Jacob Williams b. ca. 1682 married Elisabeth3 VANSWERINGEN1,17, the widow of
John EVANS.2  Elizabeth

Jacob's will was written 6 Dec. 1725 and proved 1 Jan. 17253 [1726].
1. William3 WILLIAMS m.1. by 173320 Ann19,20 (TANT)19 MEDLEY;20 m.2. 
   Monica -?-;21 m.3. Frances18 (FORD)22,24 WIMSATT22,23,24;
   d. between 21 Nov. 1775 and 12 Mar. 1776 St. Mary's Co., MD18
2. Benjamin3 WILLIAMS m. Ann5 -?-;  d. about 1771 St. Mary's Co., MD5

By her first husband John EVANS, Elisabeth VANSWERINGEN had children:
1. Philip EVANS2,4 m. Patience;6 d. about 1743 St. Mary's Co., MD6
2. Anthony EVANS4 d. between 20 June and 3 Sep. 17449
3. Edward7,8 EVANS d. about 17137
4. Mary4 EVANS10 m.1. John CARMICHAEL9,10; m.2. John11 PEARCE4,11

Benjamin WILLIAMS and Ann -?- had children:
1. Elizabeth5 WILLIAMS b. say 1732; m. Joseph BENNETT5; d. 17715-178725
   St. Mary's Co., MD
2. Henrietta5,12 WILLIAMS b. say 1742; m.1 William ROBERTS12 before 1762;13
   m.2 James HENDLEY5,12 176613-176712
3. Jacob5 WILLIAMS
4. Benjamin5 WILLIAMS b. ca. 1751;16 m.1. Mary LEIGH;14 m.2. Monica COMBS
   lic. 31 July 1815;15 d. 15 July 1824, bur. St. Ignatius, St. Mary's Co.,
   MD age 7316

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