The last will and Testament of William Saunders
  In the name of God Amen!
  I William Saunders of the County of Davie in the State of North Carolina
do make, ordain, and publish this my last will and testament in form and
substance as follows to wit.
  1st I will my body to the dust from whence it came, to be decently
burried according my circumstances and the wishes of my surviving friends
and my funeral expences to be paid by my Executor (herein after named)
out the first monies that come in to their hands as my Executors.
  2nd I will that all my just debts of whatever discription be paid by my
Executors so soon as they met get the funds to do so.
  3rd I will to my beloved wife my plantation on which I now live containing
one hundred acres more or less during her natural life or while she remains
my widow.  I also Give to my beloved wife Sally all my stock and household
furniture and all my personal property of every discreption (except such
as may be here after named) during her natural life or widowhood and all
the money on hand (after my debts are paid) and also all the notes and claims
I had of every kind to collected by my Executors and the money, after my
debts are paid and such other sums as I may hereafter name to be paid over
to my said wife Sally.
  4th I will and bequeath to my two sons Jacob and John my plantation on which
I live of which they shall be possessed after the death of my said wife Sally.
  5th I will to my son William Forty dollars in money to be paid to him
by my Executors as soon as they get it in hand.
  6th I will to my daughters Elizabeth and Jincy one cow and one feather
bed and furniture to each one, or their value in money.
  7th I will that after the death of my wife Sally my Executors sell all my
estate remaining in her possession, which I have willed to her in trust, and
make an equal division of it among all my children including what they have
had given to them in advance and what I now will them, and I wish it
distinctly understood that I want all my children, namely Adam, James,
Jacob, William & John Saunders and Susan Vestal, Polly Warker (sic),
Elizabeth & Jincy Saunders, to share equally of my estate Jacob & John
taking the land at two hundred dollars and all the rest who have received
property or money in advance to account honestly for it to my Executors
and then all to be made equal if there is enough to make them so.
  Finally I appoint my verry worthy friend Jacob Sheek and my son William
Saunders my Executors of this my last will and I hereby revoke and declare
all wills heretofore by me made void and of no effect. In witness where of
I hereunto set my hand and seal the 20th day of July 1843. Signed sealed
and Published In presence of 
Frs. A. Ward				his
       his          		William  X Saunders
Thomas  X Smith				mark

North Carolina		February Term 1846
Davie County
I hereby certify that the execution of the foregoing will was duly proved
in open Court by the oath of F. A. Ward one of the subscribing witnesses
and was ordered to be Recorded. C Harbin, Clk


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