The ancestry of Thomas ALLANSON is not known. Some researchers believe that he is
the Thomas baptized on 6 Oct. 1639 at St. Giles, Cripplegate, London,93 the son of 
Thomas Allison, but there are problems with that. In a deposition in Charles Co.,
MD, on 17 April 1660, Thomas ALLANSON was age "about 22." The Thomas baptized in
1639 would have only been age 20 at that time, a difference of two years. In another
deposition on 4 March 1661 [1661/2] Thomas ALLANSON was "age 24 or thereabouts."1
Thomas of the 1639 birth would have only been age 22, again a difference of two years.
On the marriage allegation for Thomas ALLANSON to Mary ROBERTS dated 16 Sep. 1662
Thomas was age 24, also a two year difference.5

The fact that his age in those three depositions is consistent, and does not agree with
the 1639 would make it questionablbe that the record is his baptism. Many London church
records from that time do not survive due to the Great London Fire of 1666.

About the same time Thomas ALLANSON arrived in Maryland, there was another person
named Thomas ALLISON who in 1659 was to be an indentured servant for seven years.94
That Thomas was stated to be the son of Thomas Allions of Gaston [Garston or Garstang],
Lancashire, England, husbandman. This person was clearly not the Thomas ALLANSON
who received a patent the same year for a 1000 acre tract called Christian
Temple Manor. 

Some researchers have combined the thought that Thomas ALLANSON of Maryland was
the Thomas born in 1639 with the above incorrect Thomas from "Gaston" and said that
the father Thomas was married in Lancashire on 25 Aug. 1636 to Elizabeth JACKSON,
moved to London, and then later returned to Garston where he died about 1674.

Many of those researchers have also stated that the father Thomas in the 1639
baptism was the son of John ALLANSON and wife Elizabeth SMYTHE based on the will
of Elizabeth's mother, the widow Elizabeth SMYTHE. Her will was written 20 Nov. 1646
and proved 30 November 1654. Following is a absract of that will, with a transcription
of the key phrase:
Elizabeth Smyth of Parish of Saint Clements Danes in the county of Middlesex, widow,.
To daughter Elizabeth Allison 5 pounds to buy her a ring to wear in remembrance.
To grandchild William Allanson my said daughter's eldest son 20 shillings to buy a ring.
To my grandchildren Anne, Katherine, Mary and Francis all my wearing apparel and all
household stuff in my custody.
Whereas there is about the sum of 140 pounds due unto me from my singular good Lord and
Lady the Right Honorable the Earle of Arundell and Surrey and his Countess due upon account,
I desire my executors to receive the sum and that it "be paid unto my grandchildren hereafter
named to and for their education and bringing upp in manner hereafter following, That is to
say fifty pounds thereof unto Anne Allanson eldest daughter to my said daughter and the
residue of the said monie to be equally devided amongst my Grandchildren John Allanson, 
Thomas, James, Katherine, Mary and Francis."
John Powell of the parish of Clements Danes in the county of Middlesex, Gentleman and
John Pey of Westminster, Gentleman, executors, 30 November 1654 administration granted
to John Pey the surviving executor.95

The fact that Thomas ALLANSON in the above will was a minor in 1646, he could not
be the Thomas ALLISON who was the father in the 1639 baptism. The daughter Elizabeth
SMITH was married to John ELLINSON on 19 October 1612 at St. Mary's, Whitechapel, London.96
Their son Thomas may be the Thomas baptized on 23 June 1633 at St. Margaret, Westminister,
the son of John Allynson.97

Conclusion: The father of Thomas ALLANSON of Maryland was certainly not the grandson
of Elizabeth SMYTHE named in her 1646 will. While Thomas of Maryland might be
the Thomas Allison baptized in 1639, his age in Maryland depositions makes that doubtful.

Thomas ALLANSON b. ca. 1637/8;1 died between 13 Aug.2 and 9 Oct. 16843 
Charles Co., MD; m. 18 Sep. 16624 (license date 16 Sep. 1662)5 Middlesex, Eng.
1. Charles ALLISON6 b. 1663-167010 Charles Co., MD; m. (Elizabeth or Mary)
   POSEY;13 d. between 20 Feb. and 1 Apr. 1698 Charles Co., MD11
2. Elizabeth ALLISON6,7 b. ca. 1673/4;7,8 m.1. Edward FORD;6,7 m.2 Thomas 
   WHICHALY6,7,16 25 Apr. 1694;12 living 10 Sep. 17259

Charles ALLISON and (Elizabeth or Mary) POSEY had children:
1. Thomas ALLISON b. ca. 16967,8 Charles Co., MD; m. Barbara BURCH;51 d.
   ca. 1733 Charles Co., MD14

Thomas ALLISON and Barbara BURCH had children:
1. Charles ALLISON15 b. ca. 1720;15 m. Barbara19 MOORE;17 living 179541
2. John ALLISON20 m. Elizabeth;21 died between 12 Aug. and 10 Dec. 1793
   Montgomery Co., MD21
3. Thomas ALLISON23 m. Sarah;22 d. between 16 Feb. and 16 June 1774 
   Frederick Co., MD;22 left 5 shillings each to "brothers" [not named]
   and residue to wife; his widow secondly married Zachariah THOMPSON24
4. Benjamin ALLISON25 m. Mary;26 d. ca. 1810 Burke Co., NC27
5. Richard ALLISON18,28 m. Sarah35 CHESHIRE;29 he d. between 5 Apr. and
   5 Sep. 1808 Bullitt Co., KY30

After the death of her husband Thomas ALLISON, his widow Barbara secondly
married William COLLIER/COLYAR.14  In his will (not dated) William COLYAR
stated his son William was to be free at 18 to possess his land, and that
he shall allow his mother her living on the land.31  Child of William COLLYAR
and Barbara BURCH:
1. William COLLYAR b. ca. 1732 (sic, age 44 in 1776 census);32 m. Sarah34 RAY33
   5 Aug. 1754;33 d. between 4 Jan. 1792 and 15 Jan. 1794 Montgomery Co., MD34

Benjamin ALLISON and wife Mary had three proved children, those being Posey,
Burch, and a daughter who married Garret/Jared SMITH.36  In the 1783
Montgomery Co., MD tax assessment, Benjamin had 11 white inhabitants in his
household.37 Posey and Richard were living on their own in the same Hundred
as each other.  Posey had 6 whites and Richard had 4 whites in their households.38

Likely children of Benjamin are Thomas, Henry, Richard, Benjamin, William,
and Cassander.  For Benjamin's brothers John and Richard, the names of their
children are known from their wills.  Benjamin's brother Thomas had no
children. Had he died intestate with no children, his widow would have
been entitled to 1/2 of his estate, and his siblings the other 1/2.  In
addition to naming no children, the wording of the will in leaving 5
shillings to each brother to satisfy any claims they might have, is added
evidence there were no children.  The known children of Benjamin's brother
Charles are from church records,39 a deed where the siblings of Charles's
deceased son Thomas in 1781 relinquished all right in his estate to his widow
Elizabeth40 [Thomas and Elizabeth having no children] and the will of Charles's
son Benjamin.41

For Benjamin's siblings, John's son Thomas was born 7 May 1781, and he was
bound with consent of his mother Elizabeth to Nicolas UMPSTED [Elizabeth's
son-in-law] on 11 December 1798.42 Richard named no son Thomas in his will.
As mentioned above Charles's son Thomas died in 1781. In addition to the age
of Benjamin's believed son Thomas leaving no other person who could likely be
his father, Thomas was named executor of Benjamin's will.27 In 1813, Thomas also
purchased three slaves from Mary ALLISON43 [Benjamin's widow].

There are no records to indicate that Charles had a son Henry, and neither
John or Richard named a son Henry in their wills.  In a 1797 survey in Burke
Co., NC, Henry had David ALLISON and Burch ALLISON as chain carriers.54 At
that time, Benjamin's son Burch was in Loudoun County, VA.  The Burch who
was a chain carrier may have been a son of Henry, implying Henry was a
grandson of Thomas ALLISON and Barbara BURCH. In 1802, Benjamin's son Burch
had Henry ALLISON and Thomas ALLISON as chain carriers for a survey for him.54

John ALLISON named no son Richard in his will, and Charles had no known
son named Richard.  Benjamin's brother Richard is believed to have had a
son name Richard. In the 1777 Montgomery County tax list, there were two
ALLISONs in Seneca Hundred, those being "Richard ALLISON" and "Richard
ALLISON Junr."44  Both, as just Richard ALLISON, signed the 1778 oath of
allegiance.45  Richard's son Richard is believed to be the Richard ELLISON
reported dead on 26 May 1779.46 Richard [Sr.] did not name a son Richard
in his will. 

Benjamin's believed son Richard was born say 1761.  He did not sign the
1778 Oath of Allegiance, required of men over age 18, placing his birth as
likely after 1760. In the 1810 Loudoun County, Virginia, census he was
listed as over age 45.47 As Burch's birth is established as being in 1763,
and Richard had 4 white inhabitants in his household in the 1783 tax list
[a possible wife and two children], his being older than Burch would be more
likely than being younger.  Richard has two known documents that tie him to
proved sons of Benjamin.  One was the 1783 tax assessment where he and Posey
were the only ALLISONs in that Hundred. The second was the 1795 peronal
property tax list for Loudoun County, VA. In his pension file, Burch ALLISON
stated he lived in Loudoun Co. for 5 years before moving to Burke County, NC
in 1799.  Burch did not appear in the 1794 list, probably moving to Loudoun
County in the fall, after that list was taken.  In 1795 Richard paid the poll
tax for both himself and Burch, indicating that Burch was living in his household.48

Benjamin's believed son Benjamin's age would place him as a grandson of
Thomas ALLISON and Barbara BURCH. Neither of Benjamin's brothers John or
Richard named a son Benjmain in their wills.  Benjamin's brother Charles
did have a son Benjamin, but he died testate in 1795 and named his father
Charles among other heirs.41  Benjamin did not sign the 1778 oath of
allegiance as his father Benjamin did, placing his birth as after 1760.
In 1810 Burke County he was age 26-45,49 and in 1840 Habsersham Co., GA he
was age 70-80,50 placing his birth as about 1765-1770.

Benjamin's other two likely children, William and Cassander were closely
tied to each other throughout their lives. They both also had ties to
Benjamin's believed son Richard.  William first appeared in the 1791
Loudoun Co., VA tax list living with Richard ALLISON, who paid his tax.
Richard also paid the tax for Patrick FLORIDY.48  The following year, Patrick
FLORIDAY had a marriage bond with Cassandor ALLISON, and Richard ALLISON
was the bondsman.52 In the 1792 tax list, both William ALLISON and Patrick
FLORADA continued to live with Richard ALLISON, who paid their taxes.
Patrick was living on his own in 1793, but Richard continued to pay William's
taxes in both 1793 and 1794.  Richard ALLISON, William ALLISON, and Patrick
FLORITY were all members of Captain Samuel CLAPHAM's 56th Regiment in 
Loudoun County in 1794.53  William ALLISON and Patrick FLORIDA both moved
to Burke County, NC about 1799, the same time that Burch ALLISON did.

After moving to Burke County, William Allison and Patrick Floraday both
entered land on 28 Jan. 1799, with William's entry described as adjacent
to Patrick Flourady.  Those two tracts along with an additional one that
Patrick Floiday entered later in 1799 were surveyed on 26 June 1800. Each
was one of the chain carriers for the other's survey.54 William ALLISON purchased
one of the tracts from Patrick on 23 Oct. 1802.55 Both William ALLISON and Patrick
FLORIDA later both moved to Wilson Co., TN, where William named a daughter
Cassander Florida ALLISON, after his sister.

A possible child of Benjamin ALLISON is Francis. Francis was stated by a
grandchild of his to be a son of Burch.  From his age, Burch was only about
15 when Francis was born.  If Burch was his father, it would appear Francis
was raised by Benjamin and Mary, and probably one of the under age 16 males
in Benjamin's 1790 Burke County household.56 He did not appear in tax lists
with Burch ALLISON during his time in Loudoun County, VA. Francis was first
found in Burke County in 1797 when on the same day he was a chain carrier
with Posey ALLISON for a survey of Benjamin ALLISON, and chain carrier with
Benjamin for a survey of Posey ALLISON's. On the same date in 1800, Francis
was a chain carrier with Jerrard SMITH for a survey of Thomas ALLISON, and a
chain carrier with Thomas ALLISON for a survey of Benjamin ALLISON, Sen.54

Finally, Benjamin ALLISON's wife Mary died shortly before Jan. 1829 when
letters of administration were granted to Richard BIRD on her estate.57 There
were probably terms of the will that were to not take effect until after
her death. At the same court was presented the court case of "Thomas ALLISON
& others" vs. "Francis ALLISON & others," with a petition to caveat the
will of Benjamin ALLISON, deceased.58 At the January 1832 court was the case
of "Francis ALLISON & others" vs. "Thomas ALLISON & others regarding the
caveated will.  A jury decided that the will offered for probate of Benjamin
ALLISON was not his last will and testament, for he had revoked it in his
life time.59

Benjamin ALLISON and wife Mary had children:
1. Posey ALLISON b. ca. 1751;36 living 1840 Burke Co., NC60
2. Thomas ALLISON b. before 1755;61 Cassandra63 BIRD 17 Aug. 1779;62
   d. 6 Feb. 1848 McDOWELL Co., NC63
3. Henry ALLISON b. before 1755;64 living 181065
4. Richard ALLISON b. say 1761; d. about 1815 Loudoun Co., VA66
5. Burch ALLISON b. 24 Feb. 1763 Montgomery Co., MD;36 d. 1848 McDowell
   Co., NC
6. Benjamin ALLISON b. 1765-1770; m. Cassandra;67 d. 5 Nov 1843, Habersham
   Co., GA; bur. Lawrence Cemetery, (now) White Co., GA67
7. daughter ALLISON36 b. say 1770;68 m. Garret/Jared SMITH;36 living 183436
8. William ALLISON b. 20 Jan. 1773 Montgomery Co., MD;69 m. Elizabeth;69 
   d. between 27 Apr. and 30 June 1812 Wilson Co., TN70
9. Cassander ALLISON b. ca. 1775;71 Patrick FLORIDAY/FLORIDA 
   7 Mar. 1792;52; living 180071
10. [Francis ALLISON]? b. 1778;72 d. 1867, bur. Oakdale Cem., Henderson Co.,

William ALLISON's wife Elizabeth was born on 16 July 1779 in Prince George's
Co., MD69 and died 28 July 186389 in Wilson Co., TN.
They had children:
1. Mary "Polly" ALLISON73 b. ca. 179776 Loudoun Co., VA76; m. Ezekiel C.
   WITTY73,77 12 June 1817;77 d. 16 Aug. 188378 Warren Co., TN79
2. Elizabeth ALLISON74 b. 28 Jan. 179978 Burke Co., NC80; m. Coleman
   PUCKETT74,81 12 Dec. 1820;81 d. 28 Dec. 189778 Wilson Co., TN
3. Thomas ALLISON75 b. ca. 180382,83 Burke Co., NC82,83;
   m. Lucretia82,83,84 A.83 POWELL;92 living 1880 Wilson Co., TN84
4. Margaret "Peggy" ALLISON85 b. 8 Jan. 180578 Burke Co., NC85; m.
   Thomas ALLMON 30 Sep. 1824;86 m. 2. Israel M. Hill 22 Oct. 1833;100,101
   m.3. Charles BUCY 22 Jan. 1856;87 d.30 Dec. 1882;78 Wilson Co., TN; 
   bur. Ewing Ewing Family Cemetery, Wilson Co., TN69,99 
5. Timothy McArty ALLISON b. 22 Nov. 1808 Wilson Co., TN;69 m. bond 
   Sarah McGavock EWING 2169/2388 Jan. 1840; d. 2 Aug. 1862
   Cannon Co., TN, bur. Ewing Family Cemetery, Wilson Co., TN69,98
6. William ALLISON101 b. say 1810;
7. Cassander Florida91 ALLISON b. 6 June 1812 Wilson Co., TN;89 m.
   John R. MOODY 20 Sep. 1827;89 (bond dated 18 Sep.)90 d. 20 Sep. 187089
   Wilson Co., TN

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Allison memorial, Ewing Family Cem., Greenvale, Wilson Co., TN 99. Margaret Bucy memorial, Ewing Family Cem., Greenvale, Wilson Co., TN 100. Wilson Co., TN marriage licenses, 1833. Israel M. Hill - Margaret Almon 101. Wilson Co.,TN, Wilson County, Tennessee County Court loose records, Box 13, Folder 2, John R. Moody vs. Isreal Hill, images 464-470. Image 464 4 December 1833 Isreal Hill, William Allison & Timothy Alliison of Wilson County, Tennessee, are bound to John R. Moody of the same for $25. John R. Moody obtained a judgment against Isreal Hill and his wife Margaret for $10 and interest for his debt. Comment: Isreal was married to Margaret Allison, sister to Timothy. John R. Moody was married to Cassander F. Allison, sister to the three. William is assumed to be the seventh heir mentioned in #73 and #74. Images 467-469 2 Dec. 1833 Petitioners Isreal Hill & Margaret Hill his wife state that on 16 November last judgments was rendered against them by John Smith Esqr. for $12 with interest from 25 Dec. 1826 for $12 with interest in favor of Wm. Word but in the name of Elbert Williams. The petitioner Margaret was formerly married to one Thomas Allmon who died about three years ago. She married Isreal Hill on 22 Oct. last; Her husband died three years ago last October. Your petitioner Isreal Hill being a stranger in the county was not able to obtain security for an appeal


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