Descendants of Gavin Hamilton have y-DNA tested. Those results are shown here.

Gavin HAMILTON died before  Dec. 1698 Prince George's Co., MD;1 married
Elizabeth living 3 Jan. 1699 when she had remarried John GREENE2
1. Andrew HAMILTON1 m. Mary4 BEALL5; died between 23 Oct. 1718 and 24 June 1719
   Prince George's Co., MD4
2. daughter HAMILTON1
3. daughter HAMILTON1

Andrew HAMILTON and first wife Mary3 had children:
1. Gawen HAMILTON b. 4 Nov. 1701 St. John's Parish, Prince George's Co., MD3;
   m. Ann;7 living 17437
2. Mary HAMILTON b. 24 Nov. 1705 St. John's Parish, Prince George's Co., MD3

Andrew Hamilton and second wife Mary3,4 BEALL5 had children:
3. Thomas HAMILTON b. 21 May 1710 St. John's Parish, Prince George's Co., MD;3,6
   m.1. Ruth SCOTT;58,59 m.2, Ann;8 TURNER60 d. between 14 Jan. 1782
   and 6 Mar. 1784 Prince George's Co., MD8
4. Andrew HAMILTON6 b. ca. 1716; m. Mary;9 d. before 28 Mar. 1778
   Prince George's Co., MD9
5. Ninian HAMILTON6 b. say  1717; m. Margaret6 LUCAS;10 d. ca. 1784
   Randolph Co., NC11
6. George HAMILTON6 m. Mary GORDON;12 d. ca. 175215 at sea on trip to London13

After the death of Andrew HAMILTON, his widow Mary (BEALL) remarried to Thomas
EVANS14 by 1724.  A widow with small children and real estate as Mary had
often remarried within months of the death of their husband, and they likely
married as early as 1719. Thomas EVANS had several proved children, although it is
unknown if all were by his wife Mary.  Because of his known age, Walter was likely
a son by Mary.  Jane may have been by a first wife, in that in her will she referred
to both Andrew HAMILTON and George HAMILTON as brother-in-law, while Elizabeth Evans
was called her sister. The term "brother-in-law" was commonly used for step siblings,
and less commonly for half siblings.

Children of Thomas EVANS:
1. Elizabeth EVANS20 never married;22 d. between 18 Apr. and 8 June 1767 Prince
   George's Co., MD22
2. Walter EVANS20 b. ca. 172017 or 172118; m. Elizabeth18 BEALL19 (daughter of George b.
   ca. 1695); living 1791 Prince George's Co., MD56
3. Charles EVANS20
4. Jane EVANS never married;16 d. between 8 and 12 Dec. 1766 Prince George's Co., MD16
5. Joseph EVANS21 m. Prissilla;23 d. before 22 Dec. 1783 Montgomery Co., MD23

Ninian HAMILTON and Margaret LUCAS had children:
1. Ninian Beall HAMILTON b. 28 Nov. 1739;24,26 m. Ann FIELD25,57; d. 6 Apr. 183126
   St. Louis Co., MO27
2. Thomas HAMILTON b. 10 May 1741;24 m. Blanch;50 d. 181548 to 1821 Rowan Co., NC49
3. Archibald HAMILTON b. 5 May 1743;24 m. Mary HAWKINS;28 living 1825 NC28
4. Mathew HAMILTON b. 22 Feb. 174524
5. Ann HAMILTON b. 14 Feb. 174724
6. Charles HAMILTON b. 20 Feb. 1749;24; d. about 1803 Randolph Co., NC51
7. Mary HAMILTON b. 5 Mar. 1751;24 never married, had child by Mr. CAMPBELL;30
   d. 17 May 1821 Hope, Forsyth Co., NC29
8. Jasula HAMILTON b. 20 Aug. 175424
9. Elizabeth HAMILTON b. 20 Aug. 175424
10. Sarah HAMILTON b. 6 July 175624
11. Horatio HAMILTON b. 6 July 1756;24,53 m.1. Lucy PEDDYCOURT 17 Dec. 1782;31
    m.2. Sarah (SCHNEIDER)55 FREY54 17 Feb. 1801;54 d. 8 Mar. 1840 Hope, Forsyth
    Co., NC53

Ninian Beall HAMILTON and Ann FIELD57 had children:
1. William HAMILTON32 b. say 1767; m. Elizabeth TANZY;34 d. between 1 June 1830,33
   and 22 Dec. 1832 St. Louis Co., MO35
2. Andrew HAMILTON32 b. say 1769; m. Penelope;36 d. between 26 and 29 May
   1849 Franklin Co., MO37
3. Margaret HAMILTON32 b. say 1771;52 m. Leonard FARRAR;32 living 1843 Franklin
   Co., MO38
4. Sarah HAMILTON32 b. ca. 1774;39 m. Theophilas McKINNEY 26 Mar. 1801;32,57 
   living 1840 St. Louis Co., MO39
5. Ninian HAMILTON b. 19 May 1777;26,32 m. Sarah WOODS 14 Apr. 1803;26 d. 14 June
   183626 St. Louis Co., MO27
6. Jane HAMILTON32,40 Joshua TANZEY32 12 Sep. 1799;40
7. Jeremiah HAMILTON32 b. 6 July 1782;41 m.1. Martha MITCHELL 5 Jan. 1810;42
   m.2. Elizabeth FISHER 13 Mar. 1821;43 d. between 1 July and 10 Dec. 1847
   Franklin Co., MO44
8. Ann HAMILTON32 born say, 1784; living 180232
9. Mary32 "Polly"45 HAMILTON32 b. ca. 1786; m. Robert BAY;46 d. between 31 May 183647
   and 2 May 1837 Franklin Co., MO45

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