The first two generations here are what are believed to be the ancestry
of Oliver BURCH of Charles County, Maryland.  These records are taken
from published records of the Penrith parish regiser.1 Many of these entries
were confirmed with the original parish register,2 although some entries were
not readable on the microfilm.  The name was most commonly spelled BRITCH,
occasionally BIRCH or other spellings.  These spellings were retained in
the listings below.  Although the records begin in 1556, the only other
entry for this family in the church records is the marriage of Jane BRITCH
to John BIRKBECK on 27 October 1611.

Oliver BIRCH married Margret WALLEIS 27 Oct. 1611 Penrith, Cumberland, England.
Margaret wife, of Oliver BRITCH was buried 16 Feb. 1617/8.2

Oliver BRITCH secondly married Ales READHEAD on 30 Nov. 16192
Oliver BRITCH, householder, was buried 15 Apr. 1642,2 and Ales BRITCH, "widdow,"
was buried 26 Mar. 1660.
Oliver and Ales had children baptized at Penrith:
1. Dorothy BIRCH bap. 24 Sep. 1620;2 Dorothy BRICH m. Christofer SIMPSON
   19 Jan. 1646/7
2. Thomas BIRTCH bap. 18 June 1622;2 m. Annas
3. Ales BRITCH bap. 24 June 1624;2 Ales BRITCH bur. 11 Aug. 16412
4. Marie BIRCH bap. 23 June 1629; Marie BIRTCH bur. 8 July 1631

Thomas BRICH/BIRCH/BURCH married Annas. Annas, wife of Thomas BRITCH, was
buried 17 June 1660. Thomas' daughter Dorithy died in 1656 from smallpox.
For most earlier and later entries the church register did not identify
the causes of death.  As the wife of Thomas died in 1660, and three children
died within 4 months in 1662, there may have been another smallpox, or
some other epidemic.  It may have been this that led Thomas to leave Penrith.

The deaths of Thomas and his two eldest sons Oliver and Edward are not
in the parish register, and there are no further BRICH/BIRCH entries
through 1812. 

A Thomas BIRCH BIRCH (signed BURCH) on 6 July 1665, assigned 50 acres of
land in Maryland to John RICHARDSON, with Robert STAPLEFORD and Edward COOK
as witnesses.  On 21 Nov. 1665, Henry Hare of Calvert Co., MD sold Thomas
BIRCH 200 acres, "Harefeild" described as being in Talbot County.3
Whether this Thomas is identical to the father of Oliver is uncertain.

The land was actually located in Kent County.  On 4 August 1719 George
HADDAWAY and wife Sarah sold to William HARRISSON, 200 acres "Harefeild"
on the the north side of the Chester River and east side of Morgans Creek,
adjacent to Henry WOOLCHURCH and Toby WELLS, the tract having been laid
out for Thomas BIRCH, and sold by said BIRCH to Elizabeth BENSON, from 
whom by heirship it went to Sarah, wife of George HADDAWAY.4

The sale from Thomas BIRCH to Elizabeth BENSON is not found.  As the sale
was to Elizabeth BENSON, it was presumably after the death of her husband
John, whose Calvert County will was written 20 Dec. 1676 and probated
20 Jan. 1676/7, implying Thomas BIRCH was living at that time. Loss of
early Calvert County records prevents knowing what happened to Thomas.

Thomas and wife Annas had children baptized at Penrith:
1. Ayles BRICH (daughter of Thomas) bur. 19 Nov. 16462
2. Oliver BRICH bap. 30 Oct. 16472
3. Edward BRITCH bap. 1 Feb. 1649/50
4. Dorethy BRETCH bap. 16 Nov. 1652; Dorithy BRITCH bur. 20 July 1656 from
5. George BRITCH bap. 12 Oct. 1656; George BRITCH bur. 22 Oct. 16622
6. Ann BRITCH (twin) bap. 12 June 1660;2 Ann BRITCH bur. 30 June 16622
7. Grace BRITCH (twin) bap. 12 June 1660;2 Grace BRITCH bur. 20 Oct. 16622

Oliver BURCH was baptized 30 Oct. 1647 Penrith, Cumberland, England.  He
patented a tract of land "Penray" in Charles County.5  In his will, this
tract was called "Penrick/(Penrich?).6  Although in later deeds, the tract
is also called "Penray," the similarity between the spelling in his will of
Penrick/Penrich, and the town in Cumberland, England of Penrith lends
credence to the thought that Oliver BURCH of Maryland is identical to the
Oliver baptized in 1647 at Penrith, and that he named the tract after his
village of origin.  

Supporting evidence is that Oliver in MD named his first two sons Justinian
and Thomas (Justinian after his wife's father), and his first two daughters
Katherine and Ann (Katherine after his wife's mother). Thomas and Ann, being
the names of the parents of Oliver of Penrith. Note that Oliver also named
a son Edward after what would be his surviving brother. In a 1726 land deposition
Oliver BIRCH gave his age as about 80, closely corresponding with the 1647
baptism at Penrith.9

Oliver died between 15 Feb. 1726/7 and 27 May 1729 when his will was written
and probated in King and Queen Parish, Charles Co., MD.6 He married Barbara
TENNISON who was born about 1660 in Northumberland Co., VA.

On 20 Oct. 1763 Oliver's son Thomas BURCH in a land deposition mentioned
a tree shown to him about 40 years ago by his "uncle John SCOTT."8  From
that record, some researchers came to the incorrect conclusion that Oliver's
wife Barbara was a SCOTT.  She was not.  Barbara's sister Katherine TENNISON
married John SCOTT, is how he was the uncle of Thomas BURCH.
Oliver BURCH and Barbara TENNISON had children:
1. Justinian6 BURCH b. ca. 1680/2;9 m. Susanna7 DAVIS10; d. between 23 Oct. 1758
   and 23 Feb. 1760 Charles Co., MD11 (note: He did not have a middle name
   Thomas as alleged by some researchers.  They have confused him with a later
   Justinian Thomas BURCH.)
2. Katherine6 BURCH b. say 1682;29 m. Thomas12 SWAN6; living
   15 Apr. 1762 Prince George's Co., MD12
3. Thomas6 BURCH b. ca. 1684-1686;9 m. Margaret;37 d. before 30 Oct. 1765
   Charles Co., MD35
4. Ann6 BURCH m. Samuel13 SWANN6; living 30 May 1744 Charles Co., MD13
5. John6 BURCH m. Mary15 JOHNSON. (Note her mother Mary ROSE named
   two "daughters" Mary in her will, their married names being Mary
   CLARKE and Mary BURCH.16 The estate of her second husband John ROSE
   paid a legacy to Mary CLARKE.30 Mary BURCH would have been, nee
   JOHNSON, a daughter of her mother Mary's first husband.)17
   d. between 21 Feb. 172914 and 5 Mar. 173415 Charles Co., MD
6. Elizabeth6 BURCH m.1. John18,20 CADE6; m.2. 1727/8 Thomas OWEN;19 living
   2 May 1743 Prince George's Co., MD36
7. Barbary6 BURCH m.1. Thomas21 ALLISON/ALLANSON6; m.2. ca. 1733 William 
   COLLYAR21 (COLLIER); living 21 Mar. 1750 Frederick Co., MD22
8. Edward6 BURCH b. ca. 1700;9 m. Mary31 ANDERSON23; d. between 25 Apr. 1763
   and 14 Oct. 1765 Charles Co., MD24
9. Benjamin6 BURCH b. ca. 1703;9 m. Winifred27,28 COAD;25,26,38 d. before
   11 Mar. 1744/5 St. Mary's Co., MD28
10.Elinor6 BURCH
11.Jonathan6 BURCH b. ca. 1707;32,34 m. Elizabeth;34 d. between
   19 Jan 1785 and 14 Feb. 1786 Prince George's Co., MD33

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