The ancestry of John HOSKINS of Guilford County, North Carolina
is uncertain.  Through the years, three major thoughts as to his
identity have been given by different researchers.  All those
list his ancestry as from Chester Co., PA.  In order, those
theories were:
1. John born about 1727, son of Stephen HOSKINS and Sarah WARNER.1
2. John born 24 day, 12th month 1699 [1700] brother of Stephen.
3. A John born say 1725, son of John in #2.

The first of these, that John of Guilford County, NC was the son of
Stephen HOSKINS is easily disproved.  This John was named in the 1769
will of his uncle Joseph Hoskins as his residuary heir, and was stated
to be living at Burlington,2 [New Jersey]. This John HOSKINS
died at Burlington 27 day, 3 mo. 1814, age 87.3

For the second theory that John of Guilford County was the John born
24 day 12 month 1699 [1700], there are the following problems.  This
man appeared as late as 1737/8 in the Uwchland, Chester Co., PA tax lists
as a "freeman," which means that he was unmarried.  That the sons of John
of Guilford County, those sons being Joseph, Arnold and Moses were not
born until the 1750s at the earliest, starting a family at about age 50,
while not impossible, would be unusual.

The next problem is that when John first moved to Guilford County, as "John
HUSKEN," he was a chain carrier on 12 Nov. 1778 for the survey of 200 acres for 
Bennett BRADFORD.4 Again, it would be unusual for a 78 (almost 79)
year old man to be a chaing carrier.

The third theory is that John born in 1699/1700 had a son John born about
1725. The problems with that are that John HOSKINS that was a "freeman"
[meaning he was unmarried] as early as 1735 in "Uwclan" [Uwchlan] Township,5
and still listed as the same in 1737.6 If this was the elder John
born 1699/1700, then he was unmarried, so he could not have had a child about
1725.  If this was a son of John, then to be at least age 21 in 1735, he would
have been born by 1714, when the elder John was only age 14.

That said, the most likely possibilty is #2.

Mr. HODGKINSON had children:
1. John HODGKINSON b. about 1650; m. Mary;49,50 d. 1698
   Chester Co., PA.50
2. Frances HODGKINSON living 1695;50

John HOSKINS49 and Mary49 had children:
1. John HOSKINS49,50 b. 12 day, 4 month 1677 Frodsham, Cheshire, England;49
   m. 31 day, 8 month, 1698 Ruth ATKINSON;51 d. 26 day 8 month 1716;44
2. Hannah HOSKINS50 m. 31 day, 8 month, 1698 Charles Whitacer51

John Hoskins and Ruth ATKINSON had children:
1. John HOSKINS47 b. 24 day 12 month 1699;44 m. Hannah (ELLIS)?; 
   d. 19 May 1780,7 and 2 June 1784,8 Guilford Co., NC
2. Stephen HOSKINS46,47 b. 18 day 12 month 1701/2;44; m. Sarah46
3. George HOSKINS b. 8 day 8 month 1703;44 d. before 1723;47
4. Joseph HOSKINS46,47 b. 30 day 4 month 1705; m. Jane FENN 26 day 8 month 1738;45
   d. 6 Jan. to 21 July 1773 Chester Co., PA48
5. Mary HOSKINS46,47 b. 1 day 8 month 1707;44; m. John MATHER46

John HOSKINS1 married Hannah (ELLIS?)
John died between 19 May 17807 and 2 June 17848 Guilford Co., NC.
On the latter date for his marriage, Moses HOSKINS was stated to be
the son of John HOSKINS deceased and his wife Hannah.

John8 and Hannah8 were the parents of:
1. Joseph HOSKINS12 b. say 1751 PA; m. Hannah10 EVANS 20 Oct. 1773;9
   d. between 24 July10 and 20 Aug. 1799 Guilford Co., NC13
2. Arnold HOSKINS b. PA; m. Elesebeth -?-;11 d. between 10 June 1797;11 and
   19 Nov. 1799 Guilford Co., NC14
3. Moses HOSKINS8 b. 1763 PA;15 m. Ruth HODSON 2nd day 6th month 1784;8
   d. 4 Oct. 1839, bur. Dillon Cem., (near) Dillon, Tazwell Co., Illinois15

Joseph HOSKINS and Hannah EVANS had children:
1. Elizabeth10,16 "Betsey"14 HOSKINS b. ca. 1776 Guilford Co., NC;16
   William DENNIS 15 Sep. 1800;18 d. 1857 Guilford Co., NC17
2. John HOSKINS10 b. ca. 1780 Guilford Co., NC;19,20 m. Mary "Polly" -?-;21
   d. 14 Oct. 1853 Guilford Co., NC, bur. New Garden Friends Cemetery, Greensboro,
   Guilford, North Carolina, United States20
3. Hannah HOSKINS10 b. ca. 1783; Caleb JESSOP 27 July 1803;18
   d. 1840-1850 Guilford Co., NC
4. Eli HOSKINS10 b. 4 July 1785;22 m.1. Amy21/Emma24 GOSSETT; Sarah SWAIN
   22 Nov. 1836;18 d. 2 June 1852;22 bur. New Garden Friends Cem., Greensboro,
   Guilford Co., NC22
5. Ann HOSKINS10 b. 10 July 1788;21,23 m.1. Jesse BALES/BEALS ca. 1809;21 m.2.
   Elias JESSOP23 5day 7mo 1820;21 d. 20 Mar. 1875, bur. Spiceland, Henry Co., Ind.23
6. Joseph HOSKINS10; Sally HOBBS 18 Nov. 1819;18
7. Mary HOSKINS10 b. ca. 1795;52 Fleet W.52 HUNT 5 Oct. 1819;18 living 1850;52
8. Ellis HOSKINS10 b. 1796; m. bond 4 Dec. 1821;18 m. 6 Dec. 1821
   Sarah "Sally" McCUISTON;25 d. 17 Mar. 1873 Guilford Battleground;25
   bur. Guilford Cem., Guilford Co., NC1

Ellis HOSKINS posted a bastardy bond for a child with Sally BENBOW on 21 May 1818.26
She later had a marriage bond on 21 Jan. 1826 with John HARRISON.18
Ellis HOSKINS and Sally BENBOW had child born in Guilford County.
1. Carver BENBOW29 b. 1 Dec. 1817;28 m. Lucinda RUBOTTOM 7 Mar.29 (17 Sep.)28 1841;
   d. 28 Nov. 1893, Pomeroy, Garfield Co., WA28

Ellis HOSKINS posted a bastardy bond for a child with Rhoda COVEY on 19 May 1820.27
She later married Leven IRELAND, they having a marriage bond on 13 Dec. 1820.18

Ellis HOSKINS and Sarah "Sally" McCUISTON had children:
1. Jesse Evans HOSKINS b. 27 Oct. 1822;30 m. Theodosia MOSBY 17 Apr. 1851;31
   d. 9 Sep. 1872 Versailles, Woodford Co., KY, bur. Versailles Cemetery30
2. James F. HOSKINS b. 19 July 1824;33 m. Mary A. GIBBS 11 Apr. 1854;32 d. 22 Oct. 1886,
   bur. Smith Grove Cem., Davie Co., NC33
3. Isabella A. HOSKINS b. ca. 1826;37 m. George J. SMITH 5 Feb. 1856;18 living 186037

James F. HOSKINS and Mary A. GIBBS had children:
1. Minnie Elizabeth HOSKINS b. 7 July 1865;35 m. John Henry SAUNDERS 1234/14 Sep. 1881;35 
   d. 26 Nov. 1927,35 Anthony, Dona Ana Co., NM;36 bur. Evergreen Cem.,
   El Paso Co., TX
2. John Joseph HOSKINS b. 10 Jan. 1872;38,40,41 m.1. Lilia Virginia HENDRIX;39
   22 Mar. 1896;42 m.2. Josephine Howell43 ETCHESON 30 Jan. 1900;34 d. 12 June 1957
   Canutillo, El Paso Co., TX;40,41 bur. Mountain View Cem., Prescott,
   Yavapai Co., AZ41
3-7. five other children died young38

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