William BURGESS was born ca. 16221 in England.  Records would indicate he
was closely related to the BURGESS family of Marlborough, Wiltshire.  He
was transported to Lower Norfolk Co., VA prior to 1646.20 In 1650 he moved
to Anne Arundel Co., MD.21  His first wife was Elizabeth ROBINS,2 who was
living in 1657.  William died 24 Jan. 16861 [1686/7].

William and Elizabeth had three children:
1. Edward BURGESS3,30 b. ca. 1655 Anne Arundel Co., MD;4 m. Sarah25 CHEW;5 bur.
   4 Mar. 1722 (1723)6 All Hallow's Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD
2. George BURGESS3,30 b. ca. 1657 Anne Arundel Co., MD;4 m. Katherine, widow of 
   Henry STOCKETT; bur. 2 Dec. 17046 All Hallow's Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD
3. Susanna BURGESS3,22,30 married Major Nicholas SEWALL;3 died before 17379

William BURGESS secondly married Sophia, widow of Richard EWEN.22 

William BURGESS third married Ursula3 -?- and had 8 children:
4. William BURGESS3 born after 16643 Anne Arundel Co., MD; m. Ann (GASSAWAY)7
   WATKINS6 13 Aug. 1697;6 died 28 June 1698;6 bur. All Hallow's Parish,
   Anne Arundel Co., MD
5. John BURGESS3 born after 16643 Anne Arundel Co., MD; died bewteen 16853-17048
6. Joseph BURGESS3 born after 16643 Anne Arundel Co., MD; died between 16853-17048
7. Benjamin BURGESS3 born after 16643 Anne Arundel Co., MD; had child (Anne Burgess
   who married John Cheney) by Hester Iiams (but did not marry her);24 m. Jane, widow
   of James BUCHANNON;10 living 170610
8. Charles BURGESS3 born after 16643 Anne Arundel Co., MD; m. Elizabeth
   (THOMAS)6 HANSLAP6 26 Oct. 1703;6 d. between 14 Dec. 1739 and 3 May 1740
   Prince George's Co., MD23
9. Elizabeth3 BURGESS born after 1669;3 d. young after 16853
10. Anne3 BURGESS born 7 Oct. 16806 Anne Arundel Co., MD; m. Thomas SPARROW
    8 June 1697;6 bur. 25 July 1697;6 bur. All Hallow's Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD
11. Susanna3 BURGESS b. after 16693 Anne Arundel Co., MD; m. John MITCHELL
    14 July 1700;6 living 175711

Edward BURGESS and Sarah CHEW had 9 children, all born in All Hallow's
Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD:
1. Elizabeth BURGESS6 b. 5 Aug 16--;6 m. William NICHOLSON 15 Aug. 1704;6
   bur. 13 Mar. 1716/76 All Hallow's Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD
2. William BURGESS6 b. 19 Nov. 1684;6 bur. 1 Dec. 17046 All Hallow's Parish,
   Anne Arundel Co., MD
3. Anne BURGESS6,26 b. 5 Dec. 1685;6 m. Robert WHITE 22 Sep. 17096,33; after 1738;26
4. Edward BURGESS6 b. ------ 1686;6 m. Sarah12 12 Jan. 1713 [1713/4];27 she was
   the widow of Thomas Major;28 she married a third time to James Crook;29
   Edward d. before 6 Jan. 171512 Anne Arundel Co., MD
5. Samuel BURGESS6,25,26 b. ca. 1688;19 m. Elizabeth25 (FOWLER)6 DURDAIN6 19 Apr. 1716;6
   d. between 16 May 174013 and 23 Jan. 174314 Anne Arundel Co., MD
6. Sarah BURGESS6,26 b. ca. 1690;15 m. Benjamin26 GAITHER;26 8 Sep. 1709;6 d. 14 Nov.
   176915 "in her 79th year" Anne Arundel Co., MD
7. Margaret BURGESS6,25 b. ca. 1693;19 m. William WARE25,26 21 Dec. 1710;6 living 172316
8. John BURGESS6,25,26 b. 17 Aug. 1696;6 m.1. Jane25 MACKELFRESH 15 Dec. 1720;6
   m.2. Matilda SPARROW 27 Jan. 1733;6 d. between 4 Sep. 1773 and 10 Jan.
   1774 Anne Arundel Co., MD17
9. Susanna BURGESS6 b. 14 Mar. 1699;6 m. Thomas RICHARDSON;6,26 d. ca. 1764
   Prince George's Co., MD18

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