If you are a male SHICK, SHEEK, or SHEEKS descended from this family, to date no one
has y-DNA tested from this line. If you are interested in testing, and in knowing how DNA
may help identify earlier generations, please contact me.

Christian SHICK was in Berks County, PA by 2 January 1753 when he had a warrant for 75 acres
of land in Maxataway Township.41 Part of the land (34 1/2 acres) was surveyed in 1811 for
Henry Ludwig in Longswamp Township.42 Another 35.8 acres was surveyed in 1828 for Henry
Meitler in Longswamp Township.43

Some reserachers believed he was the Christian Scheitt who arrived in Philadelphia on 
10 Sep. 1753 on the ship "Beulah."44 As he had a land warrant on 2 Jan. 1753,
he could not be the person who arrived in September 1753.

Christian SCHICK/SHEEK living 14 Aug. 1797;1 married Catharina Rosina2
  who was living 1824 Wayne Co., KY3 
  They had children:
1. Christian SHICK b. 24 Apr. 1756 PA;4 m. Mary4 (BACHMAN)5,38 SHAFER6;
   d. 9 Feb. 1829;4 bur. Christ Church Cem., Stone Church,
   Upper Mt. Bethel Twp., Northampton Co., PA4
2. Johan Adam SHEEK b. 9 Mar. 17617 Richmond Twp., Berks Co., 
   PA;2 m. Susanna7 MOULDER/MOLER;8 d. 28 June 18327,17 Rowan (now Davie)
   Co., NC
3. Magadelena SCHICK b. 11 Feb. 1765 Richmond Twp., Berks Co., PA2
4. Maria SHEEKS b. 24 May 1767 Richmond Twp., Berks Co., PA;2 m.bond
   4 Feb. 17869 Martin BRIDGEFARMER9 (BRÜCKBAUER)10; d. 3 Oct. 185811 KY?
   or IN?
5. Georg David SHEEKS b. 11 Aug. 1769 Richmond Twp., Berks Co.,
   PA;2 m.bond Elizabeth HOWARD 18 Jan. 1790;9 died between
   9 July 1836 and 4 Sep. 1837 Obion Co., TN12
6. Fridrich SCHICK b. 1 Mar. 1772 Richmond Twp., Berks Co., PA2
7. George3 SHEEKS b. 113/1132 [calculated] June 1774;13 m. Elizabeth CANOTE37
   6 Feb. 1800;13,36 d. 30 Jan. 1843,13,32 bur. Sheeks Cem.,32 near Mitchell,
   Lawrence Co., Indiana14
8. Catherine3 SHEEKS b. say 1776; m.1 Henry BUTLER;15 m.2.bond John
   TURNER15,28 9 Sep. 1805;16 d. 1842 Fannin Co., TX39

The descendants of Christian, Jr. generally use the surname SHICK, those of Adam
usually use SHEEK, and those of David and George usually SHEEKS.

Adam SHEEK and Susanna MOULDER had children born in Rowan (now) Davie
  Co., NC:
1. Sarah "Sally" SHEEK b. 12 Nov. 1785;7,17 m. William SAUNDERS;19 d. 21 Sep.
   186717 Davie Co., NC20
2. George SHEEK b. 26 Oct. 1787;7,17,18,40 m.bond.1 Margaret "Peggy" CALL 
   22 Nov. 1809;21 m.2 Mary22,35 "Polly"30 (MOCK)21,30,35 RIDDLE22,35 3 Apr. 1841;22
   m.bond.3. Elizabeth (-?-) CARVER 8 Nov. 1848;45 widow of Joseph CARVER31
   d. 1218,40/1317 Mar. 1867 bur. Macedonia Moravian God's Acre Cem.,
   Davie Co., NC18,40
3. Christian SHEEK b. 15 Jan. 1790;7,17 m.bond.1 Caty JONES 1 May 1811;21
   m.bond.2. Elizbeth ALLEN 23 May 1849;45 m.3. Elizabeth PENDRY
   12 Jan. 1860;24 d. 23 Nov. 186817 Yadkin Co., NC23
4. John SHEEK b. 47,17/610 Sep. 1792; m.1. prior to 1822 Nancy;25
   m.2.bond Winney HARRISON 14 Feb. 1829;21 d. 11 Oct. 186917
   or 1872 (year only given);18 bur. Smith Grove United Methodist
   Church Cem., Davie Co., NC18
5. Jacob SHEEK b. 4 June 1795;7,17,18,34 m.bond.1. Sarah SAIN 8 Oct. 1817;21
   d. 13 June 1884;17,18,34 bur. Smith Grove United Methodist Church Cem.,
   Davie Co., NC18,34
6. William SHEEK b. 3 Mar. 1798;7,17,18,33 never married; d. 17 Feb. 1840;17,18,33
   bur. Whitaker Meeting House Church Cem., Davie Co., NC18,33
7. Adam SHEEK b. 24 Oct. 1801;7,17 m.bond.1 Jemima (nee SPARKS)21 FULTS21
   12 Sep. 1823;21 m.2. Charlotte (nee COLLIER) GOODNIGHT DAUGHERTY26
   14 Dec. 1852;26 d. 1895/6 TX29
8. Mary "Polly"7,17 SHEEK b. 1 June 1804;7,17 m.bond Solomon M. WINCHELL 17 Mar.
   1821;21 d. 25 Mar. 1864;27 bur. Foutch Cem., Isabel Twp., Fulton Co., IL27
9. Daniel SHEEK b. 12 June 1807;7,17 d. Feb. 182217 [now] Davie Co., NC

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