Philipp WENDEL b. ca. 1620;1 d. after 1670 Framershiem,
   (now) Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany;1 m. 

They had children:
1. Philipp WENDEL b. ca. 1645;1 m. ca. 1667 Anna Barbara1
2. Johann Jacob (Hans Jacob) WENDEL b. ca. 1650;1 m.1. -?- -?- ca. 
   1675; m.2. Eva Catharina 5von der LINDEN1 ca. 1688;5 he buried [blank]
   Sep. 1693 from being shot while a member of the "Husaren" (light cavalry);5
   Eva Catharina b. March 1671, m.2. Philipp Leonard HA‹SER 20 Apr. 1694,
   d. 31 Jan. 1737, age 66 years less 6 weeks; her death record stated she
   had 2 children by her first marriage of 5 years, and 5 children by her
   second marriage of 43 years5
3. Apollonia WENDEL1
4. Petronella WENDEL1

Johann Jacob (Hans Jacob) WENDEL and unknown first wife had children:
1. Petronella WENDEL b. about 24 Sep. 1678 Framersheim;5 m. Johann
   Peter BECKER 15 Jan. 1697;4 d. 15 Feb. 1752 Framersheim, "age 73 years,
   4 months, 3 weeks"5
2. Johann Philipp WENDEL b. ca. 1680 Framersheim;3 m. Anna Margaretha
   THIEL 1 Apr. 1704;6 d. VA45

Johann Jacob (Hans Jacob) WENDEL and second wife Eva Catharina von der 
LINDEN had children:
1. child WENDEL5
2. Johann Jacob WENDEL b. ca. 1693, bur. Septuagesima Sunday 1694

Johann Philipp WENDEL and Anna Margaretha THIEL had children:
1. Johannes WENDEL bap. 15 Feb. 1705 Framersheim;2 living 17193
2. Anna Elisabeth WENDEL bap. 14 June 1707 Framersheim;2 living 17203
3. Johann Valentin WENDEL bap. 1 Feb. 1711;2 d. before 25 Oct. 1792
   Shenandoah Co., VA10
4. Johann Augustin WENDEL b. 18 June 1714 Framersheim;2 m. June 1743
   Anna Margaret BUCHER;7 d. between 27 Sep. and 25 Oct. 1792
   Shenandoah Co., VA9
5. Christopher WENDEL b. say 1717;3 m. Catherine8 BRUMBACH11; d.
   between 27 Feb. and 29 Dec. 1791 Shenandoah Co., VA8
6. Johann Jacob WENDEL b. 8 Oct. 1720 Framersheim;2 bur. 11 July 1724

Johann Valentine WENDEL had children born in (now) Shenandoah
   Co., VA:
1. Anna Elisabeth WINDLE b. 15 Aug. 173812; either she or
   another daughter was married and living 177010
2. second daughter married and living 177010
3. third daughter married and living 177010
4. Barbara WINDLE10 b. 19 Oct. 1749;13 m. Jacob HOUSE;13 bur. Windle Cem.,
   Paint Twp., Fayette Co., OH13
5. Peter WINDLE10 b. ca. 1753;18 m. Rachel WOLFE;14,15 d. between 7 Aug. 182016
   and 28 Oct. 1823 Fayette Co., OH19
6. Anna Maria "Mary"10 WINDLE b. ca. 1758;26 m. Joseph PARRETT;13,58
   d. between 11 Apr.17 and 24 July 1825 Fayette Co., OH20
7. John WINDLE10 b. ca. 1763;18 Catherine WINDLE 10 Feb. 1790;22
   d. between 10 Jan. and 6 Mar. 1837 Harrison Co., IN21

Peter WINDLE and Rachel WOLFE had children born in Shenandoah Co, VA:
1. Joseph WINDLE19 b. ca. 1780;24,25 m. Caty HARPER 8 Oct. 1818;20 15 June 1862
   Lewis Co., WA59
2. Abraham WINDLE19 b. abt. 25 Feb. 178523 or 178633 m. Sarah SMITH 25 July 1822;20
   d. 31 July 1863, bur. Washington Court House City Cem, Fayette Co., OH23
3. Catherine WINDLE19 b. ca. 1787;27 John PARROT19 8 Jan. 1808;22
   living 1860 Fayette Co., OH27,51
4. Rachel WINDLE19 b. 25 Mar. 1789;26 m. bond Jacob BUSHONG19 28 July 1811;22
   d. before 1829, Fayette Co., OH34
5. Sarah WINDLE19 b. about 17 Feb. 1791;29 m. George C. PENCE19 20 Jan. 1814;28
   d. 16 Aug. 1854, b. Rousseau-Pence Cem., Whitley Co., IN29
6. Elizabeth WINDLE19 b. abt. 15 Apr. 1795;52 m. Charles HOLLAND 28 Sep. 1826;33
   d. 28 July 1883, bur. Bloominsburg Cem., Paint Twp., Fayette Co., OH52
7. Rebecca WINDLE19 b. ca. 1796;35 m. William WILKINS19 13 Aug. 1812;20 d.
   Apr. 1850 Highland Co., OH35
8. Susannah WINDLE19 b. ca. 1798;48 m.1 George WILKINS19 15 Sep. 1814;20
   m.2. Jacob SAUM 7 Nov. 1829;28 living 1870 Highland Co., Ohio48
9. Peter WINDLE19 b. 28 Sep. 1799;26 m. Elizabeth SMITH 18 Jan. 1831;20
   d. 19 Feb. 1860, bur. Rousseau-Pence  Cem., Whitley Co., IN50
10. Mary WINDLE19 living in 182319

Peter WINDLE and Elizabeth SMITH had children:
1. Mary Jane WINDLE40 b. ca. 1831 Fayette Co., OH;38 m. William NORRIS40
   22 Apr. 1855;36 d. between 186040 and 190941
2. Joseph WINDLE b. ca. 1832 Fayette Co., OH;38 d. between 185038 and 190941
3. Henry WINDLE b. ca. 1836 Fayette Co., OH;38 d. between 185038 and 190941
4. Absolem WINDLE b. ca. 1837 Fayette Co., OH;38 d. between 185038 and  
5. Susanna WINDLE40 b. 11 June 183641,57/838 Fayette Co., OH; m. Richard 
   Wheeler TUCKER40 8 Mar. 1857;36 d. 10 Feb. 1909, Kendallville;57
   bur. Lake View Cem., Kendallville, Noble Co., IN41,57
6. Rachel WINDLE b. ca. 1840 Fayette Co., OH;38 m. William Nelson TUCKER
   27 Sep. 1857;36 d. Dec. 1859 Whitley Co., IN42
7. James C. WINDLE40 b. 15 Feb. 184143, MO;38 m.1. Hannah DAVIS 11 Feb. 1863;36
   m.2. Narcissus Elizabeth GEIGER 18 Aug. 1864;36 d. 2732/2843 June 1910,
   bur. Blue River Cem., Whitley Co., IN32,43
8. Emily WINDLE40 b. ca. 1846 Whitley Co., IN;38 m. William COVERSTONE
   13 May 1869;36 d. Feb. 1870 Whitley Co., IN44
9. Peter WINDLE40 b. 1754 Aug. 184830,46,54 or 184754 Whitley Co., IN;38 m. Cynthia
   GRADLESS 17 Aug. 1873;36 d. 13 June49 1924 Columbia, Whitley Co., IN;54
   bur. Blue River Cem., Whitley Co., IN30,54
10. John WINDLE40 b. 2356 Oct. 185030,53,56 Whitley Co., IN;39 m. Harriet Levina GRADLESS
    22 May 1873;31,36 d. 12 Feb. 1932,30,31,49 Thorncreek Twp., Whiteley Co.;56
    bur. Blue River Cem., Whitley Co., IN30,31,56
11. Almira Elizabeth55 WINDLE40 b. 555 Mar. 185337,47,55 Whitley Co., IN;39
    m. Asa HARTER 25 Mar. 1876;36 d. 5 Dec. 1938 Terra Haute, Vigo Co., IN;55
    bur. Rose Hill Cem., Vigo Co., IN37,55

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