Thomas Lucas who died in 1722 in Prince George's County is commonly listed as having
married Dorothy Letchworth, daughter of Thomas. AnnaBelle Kemp in her book Lucas Genealogy
stated that Thomas Lucas married first Dorothy -?- and secondly Dorothy Letchworth. As a
source she cited "Land Off Rec Acct 5 folio 295 p. 409."  There is no such series called
"Land Office Record Accounts."  This is probably meant to be Land Office Patents 5, p. 409 [image 230 of 328]. 

Hugh Stanley entered two rights, one being for George Letchworth was transported in 1660.
Why a transportation of George Letchworth would be cited to show that Thomas Letchworth
had a daughter Dorothy who married Thomas Lucas is unclear.

Thomas Lucas in his will made bequests of one shilling to his son Thomas, daughter Mary Scott
wife of William Scott, son Charles Lucas, and daughter Elizabeth wife of George Moor.  Later,
he named his wife Dorothy, and at her death his personal estate was to be divided "between all
my children had by my said Wife as Viz; Susanna Lucas, Sarah Lucas, Jane Lucas, John Lucas,
Mary Lucas, James Lucas, Samuel Lucas, and Elizabeth Lucas."

The implication is that (as Kemp listed) the first four children were by a first wife, and that
only the last eight as stated were children of his present wife Dorothy.  Church records of
St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Queen Anne's Parish, Prince George's County list that Charles
was the son of Thomas Lucas and wife Dorythy was born 20 April 1692. That would suggest that
Thomas Lucas's first wife was also named Dorothy. 

William Scott and wife Mary [Lucas] had a first child (Thomas) recorded at the same church as
born 14 February 1702. Assuming Mary was at least about 16, would mean she was born about 1686.
Thomas Lucas by his [second wife] Dorothy had a child Elizabeth who was born about 1719, the
birth of Samuel being listed as September 1717 in Thomas's will. That would make the birth of
Mary and that of Elizabeth at least 33 years apart, supporting that Thomas had two wives.

Thomas Letchworth, the alleged father of the second wife of Thomas Lucas died by 1668. See two
different records at the above Early Marland Settlers link showing that. That would mean any
child Dorothy at the latest could have been born about 1669, making her about 30 when she
married Thomas Lucas, and 50 years old when Thomas Lucas's youngest child was born.

IF Thomas Letchworth had a daughter Dorothy, it would be more likely that she was the first wife
of Thomas Lucas, and married him by about 1685. At present, evidence of the surnames of either
wife of Thomas Lucas, Sr., has not been found.

Thomas LUCAS and first wife Dorothy -?- had children:
1. Thomas LUCAS1 b. say 1684;5 m. Anne HUNGERFORD;12 d. 31 May to 24 June 1756
   Prince George's Co., MD2
2. Mary LUCAS;1 b. about 1686;6 m. William SCOTT;1 living 1753;6
3. Charles LUCAS1 b. 20 April 1692;3 m. Elizabeth EVANS 20 Nov. 1718;3
   d. 18 June 1740 to 28 May 1741 Prince George's Co., MD7,9
4. Elizabeth LUCAS1 b. say 1697;8 m. George MOORE1

Thomas's first wife Dorothy died by about 1702, at about which time he married his second
wife Dorothy. His second wife Dorothy was living as of 12 October 1743 when she gave a gift
of a cow, calf, and heifer to her grandson Alexander Lucas.10

Thomas LUCAS and second wife Dorothy -?- had children:
1. Susannah LUCAS1 b. 3 10ber [Dec.] 1703;3 d. after 1721;1
2. Sarah LUCAS1 b. 18 9ber [Nov.] 1705;3 d. after 1721;1
3. Jane LUCAS1 b. 4 7ber [Sep.] 1707;3 d. after 1721;1
4. John LUCAS1 b. 20 June 1709;1 d. after 1733;11
5. Mary LUCAS1 b. 12 7ber [Sep.] 1712;3 d. after 1721;1
6. James LUCAS1 b. 27 Feb. 1712/3;1,3 d. after 1769;19
7. Samuel LUCAS1 b. Sep. 1717;1 d. after 1733;11
8. Elizabeth LUCAS1 b. ca. 1719;4 d. after 1721;1

Thomas LUCAS [Jr.] married Anne HUNGERFORD, and they had children:
1. Thomas LUCAS2 b. 30 Mar. 1712;3 m.1 Mary;18 
2. William LUCAS b. 15 Mar. 1713/4;3 m. Mary;13 d. 1784 Anne Arundel Co., MD
3. Sarah LUCAS2 b. [blank] 1715;3 m. Nathan PEDDYCOART;2 d. 13 Nov. 1790
   bur. Hope, Forsth Co., NC16
4. Basel LUCAS2 b. 24 Dec. 1718; m. Margaret BELT; Dec. 1743; d. ca. 1779
   Baltimore Co., MD15
5. Margaret LUCAS2 b. ca. 1721; m. Ninian HAMILTON2
6. Charles LUCAS b. 1 Mar. 1726;17 d. before 17562
7. Barton LUCAS2 b. 29 Jan. 1729/30;17 m. 1. -?- -?-; m.2. Pricilla SPRIGG
   20 Nov. 1762; d. 8 April 1784 to 16 May 1785, Prince George's Co., MD14

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