William Clevely
In the name of god Amen the xxth day of October in the yere of
our Lord 1572 I Willm. Cliveley of Sandhurste the hyred servant
of Willm. Sherey of the same parishe in the countie of the citie of 
Glouc beinge weake & diseased in bodie & not wthstandinge beinge
stronge in minde & of good & perfict memorie, do make this my last
will & testament in maner & forme folowinge. Firste I willinglye
& with a free harte render & geve againe into the hands of mythe
Lorde my god my sprite & soule & as concerninge my bodye wth lyke
good will I geve it over comendinge yt unto the yearthe whereof yt
came. Imprimis I geve & bequeythe to Jhon Roberts my brother in lawe
xxs Itm I geve to Elizabeth Roberts the wyfe of Jhon Roberts
xiijs. Itm I geve to Edwarde Roberts the eldest sonne
of Jhon Roberts xiijs 4d Also I geve & bequeith to Jhon Roberts
his second sonne xiiys 4d Itm I geve to Richarde Roberts the
thirde son of Jhon Roberts xiijs 4d Also I bequeyth & geve
to Margaret his daughter xiijs iiijd Itm I geve to Johan Roberts
his seconde daughter xiijs 4d Itm I geve to Anne his daughter
xiijs iiijd Itm I geve & bequethe to my sister Johan xxs
To my sister Margaret Also I geve xxs and fyve spinninge
pounds of woolle which are at Willm Taskers of Twigworthe Also I
geve to my sister Katherin xxs & two of my ewes morevoer
I geve to Jhon Watkins the sonne of Willm Watkins on[e] ewe
Also to Willm his second sonne I geve on[e] ewe Itm I geve and 
bequeith his sonne Walter on[e] sheephogge Also to Richarde his
sonne I geve on[e] sheephogge Itm I geve to Elizabeth Gregorie
for her paines takinge with me in my sicness two sheephoggs
All the rest of my goods unbequeithed I geve & bequeith to 
Willm Sherey my mr who I make my onlye executor of
this my last will And I assigne & apointe him to demand
and receave all my detts & to see these my requestes trulye
& faithfullye fullfilled & performed wittnesses to this my Last
will are Willm Watkins & Jhon Roberts
Debtts due unto me
Impremus Jhon Harbatt of Twigworthe oweth me ten pounds
as by a bill of his hande more plainlie doth appeare.
Thomas Bysshoppe of Hatherley oweth me xxiiis viijd
Walter Churche of Sandhurste oweth me xvis  iiiid


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