If you are a male BLACK descended from this family, to date no one has DNA tested
from this line. If you are interested in testing, and in knowing how DNA may
help identify earlier generations, please contact me.

Johann George SCHWARZ was born about 1705, probably in Germany
and arrived at Philadelphia 2 October 1753, age 48, on the ship Edinburgh.1

He was living in 1768.2 His wife Anna Catharina living in 1765.3 
She may the same or a second wife from Maria Catharina, listed as the mother
of Adam in his marriage record.4

1. Christian SCHWARZ4 b. say 1734 Germany;6 m Eva GREIFF 1 Apr. 1755;4
   living 1764.7
2. Johann Adam SCHWARZ4 b. ca. 1736;5 m. Sarah Christina GREIFF
   8 Feb. 1757;4 d. 2 Apr. 1789 (age 53) and bur. Bethlehem Church Cem.,
   Davie Co., NC5
3. Johann Jacob SCHWARZ4 b. say 1738;6 m. Barbara;7,8,9 died between
   11 December 177310 and 31 Aug. 17749 Surry Co., NC
4. Anna Magdalena SCHWARZ4 b. say 1740;6 believed to have m.1. 
   ca. 1761/2 Michael GERBER/CARVER;11 m.2. George ZEGLER;13,48 d. Jan. 1802
   Stokes Co., NC49

Adam SCHWARZ/BLACK and wife Sarah GREIFF had children:
1. Johann Andreas BLACK b. 30 July 1759 PA;14 m. Rosina;13
   d. 25 Mar. 1840, bur. Black (Leomine) Cem., Loramie Twp., Shelby Co.,
2. Anna Magdalena Barbara SCHWARZ b. 28 Oct. 176114
3. Johann Jacob17 BLACK bap. 17 May 1764 Plainfield Twp.,
   Northampton Co., PA;7 m. Susannah;13,16 died between 4 Sep. and 30 Nov.
   1821 Rowan (now Davie) Co., NC16
4. Mary17 BLACK born Northampton Co., PA; m. Jacob18,43 SIGHTS17
5. Catherine17 BLACK b. ca. 1768 Northampton Co., PA; m.bond Henry MOCK17
   25 Oct. 1787;19 d. 6 Nov. 1837, bur. Black Cem., Davie Co., NC20
6. Frederick17 BLACK b. 1765-1780; m.bond.1. Milley TUCKER 5 Mar. 1796;19
   m.bond.2. Sarah "Sally" WILLIAMS 5 Nov. 1798;19 d. 181640-182022 IN (or
   KY or OH?)
7. Loves17/Lovace45/Louisa23 BLACK bap. 21 Jan. 1775 (now) Forsyth Co.,
   NC;23 m.bond Zachariah BARLOW 22 Aug. 1798;21 living 1850;45
8. Adam BLACK bap. 25 Aug. 1777 (now) Forsyth Co., NC;13 d. before 178113
9. Sarah17 BLACK; b. ca. 1778;44 m.bond Michael RILEY 5 Mar. 179619
   d. after 1850;44
10. Sophia17 BLACK living 1789
11. Adam17 BLACK b. 5 Sep. 1781 (now) Forsyth Co., NC;13 living 181034

Jacob BLACK and wife Susannah had children, all born Rowan (now Davie) Co., NC.
Susannah died about 1823, when her son John was appointed administrator of
her estate.46
1. John George24 BLACK bap. 15 June 1788;13; m.bond 26 Dec. 1808 Nancy BECK;19
   d. between 1 June 184035 and 24 Feb. 1841,25 Davie Co., NC
2. Anna24,47 BLACK b. ca. 1791;33 m.1 George24/Isaac29 SWEET;24 m.2 James ETCHISON 13 Feb. 1831;47
3. Sarah24 "Sally" BLACK b. 26 Apr. 1793;28 m.bond Frederick MILLER24 30 Oct. 1819;29
   d. 186026-187027 Yadkin Co., NC
4. Jacob BLACK b. 7 Aug. 1795;28 d. before 182724
5. John24 BLACK b. ca. 1798;33 m.bond Catherine ETCHESON 7 Mar. 1823;19
   d. Dec. 1824 Rowan (now Davie) Co., NC30
6. Daniel24 BLACK b. ca. 1800;31,41 m.bond Eunicy JAMES 7 Sep. 1823;29 d.
   "age 69," 1 Apr. 187036,41, while visting relatives;37 bur. Winterset Cem.,
   Madison Co., Iowa36,41
7. Mary24 BLACK b. ca. 1802;32 m.bond Riley ETCHESON24 22 Jan. 1818;29 living
   1850 Madison Co., IN32
8. Elizabeth24 "Betsy" BLACK b. 4 Oct. 1803;42 m.bond Elijah THOMAS24
   18 Oct. 1823;29 d. 9 Apr. 1856, bur. Bethlehem Church Cem., Davie
   Co., NC42
9. William24 BLACK; m. Elvira DECKER 8 Nov. 1835;38; d. before 27 Feb. 1849
   Harrison Co., Indiana39

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