Thomas BAY was in Orange, (in what became Frederick and Shenandoah) Co., VA
by 1739 when he witnessed two deeds.6  In 1745 Thomas, Hugh and
William BAYS were all added to the tithables list of Frederick Co. for the
Thomas BAY living 17451; had children:
1. Hugh BAY2,9 b. say 17254; m. Mary;7,8 living 17738
2. William BAY2,9 b. say 17294; never married;9 d. ca. 1769 Frederick Co.,
3. Robert BAY3 bap. 3 May 17413
4. Thomas BAY2 b. ca. 1742;5 m. Elizabeth BLACKBURN;10 d. 6 Jan. 1826 in 85th
   year of age; bur. Cumberland Cem., Spencer Twp., Guernsey Co., OH5

To date, five descendants of Thomas BAY have DNA tested, with their results
being that the BAY family belongs to haplogroup I2b1.

The widow (name unknown) of Thomas BAY (Sr.) married secondly William
STEPHENSON9 and was deceased before he wrote his will 31 July 1782.11 The will
was probated on 28 April 1785, and he named two children, James STEPHENSON,
and Mary NEWELL, wife of Samuel NEWELL. Also named were grandchildren
William NEWELL, James NEWELL, Jean NEWELL, Martha NEWELL, Mary NEWELL, 
and Marget NEWELL. The grandsons were to receive their legacies at age 20,
and the granddaughters at age 17. Whether they are children by the widow
of Thomas BAY, or an unknown first wife is uncertain.

Hugh BAY and wife Mary had children, all probably born in Frederick Co., VA
1. Thomas BAY12  b. ca. 1747;19,68 m. Charity;20 d. 4 Oct. 1821;68 Ross Twp., Jefferson Co., OH66
2. Hugh BAY16 b. say 1749 Frederick Co., VA; d. between 4 Mar. 180213 and
   22 Feb. 1803 (now) St. Louis Co., MO;14 m. Margaret14,18
3. Jane12/Jean26 BAY m. by 178626 Samuel WILSON;12 living 1797 Washington Co., PA12
4. William BAY12 b. say 1753;24 never married;12 d. ca. 1785 Westmoreland 
   Co., PA25
5. David BAY12 b. ca. 1755;21 m. Jane;23  d. 22 Apr. 1825 22 
   bur. Neer Farm Cem., (north of Urbana), Champaign Co., OH23 
6. Mary BAY12 m. David McCAY/McCAW;12 living 1795 Harrison Co, KY12
7. Robert BAY12 b. 1760 on Cedar Creek [Frederick Co.] in VA;15
   m. Ann (-?-)27 d. 21 Feb. 1845, Guernsey Co., OH15
8. Isabella BAY12 b. say 1762;28 m. Robert CRAWFORD;12 d. between 1820
   and 1830 Donegal Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA28
9. Elizabeth BAY12 b. before 1765;29 m. William STEWART;12 living 1820
   Harrison Co., KY30
10. James BAY12 b. ca. 1766;31 m. 4 Feb. 1791 Ann McCAN;32,69 living 1820
    Shelby Co., OH33

Hugh BAY and wife Margaret had children born in Westmoreland Co., PA:
1. Hester BAY34 b. say 1772;35 m. Benjamin JONES;34 d. 1840-1850 Decatur Co.,
2. Mary BAY17 b. say 1774;44 m. 11 Dec. 180045 James SMITH, Jr.17,45; living 182044
3. Nancy BAY17 b. 6 June 177636 PA38; m. James WADE17,37 [recorded] 19 June 1797;37
   d. ca. 1857 Bath Co., KY39
4. Robert BAY14 b. say 177940 PA; m. Mary41,43 "Polly"47 HAMILTON42; d. before
   31 May 1836 Franklin Co., MO43
5. Samuel BAY14 b. 1780-1784;46 m. Sarah51,70 MUSICK48 ca. 1805;70
   d. 3 Mar. 1843 Franklin Co., MO70
6. Margaret14 "Peggy"50 BAY b. 1780-1790;49 m. James WOODLAND 3 Nov. 1812;50
   d. between 27 Apr. 184255 and 11 Oct. 184852 MO
7. Joseph BAY14 m. Judith EPPERSON;53 d. 1837 while on a visit to KY53

Robert BAY and Mary HAMILTON had children:
1. Ann "Nancy"43,47 BAY b. ca. 1804;56 m.1. Elias SHORT;54 m.2. Daniel PRATHER43,47
   15 Mar. 1827;55 living 1880 Washington Co., MO56
2. Margaret47 "Peggy"43 BAY b. ca. 1805;57 m. William W. LEWIS43,47; living 1850
   Lawrence Co., AR57
3. Sarah43,47 "Sallie" BAY b. say 1810;59 m. Jesse K. PARKER43,47 26 Dec. 1830;55
   living 183747
4. Ninian BAY43,47 b. 23 Aug. 1812;67 m. Nancy JOHNS 20 Feb. 1834;55 d. 9 Aug.
   1862, bur. Bay Cem., Dent Co., MO67
5. Joseph L. BAY43,47 b. 6 Dec. 1817;63 m. Emeline PARKER 24 Nov. 1836;55
   d. 25 July 1900, bur. Mountain View Cem., Pueblo, Pueblo Co., Colo.62,63
6. Permelia A. BAY43,47 b. 181964 or ca. 1826;61 m. Thomas NAPPIER
   21 Feb. 1847;55 d. 13 Oct. 1894, bur. Burnett Cem., Shannon Co., MO64
7. Easter43/Esther47 "Hettie"55 BAY b. ca. 1820;60 m. William PRATHER47
   8 May 1834;55 living 1870 Bates Co., MO60
8. Elizabeth BAY43,47 b. say 182365
9. Greenberry Wade BAY43,47 b. 18 Jan. 182858; m. Elizabeth PARKER
   22 Mar. 1855; d. 22 Nov. 1906, bur. Asher Cem., (near New Harmony
   United Baptist Church, Boss, Mo.) Dent Co., MO58

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[see #9] While Thomas Bay (brother to Hugh and William) did have a son Robert Bay, he is not the Robert of record #15. By elimination, the conclusion is that these "brothers and sisters" were children of Hugh Bay. The various heirs either acknowldeged the deed or witnesses testified to their signing over the next several years. 13. City of St. Louis, MO Archives Records 4:48, #1127C. 14. Margaret Bay will, City of St. Louis, MO Archives Records 3:353, #2289, [French, Spanish, and English transcriptions]. Note: The same document on FHL 0,466,993, French, Spanish and English transrciptions with English translations contains the incorrect phrase "Margaret Bay, which daughter is now in the State of Missouri." There was no State of Missouri in 1803. The phrase on 0,466,342 "State of Kentucky" is correct. Margaret Bay will transcription 15. Robert Bay Revolutionary War pension file, Images 92-113. Birth frame 96, death frame 108. 16. 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