In the name of God amen I Morris Veale of the County of Westmoreland
and Washington Parish, being very Sick and weak of body but of Perfect mind
& memory make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form
following Revoking all other Wills and Testaments by me formerly made Viz
   Imprimis I give and bequath my immortal Soul unto the hands of my maker
& Redeemer from whence I received the same, and my body I Committ to my
Mother Earth of which it was formed and made to be decently intered at the
discression of my Exrs or Extx hereafter named and as to my worldly Goods
I give and beguath in manner form as followeth Viz 
   Secondly I give and bequath my Land and plantation I now live upon to be
equally devided betwixt my three Sons, Morris, John and William to be possessed
by them when they shall arrive at the respective age of 21, unless my Wife shall
happen to marry then it it my will my said Sons shall be of Age at 16 years
---, otherwise, if she Continue a Widow to live work and remain with her
untill they arrive at the full age of 21, and in case of Mortality of any
of my three Sons aforesaid the Survivor or Survivors to Possess and enjoy
what is here given.
   3rdly Item It is my Will that my daughter Amey have and Possess those
two cows which are now called hers, with their increase, and also one
gray horse to be delivered at the day of her marriage, both and what
household goods my Executors shall give at her Marriage I commit the
same to her motherly Prudence.
   4thly I give and bequath unto my Daughter Elenor two cows and one mare
with their future Increase, to be delivered her also at the day of her
Marriage, and for household Goods I leave it to the discression of my
loving Wife & Extx.
   5thly It is my will my Daughter Mary have and enjoy these four head
of Cattle which now goeth by the name of hers, they with all their future
Increase to be delivered her at the day of her marriage, and as to the
remaining part of my Personall estate, I wholy committ it to the donation
and discression of my loving Wife & Extx.
   6thly It is my Will my loving Wife Dorothy bee my whole and sole Extx
of this my last Will and Testament.
   7thly It is my will and desire that my loving friends & neighbors
Darby Sullivant, Richard Hencock and Toias Butler be Trustees & overseers
of this my last Will & Testament, to see it performed for the good and
benefit of my Children, and for the greater ease of Sd Wife & Extx.
   8thly it is my Will my Son Morris & son John have each of them have a
Gun which are now in my house & possession.  In Confirmation whereof of
the before recited premises, and of every article therein Contained I
have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 3rd day of October
ana Dom 1695.
					Morris Veale
Witness were James Taylor and Richard Hancock
The will was proved 29 July 1696 by both witnesses.


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