Johann Henrich Wä˙dmann as he signed his name arrived 30 Nov. 1750 on 
the Sandwich at Philadelphia.1 He was in Granville Co., NC by 1759 until
1777; in Wilkes Co., GA by 1778; ca. 1783 to Abbeville Dist., SC (now
McCormick Co., SC).2 He died between 25 June 1803 when his will was written and
19 Nov. 1806 when there was a charge on his estate for making a coffin.4

By tradition Henry had two wives, the first being Mary Obendorf who died
on the trip from Germany in 1761 (sic) and was buried on the Atlantic Ocean,
and the second being Mary Taloon/Teulon of the French Colony at Bordeaux,
(now) McCormick Co., SC. By tradition only Adam was by the first wife, and
the other children by the second wife. 

The traditions of his marriages do not fit the known facts, in that he
arrived 11 years earlier than when his first wife was supposed to have died
and his son Adam was to have been born.  Tradition also had him settling
immediately in SC. As records show he did not move from NC until about 1778,
after most of his children were born, it is doubtful he married a TEULON/TALOON from SC.

From his son Thomas' Revolutionary War pension declaration, much is known about
Henry's residences. Thomas stated he was age 77 on 22 Dec. 1839 [born 23 Dec. 1762]
in Granville County, North Carolina. 
At about age 12 [ca. 1775] moved with his father to Abbeville District, SC for 3 years
At about age 15 [ca. 1778] moved with his father to Wilkes County, Georgia, for 5 years.
At about 20 [ca. 1783] moved with his father back to Abbeville District.2

A timeline of records of Henry:
19 December 1759 as John Henry Wideman on he entered 600 acres of land in Granville Co., NC
   on Adcocks Creek. A warrant was issued the same day for Thomas Person to survey the land.58 
21 August 1760 the survey was done with chain carriers Frederick Peck and Jno Michael Redwine.59
25 July 1761 as John Henry Wideman he received the grant of 570 acres on both sides of Adcock’s
   Creek on Redwine’s and Lewis’ lines59
12 May 1762 John Henry Wideman sold 196 acres of this grant to Nicholas Hostin.60
9 Oct. 1769 Nicholas Holstein named "loving friends" Henry Wideman and William Ogilvie as
1769 Granville Co. tax list as Henry Widemon with 1 white tithe.62
1771 Henry Widman a member of Granville Co. militia.63
25 Aug. 1774 Nicholas Holstein inventory by William Ogilvie and Henry Wideman, executors.64
Nov. 1774 Return of sale of estate of Nicholas Holstein. Henry Wideman purchased a warping
   box and bars, four knives, four forks, a heifer, a handkerchief, an ax, a dear skin,
   benches, one bottle of ink, one book, and one bedstead.65
7 February 1775 “John Bradford Tho’s Bradford William Champion William Wilkerson Harris Gillam
  George Priddy Henry Widemon John Henderson Thomas Banks lay out a Road form near Tho’s Bradfords
  out of Tarborough Road the most best and Convenient way by John Hookers leading towards Munns
  store to Wake County line.”66
9 Mar. 1776 John Henry Wideman sold the remaining 374 acres of his 570 acre Granville Co., NC,
  grant to Robert Allison Jr. Signed in German with clerk's rendition as Johann Heinrich Weidemann.
  The wife of Henry [not named] relinquished her right of dower.67
22 Oct. 1778 the Wilkes Co., GA will of John Coleman mentioned the tract of land where
   Henry Wideman was settled.68
21 Apr. 1778 Wilkes Co., GA, Henry Wideman an appraiser of estate of John Coleman.68
18 Sep. 1784 Wilkes Co., GA Henry Wideman grant 200 acres.69
21 Jan. 1785 South Carolina, Henry Wideman grant of 200 acres on Buffalow Branch near
   Hillsborough Township.70
4 July 1785 South Carolina, Henry Wideman grant for 79 acres in District 96, south of 
  the Saluda River on the Little River of Savannah.71
29 July 1785 Wilkes Co., GA, Henry Wideman grant of 350 acres.72
8 Nov. 1785 Wilkes Co., GA, Henry Wideman and wife Mary sold the 350 acre grant.73
6 Feb. 1786 South Carolina, Henry Wideman grant 224 acres in Abbeville [District],
  on Buffaloe Creek waters of Little River74
7 May 1787 South Carolina, Henry Wideman grant 370 acres in District 96 on south
  fork of Buffao Creek, Waters of Little River, adjacent to Charles Taloon and said
  Wideman's land.75
1790 Elbert Co., GA, created from Wilkes County.
31 Dec. 1790 Henry Wideman and wife Mary of Abbeville Co., SC, sold 200 acres in 
   Elbert Co., GA, to Edward Walthall.5
1800 Abbeville Co., SC census. Mary was probably deceased before this census.6
28 June 1803 Henry Wideman will, Abbeville Co., SC.4

Children of Henry WIDEMAN:
1. Adam WIDEMAN4,11 b. ca. 1758 (1761 according to cemetery inscription);
   m. Millie HARRIS7 ca. 1785; d. 1842 Abbeville Co., SC, bur.
   Wideman-Harris-Wilks Cem., McCormick Co., SC8
2. Francis WIDEMAN4,11 b. ca. 1760 Granville Co., NC; wife's name unknown;9
   had no children that survived as his brothers and sisters were
   his heirs;11 d. before 1826 Jefferson Co., MO10
3. Thomas WIDEMAN4,11 b. 22 Dec. 1762 Granville Co., NC;2 m.1. ?;2 m.2. -?-2
   COX; m.3. -?-;2 died between 14 Jan.2 and 13 Oct. 1840 Jackson Co., 
4. Lucy WIDEMAN4,11 b. ca. 1764 Granville Co., NC; m. John12 PRUITT4,11,12; d. MO
   (had son James DAVIS,4 a free Negro, prior to marriage to PRUITT)
5. Elizabeth WIDEMAN4,11 b. ca. 1766 Granville Co., NC; m.1. James COUCH;4
   m.2. Elijah13 BENTON4,11,13; d. MO
6. Leonard WIDEMAN4,11 b. 4 July 1768,14 Granville Co., NC; m. Savil15 HANVEY16;
   d. 6 Oct. 1831, bur. Wideman Cem., McCormick Co., SC14
7. John WIDEMAN4,11 b. ca. 1770; m. Polly;17 d. between 4 June17 and
   17 Sep. 1822 Jefferson Co., MO18
8. Sarah "Sally" WIDEMAN4,11 b. ca. 1772 Granville Co., NC; m. Charles19 
   PRUITT4,11; d. MO
9. Clarissa WIDEMAN4,11 b. ca. 1774,21 Granville Co., NC21; m. John20 WILSON11;
   living 1850 Jefferson Co., MO21
10. Mark WIDEMAN4,11 b. ca. 1776;22 d. before 1826 Jefferson Co., MO23
11. Jacob WIDEMAN4,11 b. ca. 1778; m. Sarah;25 d. between 1 June 1840,24 and
    11 Nov. 1842 Jefferson Co., MO25

Leonard WIDEMAN and Savil HANVEY had children, all born Abbeville 
   Dist., SC
1. Francis WIDEMAN15 b. ca. 1789;26 m. Nancy;26 d. between 9 Sep. 1852,27 and
   20 Nov. 1858 Jefferson Co., MO28
2. Henry WIDEMAN15 b. July 1792;29 m. Kezia HELLEN 30 Dec. 1837;30
   d. 19 July 1839, bur. Coats Cem., Sumter Co., AL29
3. Leonard WIDEMAN15 b. 1 Apr. 1796;32 m. Sarah Carson PATTERSON 24 Dec. 1818;33
   d. 10 Dec. 1847 SC32
4. Katherine WIDEMAN15 b. ca. 1797;34 m. Meredith WIDEMAN;15 living 1858
   Jefferson Co.,  MO35
5. Samuel WIDEMAN15 b. ca. 1798; living 1837,15
6. Susannah "Sooky" WIDEMAN;15 b. ca. 1803;57 m. Joseph MOSELY15 
   23 Dec. 1818;31 living 1850.57
7. Lucy WIDEMAN;15 b. ca. 1806;36 m. Joseph A. M. DEVALL15; living 1870.37
8. Edward WIDEMAN15 b. 13 Feb. 1809;38 m.1. Betsey FARRAR;38 m.2. -?- -?-;38
   m.3. Adeline ELKINS 31 Jan. 1844;39 d. 28 Nov. 1881 Sumter Co., AL38

Francis WIDEMAN and Nancy had children:
1. James Leonard WIDEMAN40,41 b. ca. 1812,41 Abbeville Dist., SC; m. 
   Jemima40,41,43,44 HERRINGTON43,44; living 1875 Jefferson Co., MO45
2. Francis Wesley46 WIDEMAN b. ca. 1814 Abbeville Dist., SC; m. Mary46 
   Ann46 WHITE;47 d. between 26 Oct. and 15 Nov. 1847 Jefferson Co., MO46
3. Lucinda WIDEMAN40 b. 20 June 1817,49 Abbeville Dist., SC; m. Joshua
   HERRINGTON;48 d. 1 Jan. 1874, bur. Herrington Cem., Jefferson Co., MO49
4. Matilda WIDEMAN40 b. ca. 1819 Abbeville Dist., SC;50 m.1. Justus 
   GAMBLE 27 Feb. 1834;51 m.2. Israel LEE 15 Mar. 1855;52 living 1870
   Jefferson Co., MO53
5. Henry D. WIDEMAN40 b. 1824,55 Jefferson Co., MO;56 m. Mary28 Ann SULLENS
   20 Mar. 1845;54 d. 1894; bur. Calvey Bapt. Cem., Franklin Co., MO55

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