In 2011 a descendant of Bartholomew Herrington through his son John y-DNA tested.
He was been found to be a 36/37 match with the modal of Lineage I at the 
Harrington DNA Project where he is kit 835908.

Since that time a person descended from Bartholomew through his son Isaac has y-DNA tested
with, and is also a match. There are several interesting things to note about
Lineage I. There are several members of that lineage that came from County Cork, Ireland in
the 1800s, which would support the tradition that Bartholomew's ancestry was Irish. An
interesting website gives details on the early origin of Clan Harrington in the
Beara Peninsula, which is where matches with Bartholomew are found.

One person that has been of interest for about 30 years as possibly being the father
of Bartholomew is Isaac Herrington who died in 1768 in York County, PA, leaving a widow
Jane. He was of interest for several reasons:
1. Bartholomew Herrington named his oldest son Isaac.
2. Bartholomew had a daughter named Jane.
3. Tradition published in histories of Jefferson County, MO stated that Bartholomew was
   born in Lancaster County, PA.  York County were Isaac lived was formed in 1749 from
   Lancaster County.
4. The only Herrington families identified in that area of PA at that time were the
   children of Jacob, who was the father of Isaac who died in 1768.
5. The only known original source for an age of Bartholomew was his headstone, which stated he
   died 28 Sep. 1821 in the 82nd year of his age, placing his birth as about 1740.1 While a modern
   memorial placed around the original stated he was born 10 April 1740, the source of that
   information is unknown. The source of that exact date may be a record which also claimed
   that Bartholomew was the son of Abraham HERRINGTON, but those claims should be
   regarded with skepticism.

In 2014 Bartholomew HERRINGTON descendants had a y-DNA match with a descendant of Cornelius
HERRINGTON through his son Jacob. Jacob moved from Baltimore Co., MD to York County, PA, and
was the father of Isaac born in 1727 who died there in 1768, leaving a widow named Jane. 

The Bartholomew HERRINGTON descendant and Cornelius HERRINGTON descendant are both 36/37 matches
with the modal for Lineage I in the HARRINGTON DNA Project. One differs on CDYa, which with
CDYb are the "fastest" mutating markers among those first 37.  The other differs on 576, which
is the second fastest mutating marker. 

The y-DNA match proves that the lines of Cornelius HERRINGTON and Bartholomew HERRINGTON
share a common direct line male ancestor. The closeness of the y-DNA match suggests that
if Bartholomew was not a descendant of Cornelius, that the common ancestor would not be 
much earlier. The ancestry of Cornelius is not known, and neither he nor of his children 
have been found in association with any other HERRINGTON families.

While Cornelius had a son Isaac born in 1705, no records have been found of him after that
time, suggesting that he died young. If Bartholomew was a descendant of Cornelius then he
would have to have been through his only known son with descendants, that being Jacob. 

It is believed that both the Cornelius descendant and Bartholomew descendant are seven
generations removed from Jacob HERRINGTON, son of Cornelius. One mutation on the 37 marker
test in that time period is about "average." If Bartholomew was descended from an unknown
brother to Cornelius, then 9 generations would have passed from both the Cornelius descendant
and Bartholomew descendant. Only one mutation in each line in 9 generations would be possible,
but with each passing generation the odds of only one mutation would decrease.

Based on the y-DNA match, plus the five points above, it is thought that Bartholomew was
through Jacob's son Isaac, being Isaac's son who was recorded in church records as 
"Metallami," which was misread in some published abstracts as "Metallinir." He was born
on 19 December 1751 and baptized 1 November 1752 at Christ Lutheran Church in York, York
County, PA.126

The name "Metallami" is obviously not a "real" name, so the question is, what was it actually
supposed to be? Christ Lutheran was a German church. All records were recorded in German by
a native German priest. It is not known how well he may have understood English, especially
if it was spoken by parents with a possible Irish accent. An initial B and initial M have
very similar sounds. Consider how different writers describe the sound a sheep makes as
baa and maa. There are various websites that describe how the initial B and M are considered
"sister sounds" because of the way they are formed with the mouth. Change the initial M in the
baptismal entry to B and pronounce Bah-tall-a-me, and how similar does it sound to "Bartholomew"
when spoken with an Irish accent and heard by a native German speaker? 

Also, consider how Bartholomew apparently pronounced his own name as "Bartholumy" based on
the spelling used in depositions Elizabeth gave regarding her husband in the pension file
of William DRENNEN.3 He also signed the Wilkinson Memorial in 1805 as "Barthomee (x) herington"106
giving another suggestion as to how persons heard him pronounce his name. Those pronunciations
are very close to the sound of the 1751 birth record, when the initial M in the record is
changed to a B.

While the 1751 birth date is 11 years younger than the age for Bartholomew being in the
"82 year of his age" as given on his headstone, such a discrepancy would not be unusual. It
was very common for death or cemetery records to add a few years to a person's actual age
at their death. The 1740 birth had always been viewed as questionable, as the ages of several
of Bartholomew's children were known from census. His oldest child appeared to be Mary, who
was born about 1779. If the 1740 birth were correct, that would make him about age 39 when his
first child was born. While that was not impossible, that would be very uncommon for the times.
Having a first child born at about age 28, if was born in 1751 would be more "normal" for the
time period.

One other point is regarding the above record that alleged that Bartholomew was the son of 
Abraham HERRINGTON. While there are many parts of that record that suggest it was not dictated
by Bartholomew (who signed documents with a mark), it may have had parts based on
remembered facts by descendants. As discussed on the Cornelius Herrington page,
there was an Abraham HERRINGTON who is believed to be a brother not father to
Bartholomew. After their mother Jane died about 1774, Abraham took over the administration
of Isaac's estate, probably as the oldest son. 

The wife of Bartholomew HERRINGTON was Elizabeth -?- as proved by St. Louis
Co., MO deeds where on 10 June 1815 "Bartholomew HERRINGTON and wife
Elizabeth" sold land.2  Elizabeth also made depositions regarding her
"husband Bartholumy HERRINGTON" in 1837 in the Revolutionary War pension
claim of Wiliam DRENEN (DRENNEN).3 A modern inscription placed around
the original headstone states she died 16 March 1817 in her 90th year.  

People who have viewed the original headstone in person state that is actually
says 1847, not 1817.  Note that on the picture of her original stone, it appears
to be 1847, not 1817, and that the spacing would fit a "4," but would be too large
for a "1."4  

There are also claims that Bartholomew HERRINGTON had a first name Joseph.
The source of this is Louis HOUCK's A History of Missouri, with his information
on early settlers taken from land records.5  No original records which he used
have been found to name a "Joseph Bartholomew HERRINGTON." In all likelihood
he confused records in his notes while preparing the book. Bartholomew had
no first name Joseph.

The first record of Bartholomew was in 1777 when as Bartholomew HETHERINGTON
he appeared as a private in Captain Mitchell's Company.6  Hugh MITCHELL was
Captain of the 3rd Company of James SMITH's 3rd Battalion of Westmoreland Co., PA.7
At some point he was taken a prisoner of war, and held on the prison ship "Old Jersey"
in Wallabout Bay, Brooklyn, New York, where he was booked as Bartholomew HARRINGTON.88

After 1783,8 but by 1785 he moved to Fayette Co., KY where he signed a petition
for the formation of what became Bourbon County.9 He also signed a petition
from Bourbon Co., in July 1788 requesting a tobacco inspection station be established
on the South Fork of the Licking Creek at the Confluence of Stoner and Hinksons Forks
of said Creek near Isaac Ruddles Mill.10 The division of lands of John Hinkson, deceased,
mentioned a boundary running  up the creek to a spring coming out of under the bank near
to the cabbin which Bartholomew Harrington Built. 11

He appeared in Bourbon County tax lists in 1788, 1791 and 1792,12 Harrison County13
from 1794-1796 and Campbell County in 1797 and 1798.14

On 3 June 1798 he applied for 500 arpents (425.5 acres) of land in what would become
Missouri, that was granted 8 June 1799.15  The survey was recorded as
"Bartolome Herrington."105

Biographical information on Bartholomew HERRINGTON.

Bartholomew HERRINGTON, born 19 December 1751 married
Elizabeth born about 1757; d. [probably] 16 Mar. 1847 Jefferson Co., MO
1. Mary HERRINGTON16 b. ca. 1779 Westmoreland Co.,39 PA40; m. John 
   WILSON;17,94 d. 1859 Jefferson Co., MO94,95 
2. Isaac HERRINGTON16 b. say 1780;18 Westmoreland Co., PA39; m. Sarah 
   HILDEBRAND;19 d. about 1822 Jefferson Co., MO20
3. John HERRINGTON16 b. Nov. 1782;21,108 Westmoreland Co.,39 PA21; m. Nancy SMIRL;41,111 1808;111
   d. 19 Mar. 1864;16,101,108 Jefferson Co., MO;22,101 bur. Herrington Family
   Burial Ground, Jefferson County.108
4. Samuel HERRINGTON16 b. say 1786;23 KY24; m. Susanah WICKERHAM;25 d. ca. 1849 
   Jefferson Co., MO,26 
5. William HERRINGTON16 b. 1788;27,89 KY; m. Ruth29 CONNER30; d. 23 Mar.89 186327,89 
   Jefferson Co., MO28 bur. Harrington Cem., Jefferson Co.89
6. Elizabeth HERRINGTON16
7. Jane "Jinney"111 HERRINGTON;16 b. KY;31 m. Jonathan HILDEBRAND;101 d. between
   25 Nov. 1826,102 and 22 Mar. 1829,35Jefferson Co., MO
8. Joshua HERRINGTON3,16 b.  27 May 1800;32,86 near Harrisonville,
   Monroe Co.,33 IL; m. Sarah DRENNEN;19 d. 14 Sep. 1884;32,87 (1883)86
   Jefferson Co., MO32

John HERRINGTON and Nancy SMIRL had children:
1. Bartholomew HERRINGTON16 b. ca. 1809 Jefferson Co., MO; m. Eliza34 
   HILDEBRAN 28 June 1829;35 died between 25 Oct. and 16 Nov. 1830 
   Jefferson Co., MO34
2. Joshua HERRINGTON16 b. 8 Feb. 1811;38 Jefferson Co., MO; m. Lucinda
   WIDEMAN;52,90,113 d. 9 Sep. 1886 Jefferson Co., MO; bur. Herrington Family
   Burial Ground38
3. Mary "Polly" HERRINGTON16 b. say 1813 probably Arkansas;101 m. John
   HILDERBRAND16 23 Apr. 1829;35 d. age 20;16 Jefferson Co., MO
4. John C. HERRINGTON16 b. 29 Apr. 1819;42 Jefferson Co., MO; m. Martha
   BAKER 20 Oct. 1842;35 d. 14 Nov. 1893, bur. Pilgrims Rest Baptist
   Church Cem., Jefferson Co., MO42
5. Elizabeth16,43 Emeline44 HERRINGTON b. ca. 1824;43 Jefferson Co., MO; m. 
   John A. HENSLEY16 24 Mar. 1839;35 d. Apr. 1862;16 Jefferson Co., MO
6. Samuel T. HERRINGTON16 b. ca. 1825 Jefferson Co., MO; m.1. Catherine
   PENCE 17 July 1845;35 divorced; m.2. Josephine ALEXANDER 5 Feb.
   1851;35 d. 1857;16 Jefferson Co., MO
7. James R. HERRINGTON16 b. 29 June 1829;45 Jefferson Co., MO; m. Nancy E.
   TRASK 24 May 1853;46 d. 23 Nov. 1865;45 Jefferson Co., MO; bur. Herrington
   Family Burial Ground45

Joshua HERRINGTON and Lucinda WIDEMAN had children:
1. John F. HERRINGTON b. 24 Mar. 183447 Jefferson Co., MO; d. 5 Apr. 
   1835 Jefferson Co., MO47
2. Nancy Emily HERRINGTON118 b. either 29 Feb. 1836,119 or Mar. 1836;55 
   Jefferson Co., MO; m. Orson BAKER16,118 2 Aug. 1855;35 d. 9 Aug. 1901;
   bur. Glade Chapel Cem., Jefferson Co.119
3. Mary A. HERRINGTON118 b. ca. 1838 Jefferson Co., MO; m. William 
   HEARST16,118 10 Oct. 1855;35 d. 29 July 1863;16 Jefferson Co., MO
4. Silas Nathaniel Green HERRINGTON118 b. 22 Mar. 1841;36,49,52,57 Jefferson
   Co., MO;52 m.1. 22 Nov. 1860 Cynthia Jane BEELER;35,36,49 m.2.
   Abigail Frances LEWIS 16 Apr. 1868;36,37,49 m.3. 26 Dec. 1869 Rebecca Ann 
   SHORT;35,36,49 m.4. 24 Dec. 1914 Mariba (HUGHES)36 FLOWERS;49,56 second and third
   wives are cousins; d. 4 Apr. 1919;48,49,52,57 bur. Union Cem., Texas Co., MO49,52,57
5. Missouri Irene HERRINGTON118 b. 22 Mar. 1841;58 Jefferson Co., MO;
   m. John B. CRAFT16,118 12 Mar. 1865;35 d. 25 Aug. 1923, bur. Pinelawn Cem.,
   Texas Co., MO58
6. Perlina Ann HERRINGTON118 b. 7 Mar. 1844'50,52 Jefferson Co., MO; m. Levi
   McCOLLOCH16,118 1 July 1860;35 d. 8 Apr. 1938'50,52 bur. Anthonies Mill Cem.,
   a/k/a Kimberlin Cem., Washington Co., MO50
7. Virginia Frances HERRINGTON118 b. 23 Dec. 1847;52,109 Jefferson Co.,
   MO; m.1. George HEARST16 19 Jan. 1865;35 m.2. Nathaniel Sylvester
   HUSKEY16,109,118 13 Oct. 1878;35 d. 7 Dec. 1922; bur. Hillsboro Cem., Jefferson
   Co., MO52,109
8. Benjamin Franklin HERRINGTON118 b. 22 Nov. 1850'54 Jefferson Co., 
   MO; m.1. Martha A. OGLE 17 Nov. 1878;35 m.2. Rosa M. POWER 7 June
   1885;35 m.3. Millie Dora52 REYNOLDS 20 Nov. 1890;35 d. 24 Dec. 1928;54
   Glade Chapel Cem., Jefferson Co., MO53
9. Rev. George Washinton HERRINGTON118 b. 24 July 1853;59,60 Jefferson Co., MO;
   m. Henrietta KERKOWSKI 15 Feb. 1874;35,59 d. 31 July 1928;59,60 bur. Tecumseh
   Mission Cem., Tecumseh, Pottawatomie Co., OK60
10. Elias Samuel HERRINGTON118 b. 4 Mar. 1856;85,113 Jefferson Co., MO; m. Jennie
    MITCHELL 28 Aug. 1881;37 d. 25 May 1941 Payette, Payette Co., ID85,113
    bur. Riverside Cem.85,113
11. Rosella HERRINGTON b. ca. 1859 Jefferson Co., MO;62 d. 1860,62-1870,63
    Jefferson Co., MO
12. Dr. Joshua Lawson HERRINGTON118 b. 20 July 1861 Jefferson Co., MO;64,65,90 m.1
    Ella TATUM 30 May 1889;117 m.2. Lena FOREMAN 20 Feb. 1937;67 d. 12 Dec. 1939;65
    bur. Oak View Cem., Mullin, Mills Co., TX66,90,91
one other child died young

Biographical information on Silas Nathaniel Green HERRINGTON.
Green HERRINGTON and Jane BEELER had children:
1. Dr. William Franklin HERRINGTON36 b. 12 Sep. 1861 Jefferson Co., MO;71
   m. Mary Elizabeth COATS 27 Dec. 1885;56 d. 1771 June 190336
   Grants Pass, Josephine Co., Oregon, bur. Fairmount Memorial Park,110 
   Spokane, Spokane Co., WA71
2. George Washington HERRINGTON36 b. 951/24103 Nov. 1862;51 Jefferson Co., MO; 
   m. Cordelila Mires COATS 14 Dec. 1884;56 d. 25 Oct. 1914;36,51,103 bur. 
   Harrison Cem., Kootenai Co., ID51
3. Orlena Victoria Jane HERRINGTON36 b. 15 Dec. 1864 Jefferson
   Co., MO; never married; d. 16 Feb. 1916, bur. Ozark Church Cem.,
   Texas Co., MO36

Green HERRINGTON and Abigail Francis LEWIS had child:
1. Dr. James Joshua HERRINGTON36 b. 165,104 Mar. 1869; m.1.  19 Oct. 1896
   Annie B. (-?-)77 CRUMLEY;70   m.2. Eva Luella (RILEY)69 McKEE
   1 Jan. 1919;68 d. 7 May 1936;65,104 Coeur d'Alene, Kootenai Co., ID104
   bur. Forest Cem., Coeur d'Alene93,104

Green HERRINGTON and Rebecca Ann SHORT had children all born in 
   Houston, Texas Co., MO:
1. Dr. Perry Andre HERRINGTON b. 23 Oct. 1870;36 m.1. Nora Edna DUKE
   30 Jan. 1895;56 m.2. Frances Margaret PHILLIPS 22 Jan. 1914;72 d.
   13 June 1960, bur. Coeur d'Alene, Kootenai Co., ID78
2. Abigail Frances HERRINGTON b. 12 Jan. 1872;36 m. William 
   Edward PALMER 23 Aug. 1912;75 d. 27 Oct. 1951, Harper, KS,
   bur. Harper Cem., Harper Co., KS75,92
3. Mary Irene HERRINGTON b. 17 Mar. 1873;36,79 m. Fernando Erastus
   STROUD 15 Oct. 1893;56,76 d. 18 Aug. 1933;48,79 bur. Hillcrest Cem.,
   Rocky Ford, Otero Co., Colo.79
4. Silas Green HERRINGTON b. 3 Sep. 1874;36 m. Virda FOURT
   20 Mar. 1898;56 d. 19 Sep. 1921;48,100 Dillon, Beaverhead Co., MT;
   bur. Lima, Beaverhead Co.,MT100
5. Lucy Rebecca Jane HERRINGTON b. 27 Feb. 1876;36,52 m. William81 Almon80 STEWART
   20 Feb. 1901;56 d. 1 Sep. 1947;52 bur. Oakland Cem., Upton Twp., Texas Co., MO52,82
6. Emily Anna HERRINGTON b. 10 Jan. 1878;36,73 m. James January114 CHAMBERLAIN
   29 Apr. 1900;74 d. 30 Jan. 1950 Pasadena, Los Angeles Co., CA;73 buried
   Mountain View Cemetery, Altadena, CA73,114
7. Thomas Erving HERRINGTON b. 9 June 1879;36 d. 10 Aug. 1881;36,96 bur.
   Union Cem., Texas Co., MO96
8. Rosa Elizabeth HERRINGTON b. 4 Apr. 1881;36,83 m. Alfred Lawson
   FLOWERS 5 May 1900;56 d. 17 Sep. 1961 Blackwell, Kay Co., OK,
   bur. Blackwell I.O.O.F Cem.83
9. John Lawson HERRINGTON b. 2 July 1882;36 d. 23 Aug. 1882;36,97 bur. Union
   Cem., Texas Co., MO97
10. Henry LAWS HERRINGTON b. 8 Oct. 1883;36,61 m.1 Hattie Elizabeth
    (GARDNER)52 LEAVITT 29 Mar. 1927;84 m.2. Eliza Ann (GILMORE) SNELSON
    about 15 Nov. 1934 (license date-no return);112 d. 6 Oct. 1948 Emida, Benewah Co., ID61
    bur. Fairview Cem., Rockford, Spokane Co., WA107
11. Lida May HERRINGTON b. 4 Nov. 1884;36,98 d. 26 Nov. 1884;36,98 bur. Union 
    Cem., Texas Co., MO98
12. Oscar Lee HERRINGTON b. 25 May 1886;36,99 d. 4 July 1887;115 bur. Union
    Cem., Texas Co., MO99

Green HERRINGTON and Mariba (HUGHES) FLOWERS had no children.

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While this lists the date as 24 July 1888, see #36 that lists it as 4 July 1888, and #115 that lists it as 4 July 1887. 100. Beaverhead County, MT, Death Certificate 1106, "Gene" Herrington certificate. Note: This should be "Green" Herrington. 101. Missouri State Archives Supreme Court case files BRINLEY vs. FORSYTHE Box 213, case #9, term 1873, 45B/1/1 The entire case is 97 pages (copy in my possession). Transcript of parts at: Descendants of Swope/Hoke/Brinley, pp. 30-34. Filed 20 January 1876 The called Joshua Herrington who stated that he was 64 years old, John Herrington was his father. My father said that he came here in this part of Missouri in September 1799 and that he came here from Kentucky, when he first settled here he lived at a place near Pevely, some 5 or 6 miles from the land in controversy. In 1811 he left here and moved to Arkansas. He never resided on the land in controversy as far as I know. I never heard from him or any of the family, or from any one else that he ever resided on the this land in controversy. I was born at the old Capt. Waters place on the river south of the mouth of Little Rock Creek my father father lived for a while at that place, as I am informed. It is below the Dorian Claim, south of it. I understood from my Father that he stayed 7 or 8 years in Arkansas when he went there in 1811. I never knew any John Herrington but my father. When he came back here he remained in this county till his death in March 1864. From 1822 or 1823 he lived on Belews Creek up to his death, that place is 16 or 17 miles from the Dorian survey at the mouth of Little Rock Creek. I knew Jonathan Hildebrand he was my uncle by marriage. He married my Father's sister. I have heard father say that Uncle Jonathan attended to some business for him while he was away in Arkansas, that he left him as his agent. He was a man of some business tact & could read & write. My father could not write his name never wrote his name. Jonathan Hildebrand lived in this county ever since I could recollect. He died here some years ago a very old man. My father's name was Herrington sometimes spelled Harrington just as Hildebrand was some times spelled Heldebrand & sometimes Hillibrand. I never heard my father claim the land in controversy and never heard that he had any claim to it. Maj. Cavan came to me in June 1875 and asked me to give him a deed for survey 1303 & I did as I did not know that I had any title to it & I don't know it now. 102. Jefferson Co., MO Deed Book B, pp. 332-334. Jonathan Hildebrand and wife Jane deed to Jabez Warner, 25 Nov. 1826. 103. George W. Herrington death certificate, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. 104. James Joshua Herrington death certificate, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. 105. Registre d'Arpentage, Bartolome Herrington. 106. Clarence E. 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District of St. Louis, 13 June 1808 "Elizabeth Brindley who is under the age of twenty one years, by her father & next friend Matthias Brindly, complains of John Herrington & Nancy Herrinton his wife who was formerly Nancy Smirls....did on the twenty fifth of February eighteen hundred & eight at the district aforesaid & in the presence & hearing of many of the good citizens of this territory, falsely, maliciously & wickedly, the following false, feigned & scandalous words of and concerning the said Elizabeth Brindely, in the English language with a loud voice proclaim & publish to wit Betsey Brindley (meaning the said Elizabeth) hath had several children & made way with or destroyed them (meaning that she the said Elizabeth had feloniously committed murder by killing children which she had some) & I (meaning the said Nancy Smirl now Nancy Herrington) can prove it.... "and that Polly Patton, Betsey McDaniel and her (the said Nancy Herrington's) sister would swear it...." In her plea she asked for $1000 damages. In a deposition on 20 August 1808 Henry Cook said "that on the Eighth or ninth day of February last past or near that time he was at Mr. Smirlses & Nancy Herington told him this deponant that Miss Elizabeth Brindly had lost one or two Little ones as she heard or understood this deponant further saith that he askit who told her so she this informant said Nancy Lunceford told it to Isaac Herington's wife & she told it to her sister Jinney Herington & she told it Either to her this informant or to her sister Betcy Smurls this informant don't Recollect which." On 2 December 1808 arbitrators of John Coons, John Conner, and James Rankin met at the home of Benj. Johnson, Esqr. in Joachim Township, District of St. Louis. Both parties appeared and they found for the plaintiff $500 in damages 112. Henry L. Herrington and Mrs. L. A. Snelson marriage license, Thurston Co., WA marriage returns, Certificate 13146. 113. Elias Samuel Herringon death certificate #124494, Idaho 1941 death certificates. 114. Moutain View Cemetery, search form. Enter Anna Chamberlain or James Chamberlain 115. Texas Co., MO, Permanent Record Deaths 1, #382, Oscar L. Herrington. While #36 lists the date as 4 July 1888, and #99 lists it as 24 July 1888, this would appear to be a contemporary record and more likely accurate in listing the date as 4 July 1887, with an age of 1 year, 1 month, 8 days. 116. Christ Lutheran Church, York Co., PA, p. 57. First Column [parents] Isaac Herrington s[ein] fr[au] Jean beide Engl. [Isaac Herrington his wife Jean (Jane) both English] Second Column [name, birth and baptismal dates] Metallami geb[oren] d[er] 19 Decmbr: 1751 [born the 19 December 1751] get[auft] d[er] 1 Novmbr: [baptized 1 November (1752)] Third column [sponsors] his parents himself 117. Comanche County, TX, Marriage Records 1, p. 136. 118. Heirs of Joshua Herrington for Partition of Land, 1888. 119. Jefferson County Historical Society, "Jefferson Co., MO Funeral Home Records"(Online: Jefferson Co. Hist. Soc., 2018). Nancy E. Baker died 9 Aug. 1901, age 65Y 5M, 9D = calculated birth of 29 Feb. 1836. If she was actually born on leap year, she may have celebrated her birthday as 1 March, and be why she listed her birth in the 1900 census as March (#55).


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