Henric b. say 1550 Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Aelbrecht Hendricksz [Henric's son] van SWERINGEN b. ca. 1581 (age 44 in 1625)
Zuid-Holland, Netherlands; m. Maritgen Clausdr [Claus's daughter], she being the
widow of Dammas Ponsz. van GRIECKEN31
d. 1631 Esselijkerwoude, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands1,31

Aelbrecht Hendricksz van SWERINGEN and Maritgen Clausdr. had children:31
1. Aeltgen Aelbrechtsdr. van SWERINGIN31
2. Claes Aelbrechtsz. van SWERINGEN; m. 1627 Maritgen Cornelisdr. van Swieten, widow
   of Gerrit Willemsz. van Heijingen; d. 8 Nov. 1647;31
3. Maritgen Aelbrechtdr. van SWERINGEN31
4. Hendrick Aelbrechtsz. van SWERINGEN b. ca. 1611;  m.1. Duifje Jacosdr
   [Jacob's daughter] Van Peltenberg [announced] 12 Nov 1631; she d.
   1632; m.2. Maritgen Pietersdr. van Claveren;31 he died 1678;31 (probably) Woubrugge,
   Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
5. Jan Aelbrechtsz. van SWERINGEN m.1 Martijntgen Jacobsdr.;31 m.2.
   Neeltgen Bouwensdr. 1641;31
6. Neeltgen Aelbrechtdr. van SWERINGEN m. Willem Jacobsz. HOGERVORS (also
7. Pieter Jan Aelbrechtsz. van SWERINGEN31
8. Ydetgen Aelbrechtdr. van SWERINGEN31
9. Geertgen Aelbrechtdr. van SWERINGEN31

By her first marriage before 1623, Claes Aelbrechtsz. van SWERINGEN's wife
Maritgen Cornelisdr. and Gerrit Gerritsz.31 had children:
1. Willem Gerritsz. van Heijningen;31 m. Lijsbeth Jacobsdr. de Groot31
2. Sijburch Gerritsdr. van Heihningen;31 m. Jacobus van Overschie31

Maritgen Cornelisdr. died 6 Mar. 1653 Rijnsaterwoude31

Claes Aelbrechtsz. van SWERINGEN and Maritgen Cornelisdr. had children:
1. Annetgen Claesdr. van Sweringen31 m. 1651 Leendert Lourisz. Smetser31
2. Gerrit van SWERINGEN 31b. ca. 1636;4,5 m.1. Barbare DeBARRETTE;3 m.2.
   Mary11,12 SMITH 1676;12 d. betweeen 25 Oct. 1698 and 4 Feb. 1698 [1698/9] St. Mary's Co., MD10
3. Aelbert van SWERINGEN31 b. ca. 1640; m.1. Helena (van) de (r) GRAEFF;
   m.2. Catherine Pieters Molensteen; m.3. Dieuwera Hidding Bombas; 
   bur. Haarlem (Great Church), Netherlands 24 Mar. 1719 Haarlem;1,31
4. Maria van SWERINGEN31 of Haarlem died after 1670 unmarried31

Garrit van Schwerigen, Schout (sherrif) with his wife, man-servant, and maid
arrived at New Amstel on 29 March 1662.2

Garrett VANSWEARINGEN and Barbara DeBARRATTE had children:
1. Elizabeth VANSWEARINGEN3  b. ca. 1662 New Amstel [now New Castle], DE;3
   m. 1. John EVANS;8 m. 2. Jacob WILLIAMS;6,7 d. 23 Sep. to 6 Dec. 1636
   St. Mary's Co., MD9
2. Zachariah VANSWEARINGEN3 b. ca. 1664 New Amstel [now New Castle], DE;3; m. Martha14
   d. from 13 Mar. 1711 and 11 Apr. 1712 St. Mary's Co., MD14
3. Thomas SWEARINGEN15 m. Jane;16 died from 29 July 1708 and 19 March 1710 [1710/1]
   Prince George's Co., MD16
4. Garrett VANSWEARINGEN6 never married; died ca. 1752 St. Mary's Co., MD17
5. Maria/Mary VANSWEARINGEN m. Martin18 KIRK6; d. from 10 Dec. 1734 to 21 Jan. 1734 [1734/5]
   St. Mary's Co., MD19

Garrett VANSWEARINGEN and Mary SMITH had children:
6. Joseph VANSWEARINGEN10,13,25 m. Mary NEALE;20 d. 1721 St. Mary's Co., MD21
7. Charles VANSWEARINGEN10 d. from 5 June 1712;22 to 17 October 1727;25
8. Sarah VANSWEARINGEN6,25 m. Gerrard23,25 Slye6,25; d. before 29 Nov. 1718
   St. Mary's Co., MD24
9. Anne VANSWEARINGEN13,25 m. William BLADEN13,25; d. after 17 October 1727;25
10. Eleanor VANSWEARINGEN;13,25 m. Charles28 CARROLL13, Junr.28; m. John26 MANNING25;
    d. 1727 Calvert Co., MD27
11. Teresia VANSWEARINGEN13,25 m.1. John Parks;25 m.2. Robert Ford29
    d. 31 Dec. 1753 to 5 Feb. 1754 St. Mary's Co., MD29
12. Dorothy VANSWEARINGEN13,25 never married; d. 1728 Annapolis, Anne Arundel Co., MD30

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The said William by virtue of a Bargain of Sale made to him by Dorothy Vansweringen Spinster Sister & one of the heirs of Joseph Vansweringen, deceased, of the said Dorothy in the tract called the Chancellors Point in St. Mary's County [description] 224 acres and the said William by virtue of another bargain of sale by Elinor Manning widow late deceased & another Sister & heir of the said Joseph Vansweringen, and the said Ann Bladen another Sister & heir of the said Joseph Vansweringen & the said Gerard Slye in right of his late wife Sarah, deceased, another Sister & heir of the said Joseph Vansweringen & John Park in right of his said wife Teresia another another Sister & heir of the said Joseph Vansweringen. The said William Deacon, Anne Bladen, Gerard Slye, John Parke & Teresia together hold the tract called Chancellours Point, the said William Deacon to have two parts, and Ann Bladen, John & Teresia, and Gerard Slye to each have one fifth part ot the said tract 26. 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