Samuel SHORT was probably born about 1670 to 1680.  He was married by
10 Sep. 1705 in Essex Co., VA to Sarah (CATLETT) TALIAFFERO SALLIS, the
widow of Samuel SALLIS.24
Samuel SHORT and Sarah CATLETT had one child:
1. Samuel SHORT65,86 b. ca. 1706; m. Ann87 PRICE;88 d. 1764 Frederick Co., VA89

Sarah's first husband Robert TALIAFERRO103 died by 6 June 1688 when she was
granted administration of his estate.100 Robert TALIAFERRO and Sarah
CATLETT had one child:
1. Robert TALIAFERRO65,103 b. ca. 1688; m. 1. Margaret102,104 FRENCH104; m. 2. Ann105 PITTMAN106

Sarah, widow of Robert TALIAFERRO secondly married Samuel SALLIS.65 He died by
10 June 1704 when Sarah was granted administration on his estate.101
Samuel SALLIS and Sarah had children:
1. Sarah SALLIS65 m. 1. Alexander DONIPHAN65;108 m. 2. William HANSFORD108 12 Feb. 1726;107
   d. 1755 Culpeper Co., VA109
2. Ann SALLIS110 m.1 Thomas MEADES110,111 who d. 1717;110 m.2 Thomas AYRES65,111,112,113 who d. 1722;112
   m. 3. Jeremiah BIZWELL113; d. after 1732;114
3. John SALLIS110
4. Samuel SALLIS d. 1730 Essex Co., VA65

Samuel SHORT had secondly married by 1719 to Frances -?-, the widow of
John ARMSTRONG of Richmond Co., VA.90 While called Sarah in
that court case, other records show John ARMSTRONG's wife/widow was named
Frances. John Armstrong had died testate in 1718, making his wife Frances
his executrix.97 Frances Armstrong presented his will to court99
and also gave her bond for administration with Richard Pearle as her security.98
In 1724 she acknowledged a deed with her husband Samuel Short, and made
her mark an "A" probably for Armstrong.91

Samuel SHORT by wife Frances had children:
1. Moses SHORT b. say 1725; m. Margaret NICKS; d. 1809 Rockingham Co., NC.
2. Aaron SHORT b. say 1730; m. Sarah BYRD; d. before 1779 Guilford Co., NC

Frances and her first husband John ARMSTRONG had children:
1. Joseph ARMSTRONG97
2. Phebe ARMSTRONG97
4. Elizabeth ARMSTRONG97
5-8. Four children, names unknown97

For more details on these first genertions, see:
Reconstructing a Short Family of Virginia Through DNA.

Moses SHORT on 24 Jan. 1745/6 received a bounty on a wolf's head in Albemarle
County, VA.81 Moses also received a payment in 1751 of 11 hogshead of tobacco
from the estate of Robert WALTON of Cumberland Co., VA.82  Robert WALTON had owned
land in Albemarle Co. that was adjacent to a 1746 survey of 394 acres for Samuel SHORT.83
A close neighbor of that Samuel SHORT was Noble LADD, whose daughter Judith/Judah
later married Moses SHORT's son Samuel in Guilford Co., NC in 1776.

Moses SHORT was in Rowan Co., by 21 June 1751 when he was a chain carrier for his
father-in-law, John NICKS.1 Moses SHORT married Margaret NICKS.2 He wrote
his will in Rockingham Co., NC on 17 Sep. 1809.3 It was produced in court
on 27 Nov. 1809 where it was caveated,4 and later declared invalid.5  Moses
SHORT and Margaret NICKS had children:
1. Samuel6 SHORT b. say 1752;11 Judah LADD 12 Feb. 1776;7 d. between
   22 Sep.8 and 24 Nov. 17949 Rockingham Co., NC
2. Lydia3,6 SHORT b. say 1754;11 Thomas LOMAX3,6 25 Jan. 1772;7 d. between
   19 Mar. and 31 Aug. 1836 Guilford Co., NC10
3. Anna6 "Nancy"3 SHORT m. Jacob WHITWORTH6
4. Margaret6 SHORT b. 4 June 1763;12 m. Moses SHORT3 (son of Aaron SHORT);
   d. 1 Nov. 1833 Graves Co., KY12
5. Sarah3,6 SHORT Terrence LOMAX3,6,23 22 Sep. 1790;23 d. ca. 181113-181414

Aaron SHORT born before 1743;15 died before 12 Nov. 1778 Guilford Co.,
   NC;16 married
Sarah17 BYRD119; she secondly married by 1779 Thomas GREEN22,64,77. She was living
   in 1830 when she would appear to be the 90-99 year old female in the 
   household of her son James Green.120
Some researchers claim that she was the daughter of William OLDHAM and wife 
Sarah DICKS/DIX, based on their oldest child being named William Oldham SHORT.
That William OLDHAM died intestate in 1749 in York Co., PA, and his only heirs
were Isaac, Rachel, and Thomas. He had no daughter named Sarah.115

Thomas GREEN wrote his will in Mercer Co., KY on 4 Nov. 1801 and left his wife
Sarah half the land he lived on with liberty of half the dwelling House, one
Negro woman named Jinny and half of the house and kitchen furniture during her
natural life.  To his son James GREEN the other half of the land, property and
furniture and Negro boy Peter, and the land and Negro Jinny at the decease of
his his wife. To sons William GREEN, Thomas GREEN, John GREEN and daughters
Rachal BAM?/BEAN?, Mary McFARTRIDGE, Leauranah McFARTRIDGE one dollar each.
To his wife Sarah he left one half of the money of 39 pounds, 3 shillings
due him by paying 5 pounds to William CURRY which was due for his land, and
the other half to son James GREEN.  Executors were his wife Sarah and son
James GREEN.  Witnesses were Henry SANDEFUR, Thomas JONES, Ann (x) JONES and
Garret DARLAND. It was proved at the Jan. 1807 court by Henry SANDIFER and
Garett DARLAND84

James B. GREEN was a child of Thomas GREEN by his second wife Sarah.
On 17 Aug. 1804 Thomas Green and wife Sarah for love and affection for 
"their son" James gave him 100 acres, a negro woman named Jane, and negro
boy named Peter, with all stock of horses, cattle, sheep, and hogs, farming
utensils, household and kitchen furniture with all other of my estate.116
James B. Green and wife Charity sold two tracts totally 147 acres on 27 Mar. 1841.
For the first tract, the metes and bounds were the same as in the 1804 deed.117

Aaron SHORT and wife Sarah BYRD had children:
1. William Oldham17 SHORT b. ca. 1762 Guilford Co., NC; m.1 -?- -?-,
   m.2 Jean19 (McCUISTON)20 NELSON20 after 1801 when in the estate of her
   first husband Alexander NELSON she was still called Jean NELSON;21
   d. between 1 Mar. and 31 May 1815 Rockingham Co., NC19
2. Moses17 SHORT b. 13 Aug. 176412 Guilford Co., NC; m. Margaret SHORT3 (daughter
   of Moses)3,6; d. 6 Jan. 1834 Graves Co., KY12
3. Aaron17 SHORT b. ca. 176725 Guilford Co., NC; m.1. (Ann)? FORBIS;92
   m.2. 12 Dec. 1826 TN,25 Jane25 (BUSBY)85 SHORT85 divorced 182925
   Note that at one time it was thought that this was the Aaron SHORT who had
   a marriage bond with Jane WORK on 16 Dec. 1799 in Guilford Co., NC.  That
   Aaron was actually the son of William O. SHORT.
4. Jonathan Bird18,57 SHORT b. 177226 Guilford Co., NC; Elizabeth LOMAX
   21 June 1794;7 d. 22 Apr. 1847 Guilford Co., NC, bur. (former) Cumberland
   Presbyterian Church Cemetery27
5. Samuel18,57 SHORT b. 177426 Guilford Co., NC; Lydia31 FIELD 15 Feb. 
   1796;7 d. 26 Jan. 1842, bur. Cove Cem., Franklin Co., MO28

Samuel SHORT sold his land in NC in 1802,22 and by 180529 was living in Mercer
Co., KY where his mother Sarah had previously moved.  He owned land in 
neighboring Washington County, but probably never lived there.  About
1809 he moved to Hopkins Co., KY.  In 1818 he sold his land there,30 and
was living in Franklin Co., MO by 1819.

Samuel SHORT and Lydia FIELD had children:
1. Elias69 "Eli"31 SHORT b. say 179734 Guilford Co., NC; m. Ann "Nancy" BAY;32,54
   d. between 30 Aug.69 and  27 Sep. 1826 Franklin Co., MO33
2. Aaron31 SHORT b. ca. 179935 Guilford Co., NC35; m.1. Mariah WALL 4 Oct. 
   1823;37 m.2. Harriet KING 17 Oct. 1839;37 d. 1853 Franklin Co., MO36
3. Joseph31 SHORT b. ca. 1801;38 m. Jensey37/Ireney38 BOYD37 4 Feb. 1827;37
   d. 22 Sep. 185239 Collin Co., TX40
4. Thankful31 SHORT b. ca. 1802 KY;41 m. John LEWIS;31 living 1880 Dent Co., MO93
5. Patience31 SHORT b. ca. 1805 KY;35 m. Thomas YOUNG;31 living 186042
6. Samuel31 Woodson35 SHORT b. ca. 1808 KY;35 m. Jemima DOLLARHIDE
   29 Mar. 1838;37 living 186042
7. Jesse31 L. SHORT b. 4 May 181143 Hopkins Co., KY; m. Rebecca A. LEWIS 
   31 Mar. 1839;37 d. 2 Aug. 1893, bur. Old Grounds Cem., Blue Ridge,
   Collin Co., TX43
8. Polly31 SHORT b. 28 Dec. 181244 Hopkins Co., KY; m. John F. JOHNS;31 
   d. 22 Mar. 1846,44,75 bur. Cove Cem., Franklin Co., MO
9. Fain Queny31 SHORT b. ca. 181745 Hopkins Co., KY; m.1. Daniel 
   PENROD 16 Aug. 1836;37 m.2. Thomas STANDIFER31,37 28 Nov. 1839;37 m.3.
   Josesph STATON;46 living 185045

Elias SHORT and Ann "Nancy" BAY had children:
1. Mary33 SHORT b. say 1822; d. before 184231
2. Amos?33 or Aaron?33 SHORT b. say 1824; d. before 184231
3. Squire31,33 Woodford33 SHORT b. ca. 1826 Franklin Co., MO; m.1. Jane
   LEWIS 29 January 1846;37 m.2. Levisey EMMONS 20 Mar. 1853;37 In 1859 he was in
   Tarrant Cp. TX.78 He died in Ellis Co., TX between 9 Mar. 1860 and 25 Mar. 1860
   when his will was written and proved.47 Administration was also 
   granted in Franklin Co., Mo on 19 Dec. 1860.48

Ann49 "Nancy" BAY secondly married 15 Mar. 1827 Daniel PRATHER37
and had children:
1. William49,67 Bay80 PRATHER b. 1580/2967 Sep. 1829 Franklin Co., MO;67 m. Mary FARROW
   18 Apr. 1852;50 d. 9 Jan. 1915, bur. Park Hills IOOF Cem.,
   St. Francois Co., MO67,80
2. Elizabeth56 PRATHER b. ca. 1832 MO;56 m. Zachariah72 T. HALE49; died 187073-188049
3. Mary49 "Polly" PRATHER b. ca. 1838;56 m. Marion Francis THURMOND49 12 Apr. 1863;37
   died between 188049 and 190058
4. Hester49 P. PRATHER b. 1674 Mar. 184059; m. John Gano HULSEY49 26 Nov. 1865;37
   d. 31 July 190374 (Washington Co.?), MO
5. Joseph49 PRATHER b. 9 Apr. 184251 Washington Co., MO; m. Susan Elizabeth
   HULSEY 18 Jan. 1863;53 d. 17 Jan. 190251 (Crawford Co., MO?)52;  bur. New Hope
   Cem., Washington Co., MO51
6. James49 Madison67 PRATHER b. Aug. 184359 or 184494  Washington Co., MO;
   m. Laura59,94 E. HOFF67/HUFF79/ ca. 1869;59 d. 3 Sep.67 1916, Sullivan,
   Franklin Co., MO; bur. IOOF Cem., Sullivan, Franklin Co., MO67,94
7. Thomas49 J. PRATHER b. 11 Feb. 184667 or 184770 
   Washington Co., MO; m.1. Cynthia Ann (ROWLAND) CONNER 14 Aug. 1868;37
   m.2. Mary Ann (WIDEMAN)55 ROMINE 3 Apr. 1891;37 d. 29 Oct. 1914 Franklin Co.,
   MO;67 buried Buffalo Cem., Meramec Twp., Franklin Co., MO70
8. Augustus73 PRATHER b. ca. 185073 Washington Co., MO; died 187073-188049

Squire Woodford SHORT and first wife Jane LEWIS had children:
1. Daniel35 Perey39 SHORT b. ca. 184635 Franklin Co., MO; d. 22 May 185539 TX
2. James Perry47,48 SHORT b. 25 Jan. 184867,71 Franklin Co., MO; m. Amanda E.
   CREWS 10 Nov. 1872;37 d. 18 Jan. 1920, bur. Oak Grove Cem.,
   Prairie Twp., Franklin Co., MO67,71
3. Rebecca Ann47,48 SHORT b. 3 June 184961,76 Franklin Co., MO; m. Silas Nathaniel
   Green HERRINGTON 26 Dec. 1869;55,61 d. 9 July 191461,80 bur. Union Cemetery,
   Piney Twp., Texas Co., MO76
4. Abigail Jane47,48 SHORT b. ca. 185262 Franklin Co., MO; m. William P. NAPPIER
   13 May 1877;37 living 188062
5. Mary Elizabeth47,48 SHORT b. 2 Oct. 185260 Franklin Co., MO; m. Stephen A. TAYLOR;
   d. 11 July 1933; bur. Little Creek Cemetery, Hartville, Wright Co., MO60

Squire Woodford SHORT and second wife Levisey EMMONS had children:
1. Amanda Frances SHORT47 b. 1 Mar. 1853;67,118 Dallas Co., TX63; m.1 Benjamin ARNOLD
   6 July 1871;37 m.2 William A. SHOULTS 19 Sep. 1893;63 m.3 Ambrose F. PHARES;67
   6 Dec. 1924;95 d. 30 Sep. 1937 Washington Co., MO67,118 bur. New Diggins Cem.,
   Springtown, Washington Co., MO118
2. Julius Eli SHORT47 b. 14 Nov. 1856 Johnson Co., TX;67 m.1. Jane Clementine
   OLIVER62 25 Aug. 1878;66 m.2. Alice HULSEY 13 Aug. 1899;96 d. 14 Oct. 1947
   Franklin Co., MO;67 bur. Oak Grove Cem., Prairie Twp., Franklin Co., MO67,71
3. Delila Thankful SHORT47 b. 12 Nov. 185967 TX; m. James S. REEL 7 May 1874;50 d.
   27 June 1914 St. Louis City, MO;67 bur. St. John's Cem., Nameoki,
   Madison Co., IL67,68

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Essex Co., VA, Deed Book 13, pp. 428-430. 8/9 Aug. 1711 Robert Taliaferro to Samuel Short, part of a tract previously granted to his deceased father Robert Taliaferro on 17 June 1672/3. 104. Richmond Co., VA, Deed Book 5, pp. 258-263. 7/8 Aug. 1710 Robert Taliaferro and wife Margaret of Essex Co., VA, sold a tract to Sem Coxe. The metes and bounds are the exact same as sold to Margaret French, daughter of Hugh French in 1705. Richmond Co., VA, Deed Book 4, pp. 27a-29. 105. Essex Co., VA Deed Book 18, pp. 217-220 20 Sep. 1726 Ann, wife of Robert Taliaferro relinquished dower. 106. King George Co., VA, Deed Book 2, p. 155. Robert Taliaferro signed as receiving his [wife's] share of the estate of William Pittman. 107. St. Paul's Parish, King George Co., VA, p. 21. 108. Stafford Co., VA, Deed Book J, pp. 282-284. William Hansford and wife Sarah, widow of Alexander Doniphan, sold land. 109. Culpeper Co., VA, Will Book A, pp. 123-125. Inventory of Sarah Hansford 110. Thomas Meades will, Essex Co., VA Will Book 3, pp. 1-3. Includes wife Ann, and mentions "brother in law John Sallis." 111. Thomas Meade inventory, Essex Co., Will Book 3, pp. 42-43. Brought to court by Ann Ayres, late Ann Meade. 112. Thomas Ayres will, Essex Co., Will Book 3, pp. 291-293. 113. Thomas Ayres inventory, Essex Co., VA, Will Book 4, p. 131. Brought to court by Jeremiah Bizwell and Ann Bizwell, executors. 114. Jeremiah Bizwell inventory, Essex Co., VA Will Book 5, p. 100. Brought to court by Ann Bizwell, administrator. 115. William Oldham heirs, York Co., PA, Orphans Court Docket A, pp. 241-242. 116. Mercer Co., KY Deeds 5, pp. 335-337. 117. Mercer Co., KY Deeds 23, pp. 44-45.. 118. Amanda F. (Short) Shoults headstone, New Diggins Cem., Springtown, Washington Co., MO 119. A brief summary of evidence Sarah was a BYRD follows. For a more complete explanation and links to sources, see Sarah BYRD's WikiTree profile. a) A 1937 article by a great-granddaughter of James B. Green included a tradition that her maiden name was Byrd. b) The 1937 article did not know of her first marriage to Aaron Short, or that she had a son named Jonathan Byrd/Bird Short. The two independent facts strongly suggest her maiden name was Byrd. c) Abraham Burd in 1756 in Rowan (now Guilford) purchased a tract from William Mebane. At some point (no deed found) the property was in possession of George Parks, who in 1772 sold it to William Wiley. d) Land on which Aaron Short lived, to which his widow Sarah and sons Jonathan Byrd Short and Samuel Short obtained a grant was adjacent to William Maben and William Wiley. That places Sarah and husband Aaron Short as living on land that was in the vicinity of Abraham Burd in 1756, which would be about the time she married. 120. 1830 U. S. Census, Mercer County, Kentucky, p. 358, Jas Green Household.


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