George SMIRL was in Westmoreland Co., PA as early as 1775.1  He served there in
the Revolutionary War.29  He sold his land in 1788,2 and appeared in the 1789 Bourbon Co., KY
tax list, and continued to appear through 1793.3 He later owned land in Pendleton Co., KY,
which he sold in 1803.4 

The 1794 Bourbon tax list is missing, and he does not appear in later Bourbon County lists.
In 1793 Harrison County was formed from  Bourbon and Scott Counties, and George perhaps lived
in that part of Bourbon County that became Harrison County.  His daughter Martha was married
in 1794 in Harrison County to James Stuart, but George is not found in any Harrison County
tax lists.

In 1797 and 1798 he appeared in Campbell County with 75 acres of land on South Licking as
George Smirrel.14  This became part of Pendleton County where he appeared in 1799 as
George Smyrl. In 1800 he was listed as William Smirl, Senr., along with William Smirl, Junr.
In 1801-1803 he appeared in Pendleton County as George Smyrl, Smerl and Smurn with George Smyrl, Jun.
who also appeared in the 1801 list.15 

On an 1804 delinquint tax list it was stated he had moved to "Spain"5 [Missouri],
where he lived in St. Louis Co., and what was later Jefferson Co., MO. He received two grants,
the first of which was surveyed 11 Jan. 1806 for 320 arpens. The chain carriers were George
Smith, Junr. [sic, probably Smirl] and John Smirl.31 The second was surveyed 13 Jan. 1806 
for George Smirl, assingnee of Gabriel Dodur assignee of Wm. Drinen, assignee of James
Smirl for 847 acres.32 George was living in 1813.6

George was living as 1814 when from a court case by John Symons agianst him, it was ordered
that all his right in 847 acres be sold to satisfy a debt.35

Biographical information on George SMIRL.

He married Mary who was living in 1820.7
1. Jane28/Jean34 SMIRL b. say 1771;8 John STUARD [STUART/STEWART]
   19 Dec. 1791;9 m.2. (Israel?) GABLE;10 living in 182610
2. Martha28 SMIRL b. say 1774; James STEWART [STUART] 2 Sep. 179411
3. William6,28 SMIRL b. say 1777;3 m. 29 May 1800 Abigail ALEXANDER;12 living
4. George28 SMIRL b. say 1780;15 living 180616
5. John28 SMIRL b. say 1783; d. ca. 1826 Jefferson Co., MO17
6. James7,28 C. SMIRL b. say 1785; m. Louisa J. JOHNSTON;30 d. between 28 July13
   and 11 Sep. 1821 Knox Co., IN18
7. Elizabeth28,33 SMIRL b. ca. 1787; m. George ATCHISON, Jr. 22 Nov. 1807;19
   ?(d. 2 Sep. 187320 St. Clair Co., IL)?
8. Thomas28 SMIRL b. say 1788; living 181221
9. Nancy28,33 SMIRL b. ca. 1790 KY;22 m. John HERRINGTON23,33 1808;33 d. between 1 June 
   186024 and 19 Feb. 186325 Jefferson Co., MO

Either George, John, or Thomas married Elizabeth LINDSEY26 by ca. 1814.27

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