Die Jouis 24 Septembris
Came William Burgess of Ann Arundell County Gent. and Exhibited the last Will and
Testament of George Puddington Late of the Same County deceased requesting to have
the Same by the Wittnesses to the Same Subscribed proved, Where upon the Judge
here Required the said William Burgess one of the wittnesses to the Testament and
John Broome one other of the wittnesses to the said Will to give their testimony who
there upon being Sworn, upon the Evangelists Say that they were present and did See
the Said Puddington Sign Seal and publish the said Testament and that at the time of the
publishing the said Testament he the said Puddington was of a Sound disposing mind
wherefore the said Judge ordered the said Testament to be Recorded which Testament
followeth in these words (Viz)

In the name of God Amen
The fifteenth day of August in the year of our Lord God One Thousand six hundred
Seaventy and four, I George Puddington of South River in Ann Arundell County in the
Province of Maryland being Some what weake in Body but of good and perfect memory
(Thanks be given to God) and Calling to mind the frail and uncertain Estate of this
Transitory Life and that all flesh must yield unto Death when it shall please God to Call Do
make Constitute & ordain and Declare this my Last Will and Testament in manner and
form following Revoaking and adnulling by these presents all and Every Testamt will
and wills heretofore by me made and declared either by word or wryting and this is to be
taken only for my Last Will and Testament and none other and first being penitent and
Sorry from the bottom of my heart for my Sins past most humbly desireing forgiveness
for the Same, I Committ my Soul to God who gave it and by the only Merritts of the
Lord Jesus my Savior and Redeemer I trust to be Saved and to have full Remission and
forgiveness of all my Sins and my body to the Earth to be buried in Such decent manner
and place where it Shall please my Executor hereafter name to appoint and now for the
Settling of my Temporall Estate and Such Goods Chattells and Debts as it hath pleased
God far above my Deserts to bestow upon me I do order give and dispose the Same in
manner and form following:
     That is to Say, Imprimis I will that those Debts and Duties as I owe in Right or
Conscience to any manner of person or persons whatsoever shall be well & truly
Contented and paid within Convenient time after my Decease by my Executor hereafter
     Item my will is that if two of my near Relacons my Brother or Sisters Children their
name not known by me do Come into this ountry within Two Years time from the Date
here of that their and Each of their passage be paid and fully satisfied out of my Estate
which I freely give them.  Also I give unto Each of them if they Come into this Country
Tenn Thousand Pounds of Tobacco to be likewise paid out of my Estate within Twelve
months next after my Decease.
     Item I do by these present freely and Clearly acquitt Exonerate and Discharge my
Loving Son in Law Robert Franklin his heirs Executors and Admrs from all Dues Debts
and Demands whatsoever due at anytime or times unto me from the beginning of the
world unto the day of the Date hereof.
     Item I give and bequeath unto George Burgess Wm Burgess and Susanna Burgess
Sons & Daughters to Capt Wm Burgess fifty Shillings Sterling a piece to buy Each of
them a peece of plate to be delivered unto them and Each of Them in twelve months time
after my Decease.
     Item I give & bequeath unto my kinsman James Chilsott one able Servant or the
vallue thereof in Tobacco to be paid within twelve months next after my decease.
    Item I give and bequeath unto my Kinsman Augustin Skinner one Cow to be delivered
unto him withing twelve months next after my decease.
     Item I give and bequeath unto Each of my Son Richard Beards Children which are
now Liveing Twenty Shillings Sterl. a piece to be delivered unto Each of them within
twelve months next after my decease.
     Item I give and bequeath unto Each of my Grand Son Neal Clarks Children which
are now Liveing Twenty Shilling Sterling a piece to be Delivered unto Each of them
within Twelve months next after my Decease.
     Item I give and bequeath unto my Loving wife Jane Puddington fourty Pounds
Sterling per annum for her maintenance during her natural Life to be paid at Such time
and place yearly in London as she shall think most meet or Else Eight Thousand Pounds
of Tobacco per annum to be paid in this Countrey according to her orders provided she
Renounce and disclaim all the Right Title Interest She hath by the Law Either in my
personall or Reall Estate and deliver the Same up to my Execr when required, my will
also is that if any of the above mentioned Legatees depart this Life before the time of
their Seals and Respective payments that then the Said Legacyes of the Parties So
Deceasing Return unto my heir or Executor hereafter named Ulto I give and bequath
unto Edward Burgess Son to Capt Wm Burgesse his heir and assignes for Ever
all the remaining part of my Estate both Reall and Personall and Do nominate Constitute
and appoint him the Said Edward Burgesse to be the Sole Executor of this my Will:
In Testimony whereof I have here unto Sett and putt my hand and Seal the day and year
above written.
Signed Sealed & published                               George Puddington   Sealed
in th presence of us            his
Nath. Heathcoate           Willme    Laus
Charity Stone		        mark
John Broome	Wm Burgesse

And on the back of the aforesaid Last Will and Testamt was thus written Septeber 24th
Wm Burgesse and John Broome two of the Witnesses to the will of George Puddington
of Ann Arundell County Deceased made oath that they Saw the Said Puddington Sign
Seal and publish this as his Last Will and Testament and that he was at the time of the
publishing of the Said Will of a sound disposing mind.  Philip Calvert
But for as much as the said Wm Burgesse is one of the witnesses to the Said Testament
and that the Executor in the Said Testament named is one of the Sons of the said Wm
and at this time absent out of this province the Judge herefurther ordered that Commission
do issue out of this Court here to Thomas Tailer one of his Lordships Councell in this
Province to prove the Said will and then to Deliver Letters of admcon of the Goods
Chattells Rights and Credits of the Said Deceased with the will annexed to the said Wm
Burgesse to the onely use and behoof of the Said Edward Burgess his Sonn, the Executor
in the will named and that the Said Wm. Burgess take the oath of admr and give Bond
in one hundred Thousand Pounds of Tobacco for his due admcon of the Said Goods
Chattells Rights and Credits of the Said Deceased and that Nathl Heathcoate Robert
Franklin and Thomas Francis be appraisers of the Said Goods Chattells Rights and
Creditts and that the Said Thomas Tailer do Swear the Said appraisers and the Said
Wm Burgess took the Oath of admr immediately and Likewise gave Bond upon his
Said admcon and the Said Commission Letters of admcon Warrts to appraisers and
to Swear them issued under the Seal of this office immediately.


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