Thomas ROBERTS was born say 1500; d. between 7 May 1556 when he wrote his will
at Woolstone, Gloucs., Eng. and 8 Apr. 1557 when it was probated;1 m.
Elizabeth1 living in 1580;5 children:
1. William ROBERTS1 b. ca. 1529;2 m. Maude4 MANNINGE3; d. between 3 Feb.
   1560 and 31 Dec. 1561 Woolstone, Gloucs., Eng.4
2. (daughter b. ca. 15312 marrried Thomas JONES)?1
3. (daughter b. ca. 15332 married Mr. KENTE)?1
4. John ROBERTS1 b. ca. 1535;2 m. Elizabeth5 CLEVELY;26 d. between 21 Dec. 1580
   and 31 Dec. 1581 Woolstone, Gloucs., Eng.5
5. Elizabeth ROBERTS1 b. before 1556;1 m. Thomas WOODE 21 Oct. 15748

John ROBERTS and Elizabeth CLEVELY had children:
1. Edward ROBERTS5 b. say 1557;28 m. Ann;6 d. between 2 June 1616 and
   7 May 1617 Woolstone, Gloucs., Eng.6
2. John ROBERTS5 b. say 1559;28 died shortly before 29 Nov. 1615 Woolstone,7
   Gloucs., Eng.; m. Margaret7
3. Richard ROBERTS5 b. say 1562;28
4. Margaret ROBERTS5 b. say 1564;28 died before 15805
5. Jone ROBERTS5 b. say 1567;28
6. Anne ROBERTS b. say 1570;28
7. Elizabeth ROBERTS5 b. say 1573;28
8. George ROBERTS5 bap. 11 Apr. 1574;8 living 16166
9. Mary ROBERTS5 b. say 1576;28

In 1608 a report was returned of men able to serve in His Majesty's Service.
Fourteen men were listed at "Woolson" [Woolstone], four of these being ROBERTS.
They were classified as age about 20, age about 40, or age between 50 and 
threescore, and listed as to their abilities.  John ROBERTS was in the
"age about 40" category, a husbandman, of the tallest stature fit to be a
pykeman, and was then a trained soldier.  Also listed were [his brother]
Edward ROBERTS age about 40, John ROBERTS "sonne of the said Edward" age
about 20, and Richard ROBERTS age about 20.9

John ROBERTS and Margaret had children:
1. (Thomas ROBERTS)? b. ca. 1598/9;23 d. between 27 Sep. 1673,24 and 30 June 1674,25
   Dover,24 New Hampshire 
2. Nicholas ROBERTS8 bap. Jan. 16008
3. George ROBERTS8,10 bap. 15 Jan. 1600 (1601);8 m.1. -?- -?-;12 m.2.(lic. date)
   on 9 Sep. 1634 as a resident of St. Sepulchre, draper, widower, to 
   Anne READE, daughter of George READE, Innkeeper of St. Andrews in
   Holborn, Middlesex;12 bur. 29 Mar. 1654 St. Andrew Holborn,  Middlesex,

George ROBERTS, son of John ROBERTS, yeoman, of "Wolstone," Gloucs. was bound 
apprentice in London as a draper10 in 161711 to Richard KEMBLE, and 
granted his freedom in 1625.10  
After George died, his widow Ann secondly married to Robert BECKERTON on
30 Jan. 1654 [1655].18
George ROBERTS and Anne READE had children:
1. Sibella ROBERTS14 living 1654;14 (may be child of first wife);
   m. 21 Oct. 1666 Ritchard HINMAN29
2. Ann ROBERTS bap. 3 June 1638; bur. 21 Sep. 1641; both at 
   St. Bartholomew the Great, London15
3. Dynah ROBERTS bap. 19 Jan. 1639 (1640); probably the daughter of
   [not named] of George ROBERTS bur. 21 Jan. 1641 (1642), both at
   St. Bartholomew the Great, London15
4. George ROBERTS14 born about 1642;living 169311
5. George ROBERTS bap. 17 Aug. 1645 St. Bartholomew the Great, 
   London;15 bur. 20 Aug. 1645 St. Bartholomew the Great, London;15
6. Mary ROBERTS14 bap. 25 Jan. 1645 (1646) St. Bartholomew the Great;15
   m. 18 Sep. 1662;20 (lic. date 16 Sep. 1662)19 Thomas ALLANSON;
   he 24, merchent bachelor of St. Andrew, Holborn, and she, 18, spinster,
   with the consent of her mother Anne BICKERTON alias ROBERTS, now wife
   of Robt. BICKERTON; she living 1673 Charles Co., MD21
7. Edward ROBERTS14 bap. 31 Oct. 1647 St. Bartholomew the Great;15 
   never married; d. between 15 Jan. 1676 and 22 Nov. 1677 Charles Co., MD22
8. Elizabeth ROBERTS14 bap. 5 July 1649 St. Andrew Holborn, Middlesex;16 
   living 165414
9. Ann ROBERTS bap. 1 Apr. 1651;16 bur. 6 Mar. 1652 (1653);17 both at
   St. Andrew Holborn, Middlesex
10. Susanna ROBERTS14 living 165414

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On page 7 of the book in the year 1615: “Thomas Roberts, son of John Roberts of Woolston in the county of Wooster, yeoman put apprentice to William Adys for eight years from”. 2) Entry of Freeman and Apprentices Between 1614 & 1650 On page 56 it is recorded that Thomas Roberts was granted his freeman on April 29, 1623. Stated as follows… “Thomas Roberts, my apprentice, William Adys… presented and admitted… to Fishmongers Guild, admitted and sworn on 29 April 1623”. 3) Fishmongers London Freeman Livery and Court of Assistance 1592 to 1752. Library Reference No: MS 5587 1 Dated August 10, 1621 on page 45, Freeman 1621 it states… “Edward Hilton nuper apprentice Marie Hilton (widow) clemun cleaning admission etc per service admitted and sworn”. 4) Thomas Roberts appears on the 1641 Fishmongers Tax Roll list of London. The entry is marked “In New England”." Note: A researcher which Roberts hired found no Roberts at the Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Northamptonshire and Shropshire towns named Woolstone (and variant thereof) and concluded that he was likely from Woolstone, Gloucester, which is very near the Worcester border. Note that this is a different town from Wollaston [sometimes spelled Woolaston] also in Gloucester. As Thomas was bound two years earlier than George, he is assumed to be about two years older. 24. "Probate Records Rock. Co. Book B 1655 to 1698," pages 118-119, FHL microfilm 0,015,458. 25. Albert Stillman Batchellor, Editor, Probate Records of the Province of New Hampshire Vol. 1, 1635-1717, State Papers Series Vol. 31, (Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, Inc., 1989 reprint of Concord, N.H.: Rumford Printing Co., 1907), pages 145-146. 26. William Clevely will, Church of England, Diocese of Gloucester, Consistory Court original wills, 1572: 219, FHL microfilm 0,091,379. Note: John Roberts was called his brother in law. 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