The first record found of Francis POSEY is on 19 July 1628 in the Minute Book
of the Court of Governors in London, England. The record is for Bridewell
and reads:
"Francis Posey by warr[ant] by Lo:[rd] Maior [Mayor] to goe to Virginia, to be kept
till he may be sent away."52

"Bridewell Prison and Hospital was established in a former royal palace in 1553
with two purposes: the punishment of the disorderly poor and housing of homeless
children in the City of London."53

"The Court of Governors of Bridewell and Bethlem Hospital met every two or three
weeks...The record of each meeting of the court starts with a list of the governors
present, and then includes a list of offenders currently kept in Bridewell Prison,
and the court's decisions about what to do with them...Petty offenders were committed
to Bridewell by beadles, constables, and others figures of authority.54

From the record, it would appear that the Lord Mayor of London had sentenced Francis
Posey to be sent to Virginia, but to be kept at Bridewell until he was sent. If Francis
was also a minor or orphan, he may have spent several years at Bridewell before being
sent to Virginia. Virginia started granting rights for transportation in 1634.55

Francis POSEY was transported to VA by 1637 when William FARRAR, son and heir of
Wiliam FARRAR, deceased, received land for transportation of Fr. POSEY and 39 other
persons.1 As there was often a delay of several years between the actual
transportation and when rights were claimed, Francis Posey may have been transported
about 1634. 

Francis transported himself into MD in 1640, and a warrant was issued for land in what
was Charles County.2 If Francis was about age 21 when he transported himself into
Maryland, he may have been born about 1619. If he was transported into Virginia about 
1634, he may have been about age 15, and the prime age for William FARRAR to pay for his
transport and have him as an indentured servant for about 6 years.

In 1650 Francis POSEY demanded 50 acres "in right of his now wife whom he bought of 
Mr. Fenwick whose Servant she was being for her Transportation into this Province about
7 Years Since."3

Claims have been made by some that Francis was born in France, that he was a son of
Marteyn POSCHET of London, and descended from the Poschet family of Voyaux, Cambrai,
France. No one has ever provided evidence that Francis POSEY of MD is related to Marteyn
POSCHET, or indication that his ancestry was French, and not English. In no records in
London, VA or MD did he use the spelling POSCHET. It is has also been shown that the
alleged ancestry of Marteyn POSCHET in France was based on an 18th century fraud to buy
a nobility title.4

Francis POSEY died between 3 Mar. 165321 [1653/4] and 23 May 1654 in Charles
Co., MD.5 He married Elizabeth, who probably died before 1669. There are
claims that her maiden name was "FOSTER" apparently because William FERRAR
claimed land for transporting 40 persons at the same time he claimed land for
transporting Francis POSEY to Virginia. One of these was Elizabeth FOSTER. 
There are no indications that they even knew each other, much less that were
transported at the same time, only that William Ferrar claimed land for them
at the same time he did for others.  There are also no indications that she
could be identical to the Elizabeth, last name unknown, that Cuthbert FENWICK
transported into MD 3 years after Francis was already in MD.  The other
claim to Elizabeth's maiden name is HUMPHREY, based on the fact that John
named a son HUMPHREY.  Humphrey was a common given name in this time
period in MD, and to make an assumption that was Elizabeth's maiden name
without additional evidence is unwarranted.

Children of Francis POSEY and Elizabeth:
1. John POSEY6 b. Charles Co., MD ca. 1649;7 d. before 4 July 1689;9
   m. Susanna9 -?- 
   She was NOT Susanna BELAINE, or a daughter of John BELAINE.  Records
   regarding John BELAINE's will and estate, and a discussion of this subject,
   are on his page below.
2. Anne POSEY6 b. say 16518 Charles Co., MD; m. John MOULD ca. 1669;6
   d. before 168310

James Wade EMISON in his book stated John was born 20 July 1652. He also
listed (with a question mark) that John first married "Lees Amalie BELAINE.12
No birth records were recorded in Charles County at that time.  As John
signed for his share of his step-father John BELAINE's estate in 1670, and
was a juror in 1672, both of which required he be age 21, the claimed 1652
birth would be in error. As listed under BELAINE, the only records found
for that surname in Charles County are John, his wife Elizabeth, and
their two children. There are no records to be found of a person named 
"Lees Amalie"  In old handwriting, a capital S and L can look very
similar. A handwritten "u" (with or without loops) can look very similar
to an "ee".  A handwritten "nn" can be mistaken for an "m".  An h can
be misread as li or le. That gives:

S   u   s   a   nn   a   h
L   ee  s   A   m    a   lie

It is believed someone misread the name "Susannah" as "Lees Amalie."

Elizabeth, widow of Francis POSEY, secondly married 
John BELAINE47 who died between 23 May and 3 Nov. 1663 Charles Co., MD, the
dates his will was written and probated.11
John BELAINE and Elizabeth had children:
1. Nicholas BELAINE6 b. 10 Nov. 1658;13 m. Mary17 ca. 1685;14 he d. 168915-169016
   Charles Co., MD.  She was born ca. 1665 (age 60 in 1725 deposition);17 She
   m.2. Benjamin POSEY18 ca. 1690.16.  She m.3. John MILLER19
2. Grace BELAINE6 m. Giles COLLIAR6; living 168820

Elizabeth, widow of Francis POSEY and John BELAINE married a third time
about 1665 to Alexander SMITH.47  Alexander SMITH and Elizabeth had children:
1. Elizabeth SMITH20 b. say 1665; m. before 1688 Jonas RIVETT20
2. Mary SMITH20 b. ca. 1667; m. (ca. 1685?)48 Edward TURNER;20 she d. before
   1702;49,50 Edward TURNER d. ca. 1720 Westmoreland Co., VA51
3. Sarah SMITH20 b. say 1670; m.1. 1688-1690 Henry HAWKINS, Jr.;20 m.2. ca. 1702-1706
   Barton SMOOT22

John POSEY and wife Susanna had children:
1. Benjamin POSEY b. ca. 166815; m. Mary, widow of Nicholas BELAINE;17 he
   died by 21 Mar. 1716 [1716/7] Charles Co., MD37
2. Susanna25 POSEY b. ca. 1670; m. Edward PHILPOTT25 ca. 1687;38
   d. before 170839
3. Elizabeth25 POSEY b. ca. 1676; either she or sister Mary m. 
4. Mary25 POSEY b. ca. 1678; either she or sister Elizabeth m.
5. Jane25 POSEY b. ca. 1681; m. Edward CORNISH;31 living 171332
6. Humphrey25 POSEY b. 1 Feb. 1683 Charles Co., MD;40 m. Sarah;41
   d. between 1 Mar. 171742 [1717/8] and 24 May 171843 Charles Co., MD
7. John25 POSEY b. 30 July 1685;40 m.1. Lydia (SHUTTLEWORTH)44 widow of
   Richard ROBINS44; m.2. Elizabeth46 MADDOX45; d. between 6 Jan. and
   17 Feb. 1759 Charles Co., MD46

Court records on 13 Jan 1690 (1691) state John POSEY had a will, but it does
not survive. The petition of Susanna AUSTIN, als. POSEY, Exect. of the Last
Will and Testament of John POSEY, stated:
"That whereas the sd: John POSEY by his last Will & testament in Writeing did
devise & give unto two of his sons two parcells of land and the rest of
his Estate hee did give & bequeath unto his wife the sd Susanna POSEY
dureing her widdowhood and in Case shee should marry then what was remaineing
of the sd Estate to be divided amongst the rest of his Children as by the
sd last will & testament...."23 Susanna remarried Thomas AUSTIN, and the court
allowed her a one third share.24

On 10 Mar. 1690, a balance from the estate of 8893 lbs. tob. was divided between
the widow Susanna (1/3=2964 lbs.) and 5929 lbs. between Susanna, wife of
Edward PHILPOTT, Elizabeth POSEY, Mary POSEY, Jane POSEY, Humphrey POSEY,
and John POSEY for their "part and proportion of the remaining part of the
sd: Estate."25

Note that Humphrey and John were included in the distribution.  The court
record shows the that this distribution was to be divided among "the rest
of his children," and did not include "two of his sons." The statement about
"give unto two of his sons" (not "his two sons") also implies there were more
than two sons.  One of these would be Benjamin.  The other probably died
unmarried, and his share would have descended to his eldest brother Benjamin.

Some researchers had placed Benjmain as a son of Francis and Elizabeth,
rather than of John and Susanna.  See John BELAINE's will.  He had left
half his estate to his wife and her children.  The other court documents
there show there were only two children of Francis and Elizabeth, those
being Anne and John.  

John BAYNE in his 1700 will bequeathed 2 tracts bought of Benjamin POSEY,
that were listed as the 100 acre Muddle's Branch, and 100 acres
(unnamed) that John POSEY had obtained from Nicholas BELLAINE by deed.26

The unnamed 100 acres was probably part of Belaine's Hill that Nicholas
BELAINE sold John POSEY in 1679.27 Middle Branch was patented to
John POSEY in 1683.28 For Benjamin POSEY to have obtained title to those two
tracts from John POSEY, it would be by having inherited them from him.  

John POSEY in 1673 purchased the tract "St. John's" from Thomas ALLANSON.29
This tract would also appear to have have descended to his son Benjamin.
Benjamin's son John in his 1716 will left "St. John's" to his brother Francis.30  

Additionally, some researchers have listed the births of John, Benjamin, and
Belaine, sons of this Benjamin and his wife Mary, widow of Nicholas BELAINE
as various dates in the 1680s.  Simply, that can not be.  Mary by her first
husband Nicholas BELAINE had two children whose births were recorded in the
court records, Jemima 15 Mar. 1686 and Elizabeth 25 Feb. 1688.  After her
marriage to Benjamin POSEY, they had recorded the births of Susanna on
1 June 1691 and Mary on 10 Oct. 1693.  It was about this time that births
stopped being recorded in the court records.  Most likely John, Benjamin, and
Belaine were born in the period from ca. 1695 to 1699.

For John's three daughters that were unmarried when he died, the following is
known.  In 1720, John POSEY appealed to the court for better care of 3
orphan relatives CORNISH, former wards of John GRAY.  Richard, John, and
Elizabeth CORNISH were bound to Richard PRICE, William STONE, and Thomas
ALLANSON, respectively.31 These would be children of Edward CORNISH and wife
Jane.  Edward CORNISH was deceased by 20 June 1713 when Jane was administratrix.
Her sureties were Humphrey POSEY, and Thomas AUSTEEN.32 That the 1720 record
called the orphans relatives of John POSEY, and Jane CORNISH chose Humphrey
POSEY (who would be her brother) and Thomas AUSTIN (who would be her step-father)
as her sureties, the circumstantial evidence is strong that Jane, daughter of
John POSEY, and Jane, wife of Edward CORNISH are identical.

Susanna, the widow of John POSEY, and later of Thomas AUSTIN died before
13 Oct. 1716 when as Susanna ASHTON, administration was granted on her
estate to Humphrey POSEY.35

It can be proved that one daughter of John POSEY, married Charles ALLANSON
(ALLISON).  Charles ALLISON in his 1698 will, stated for his "father-in-law"
Thomas ASTEN to be guardian of his son Thomas ALLISON.33 Thomas AUSTIN would
be his step father-in-law.  In 1722 Thomas ALLANSON/ALLISON sold all his
right in the tract "St. John" to Francis POSEY.34 This tract had been patented
by Thomas' paternal grandfather Thomas ALLANSON, but sold to his maternal
grandfather John POSEY. Thomas ALLISON's only right in this tract was by
being the the only child of his mother, a daughter of John POSEY and Susanna.
When Thomas ALLISON died about 1733, John POSEY and Benjamin POSEY signed
the inventory as next-of-kin.36 Note also that Thomas ALLISON was guardian
in 1720 for Elizabeth CORNISH, who would be his cousin. Whether Charles ALLISON
married Elizabeth or Mary is unknown.  Further records have not been found for

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