If you are a male THOMAS descended from this family, to date no one has DNA tested
from this line. If you are interested in testing, and in knowing how DNA may
help identify earlier generations, please contact me.

John THOMAS b. before 1766;1 died between 7 Aug. 18202 and 31 Aug. 1821
   Rowan (now Davie) Co., NC when administration was granted on his estate
   to John Etchison with Thomas Oaks as his security.3
Nancy -?-, d. between 23 Nov. 1821 when the dower of Nancy "TAYLOR" in the
   lands of John THOMAS was to be laid off4 and 28 Feb. 1822 Rowan (now Davie)
   Co., NC when administration was granted on the estate of Nancy THOMAS
   to John Etchison with James Cavender and Basil Gaither as his bondsmen.5
Children born in Rowan (now Davie) Co:
1. John6 THOMAS living 1823 Iredell Co., NC6
2. James6 THOMAS living 18236
3. Susannah6 THOMAS b. ca. 17909; m.bond George LONGWITH6 21 Jan. 1824;7
   living 185027
4. Ellendor6 THOMAS b. 1790-1794; m.bond David HARRIS6 17 Aug. 1819;7
   d. 18408-185029 Davie Co., NC
5. Lewis6 THOMAS b. ca. 1793;23 m.bond Pinky LONGWITH 11 Sep. 18237;
   d. 186224 to 1863 Monroe Co., KY25
6. Elijah6 THOMAS b. ca. 1795; m.bond Elizabeth "Betsy" BLACK 18 Oct.
   1823;7 d. 1880;10 bur. Hunting Creek, Davie Co., NC10
7. Additional child? The above 6 in 1823 sold their rights in the undivided
   tract of John THOMAS, each share being the "seventh part of said tract."6

Elijah THOMAS and Elizabeth ADAMS (not married) had child born about
1823.11 (Is this Elijah, below???)

Biographical information on Elijah Thomas.

Elijah THOMAS and Elizabeth BLACK had children born in (now) Davie
   Co., NC
1. Elijah10 THOMAS
2. Mary "Polly"10 C.26 THOMAS b. ca. 1825;28 m. Elijah BARNEYCASTLE;10 living
   188012 to 1900.
3. Nancy10,13 J. THOMAS b. 10 Sep. 1826;14 m. William SAUNDERS;10,13 d. 13 Feb.
   1879;14 bur. Smith Grove Methodist Church Cem., Davie Co., NC14
4. Elizabeth10 S. THOMAS b. ca. 1829;31 m. John SAUNDERS;10 d. shortly
   before 18 Mar. 1891, Smith Grove, Davie Co., NC15
5. Frances10 Ellis30 THOMAS b. 19 Nov. 1830;16 m. William Alfonso CARTNER
   28 July 1859;17 d. 3 May 1900;16 bur. Salem Church Cem., Davie Co., NC16
6. Evan10 Jackson THOMAS b. 12 Dec. 1832;18,20 m. Laura RICE 3 Oct. 1859;17
   d. 19 Apr. 188918,20 Iredell Co., NC; bur. Mount Bethal United Meth.
   Church Cem., Iredell Co., NC22
7. David9 H. THOMAS b. ca. 1837;9 m. Margaret Jane CARTNER 29 Dec. 1858;17
   living 186019
8. John9 B.36 THOMAS b. ca. 1839;9 m. Sarah Elizabeth (PARKS)35 STUART 29 Aug. 1865;21
   d. 188032 to 1900;33 probably buried Fork Baptist Church, Mocksville, Davie Co., NC34 
9. Daniel9,17 William THOMAS b. 11 Jan. 1841; m. Mary Adaline WALKER
   28 July 1869;17 living 188012
10.Emanuel9 Shober36 THOMAS b. ca. 1844;9 living 186019

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