 Feb. 1739;5; died young
10. Jeremiah11,19 WATKINS b. 8 Mar. 1743;24 m. Elizabeth WAUGH 30 May 1762;24
    d. 3 May 183324

Nicholas WATKINS and Ariana WORTHINGTON had children born in Anne
   Arundel Co., MD:
1. Margaret WATKINS17 b. say 1746;46 m. Basil GAITHER 20 Dec. 1766;25
   living 1802 Rowan Co., NC26
2. Thomas WATKINS17 b. say 1748;46 m.1. Elizabeth JONES 24 Jan. 1767;5,27
   m.2. Elizabeth SPRIGG 7 Jan. 1778;37 d. ca. 178327; inventory
   10 Jan. 178428 Anne Arundel Co., MD
3. Elizabeth WATKINS17 b. say 1750;46 m. Benjamin35 GAITHER;29 living 1810
   Rowan Co., NC30
4. John WATKINS17 b. say 175246; m.1. Mary BEALL;40,41 Mary JONES
   28 Nov. 1787;34 d. between 17 June 1814 and 30 Sep. 1822 Jefferson Co., TN31
5. Nicholas WATKINS11,17 b. ca. 1754;27 m. Ann JONES 19 Nov. 1772;25,27
   d. between  28 Jan. 1816 and 27 Aug. 1822 Anne Arundel Co., MD32
6. Gassaway WATKINS17 b. say 1756;46 m.1. Sarah JONES 2 Dec. 1785;27,38
   m.2. Ruth DORSEY 28 Feb. 1788;38 m.3. Elenor Bowie CLAGETT 26 Apr. 1803;33
   d. 14 July 1840 Anne Arundel Co., MD33

John IJAMS and Ariana WORTHINGTON had chidren:
1. Vachel IJAMS29 b. Jan. 1759 or 1760;36 Lilah GAITHER not dated;34 Martha CUNNINGHAM 19 Sep. 1791;34 d. 20 Feb. 1833
   Lauderdale Co., AL36
2. Brice W. IJAMS Betsey ANDERSON 31 Mar. 1803;34 m.2. Mary45 "Polly" 
   HAWKINS;42 d. 182043-183044 Rowan Co., NC
3. Ariana IJAMS29 Oliver HENDREN 16 Aug. 1788;34 d. between 13 Aug.
   and 7 Nov. 1803;50 Rowan Co., NC29
4. Beale IJAMS29 b. 8 Feb. 1767;39 Elizabeth LITTLE 4 Apr. 1791;34 
   d. 6 July 1855; bur. Ijames Cem., Davie Co., NC39

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