As Henry SANDERS, he was first found in 1755 in Dorchester Co., MD when he and
a Richard SANDERS sold livestock and furniture.1  He appeared as Henry SAUNDERS
in the 1776 census Transquakin Hundred, Dorchester County census with:2
		0-10	10-16	16-21	21-30	30-40	50-60
males		 3	  1    	  0	  1	  0	  1
females		 4	  1	  1	  1	  1

As Henry SAUNDERS, he was listed in the 1783 tax list for the Lower District of
Dorchester Co., with one male slave, 6 hogs, 14 cattle, and 12 white inhabitants.3

He moved to Rockingham Co., NC by the early 1790s. In the 1800 Rockingham
County, census, Henry had:
	0-10	10-16	16-26	26-45	45+
males	 1		  1		1
females	 	 	  1		1

In December 1800 he sold his land there,4 and purchased 270 acres in Rowan
(now Davie) Co., NC the following February.5 In 1802 he sold 90 acres to
William,16 and 90 acres to John, who was "of Rockingham County."17  Henry
was living in 1805 when he made a deed of gift to his son Hugh, in what
was essentially a last will.6 

In this document, Hugh was referred to as "our Loving Son," and it is
beleived he is the only child by Henry's wife Nancy.  On the same date in
1805, Henry sold his remaining land (now 128 acres) to William.18  William
sold this land to Hugh in 1808, for the same price.19  Hugh in turn,
sold the land back to William on 5 Sep. 1810 for the same price.20

In the 1810 Rowan County tax list, Hugh was taxed for land, but had no poll
tax.21  As of 1801, the taxable age in NC was 21-50. As no exemptions were
found in the court minutes for Hugh, the indication would be he was under
21 at the time of the 1810 tax.  As a man had to be 21 to sell land, Hugh
had turned 21 by 5 September, indicating he was born in 1789.

The 1776 census and 1783 tax list would indicate that all of Henry's elder
10 children were probably born by the former date, and almost certainly by
the latter.  Because of the large age gap between Hugh and the other
children, all the elder children are believed to be children of Henry's
wife Mary WEST.

Henry was married twice, first to Mary WEST,7 and second to Nancy6 LINZY.7  

Children, first ten born Dorchester Co., MD.  Birth order uncertain:
1. James7 SAUNDERS; m. Esther TAYLOR; living 1795;8
2. Sarah7 SAUNDERS
3. Margaret7 SAUNDERS
4. Mary7 "Molly, Polly" SAUNDERS b. 1760-1770;9 m. Noah STAPLEFORD;
   d. 27 Oct. 1838 Adam-ond-Ahman, Daviess Co., MO10
5. Nancy7 SAUNDERS
6. Elizabeth7 SAUNDERS b. before 1774;35 m. John Horford TAYLOR;7 living
   1800 Rockingham Co., NC35
7. William7 SAUNDERS b. ca. 1771;56 m. Sarah "Sally" SHEEK;11 d. 29 Jan.
   1846, bur. Whitaker's Meeting House Church Cem., Davie Co., NC56
8. Rebecca7 SAUNDERS
9. John7 SAUNDERS born say 1775;22 living 1815 Rowan Co., NC36
10. Henry7 SAUNDERS
11. Hugh7 SAUNDERS b. 1789; living 1810 Rowan Co., NC13

William SAUNDERS and Sarah "Sally" SHEEK had children all born in (now)
Davie Co., NC:
1. Adam14 SAUNDERS b. ca. 1803;32 Rebecca HANLINE 23 Apr. 1834;15
   m.2. Mary GIBSON 1835;24 d. between 185331-1860 Gordon Co., GA33
2. James14 SAUNDERS b. 7 Oct. 1804;50 Mary O. "Polly" CUMMINGS
   9 Mar. 1840;23 d. 6 May 1850, bur. Olive Branch Cem., Davie Co., NC50
3. Susanna14 SAUNDERS b. ca. 1807;26,27 Jesse VESTOL, Jr. 14 Jan. 1829;25
   d. Jan. 1850 Surry Co., NC26
4. William14 SAUNDERS b. 2 Feb. 1809;49 m. Nancy J. THOMAS;37,46 d. 15 July
   1891, bur. Smith Grove Cem., Davie Co., NC49
5. Jacob14 SAUNDERS b. 29 Nov. 1815;43 Drucilla CUMMINGS 25 Sep.
   1845;43 d. ca. 1861 Wilkes Co., NC45
6. Mary23 "Polly"14 SAUNDERS b. 1815-1820; John WALKER 14 Dec. 1842;23
   living 184314
7. John14 SAUNDERS b. ca. 1822;47 m. Elizabeth S. THOMAS;46 d. between
   4 Oct. 1863 and 30 June 1866 Davie Co., NC28
8. Elizabeth14 "Betsy" SAUNDERS b. 3 Mar. 1822;12 Reuben FOOT
   28 Oct. 1847;23 m.2. David HARRIS 9 Apr. 1857;29 m.3. George RICHARD(S)
   3 July 1867;29 d. 22 June 1874, bur. Smith Grove Cem., Davie Co., NC12
9. Jincy14 SAUNDERS b. ca. 1825; Calvin BEEDING 19 Apr. 1848;23
   d. before 15 Aug. 184923

Biographical information on William Saunders.
William SAUNDERS and Nancy J. THOMAS had children, all born Smith Grove,
Davie Co., NC:
1. Sarah44 Elizabeth52 SAUNDERS b. 9 Jan. 185052/1851;37 m. Giles Murphy CALL44
   11 Apr. 1875;58, d. 15 Dec. 1916;37,52 bur. Smith Grove Cem., Davie Co., NC37,52
2. Emeline44 SAUNDERS b. ca. 1854;38 m. Thomas F. HOWARD44 18 Sep. 1883;30
   d. before 1923; bur. Smith Grove Cem., Davie Co., NC
3. John Henry44 SAUNDERS b. 5 Aug. 1856;39 m. Minnie Elizabeth
   HOSKINS 1230/1439 Sep. 1881; d. 3 Feb. 1933 La Mesa,
   Dona Ana Co., NM;39 bur. Evergreen Cem., El Paso Co., TX48
4. Rhoda44 T. SAUNDERS b. 5 July 1860;40 m. Charles H. LONG44 9 Sep. 1883;30
   d. 26 May 1936;40 bur. Oak Grove United Methodist Church Cem., Davie Co., NC40,53

Henry SAUNDERS and Minnie HOSKINS had children, all born Smith Grove:
1. Kenneth Murchison SAUNDERS b. 30 June 1886;39 m. Lena Blanche
   STROUD 14 Sep. 1912;39 d. 28 Nov. 1964 La Junta, Otero Co., Colo.;
   bur. Rocky Ford, Otero Co., Colo.34
2. Jesse Franklin SAUNDERS b. 5 Feb. 1889;39 m. Juta Linda MIKELSON
   27 Mar. 1921;39 d. 18 Jan. 1965, bur. Canutillo, El Paso Co., TX41
3. Mary SAUNDERS b. 16 Sep. 1890;39,51 d. 26 June 1891, bur. Smith Grove
   Cem., Davie Co., NC39,51
4. Willis Lawrence SAUNDERS b. 29 Sep. 1893;39 m. Ruth E. LITTLE 25 Dec. 1919;39
   d. 7 Apr. 1982 NM;42 bur. Masonic Cem., Las Cruces, Dona Ana Co., NM55
5. Silas Anthony "Doc" SAUNDERS b. 5 Apr. 1895;39 m.1. Mrs. Flora Lily
   HALBROOKS 7 Nov. 1925;57 m.2. Eddith BARTON;41 d. 6 Apr. 1970,
   bur. Show Low Cem., Show Low, Navaho Co., AZ54

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