Stephen GREIF was born say 1710.1  He was in Philadelphia before 
2 Apr. 1734 when he was elected an Elder in the German Reformed Congregation
in Philadelphia.13 In 1736 he received a warrant for 100 acres of land in Bucks 
County, Pennsylvania.2

He was on a list of Germans and Swiss of Philadelphia who in 1739 were
naturalized.3 Stephen GREIFFE had a warrant for 100 acres on Conewago
Creek in Lancaster County in 1739. The survey of 95.2 acres was returned
on 8 Feb. 1788, with the patent issued to George ILGENFRITZ.4  His wife
was Sibilla RABENSTOCK.5

Stephen GREIFF was an elder in the Reformed Church in Germantown at the time
his father-in-law John REBENSTOCK died.  He entered a caveat against the will,
protesting that the executor Derrick REBENSTOCK was an "irregular Liver."
When Derick died two months later, he withdrew the caveat.12

Stephen GREIF died in York County, PA between 26 Aug. 17656 and 9 May 1766.14

Stephen GREIFF and Sibilla REBENSTOCK had children:
1. Eva GREIFF5,6,7 b. say 1736 PA; m. Christian SCHWARZ 1 Apr. 1755;7
   living 17656
2. Sarah Christina GREIFF5,6,7 born 1738 PA;7 m. Johann Adam SCHWARZ
   [BLACK] 8 Feb. 1757;7 living 17968
3. Mary Magdelena GREIFF5,6 born say 1740 PA;  m. Peter MUNDORFF
   11 Feb. 1766;9,10 died ca. 1832 York Co., PA14

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