Flonheim of all records below is located in (now) Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.
Hans Thiel bur. 12 Jan. 1666 Flonheim; m.
   Anna Utilia bur. 11 Nov. 1660 Flonheim; children:
1. Elisabeth b. ca. 1615; m. Jost RÜOSH 2 Mar. 1634 
2. (Johann Nicolaus THIEL b. ca. 1618; bur. 12 Feb. 1693 Flonheim
   m.1. Susanna, she bur. 15 Jan. 1669 Flonheim; m.2 Catharina she bur.
   21 Nov. 1679 Flonhein)???
3. (Hans Henrich THIEL b. ca. 1625)???; m. Margaretha
4. Anna Maria THIEL b. ca. 1634; m. Hans Philipp FISHER 26 June 1654 

Johann Nicolaus THIEL/DIEHL and Susanna had children:
1. Lucretia THIEL b. ca. 1641; m. Johannes SCHMOLTZER 26 Nov. 1661 
2. Anna Utilia THIEL b. ca. 1643; m. Johannes Robert HILDESHEIMER 
   26 May 1663 Flonheim
3. Hans Weigand THIEL bap. 22 Oct. 1648 Flonheim
4. Catharina THIEL bap. 16 June 1650 Flonheim; m. Johann Melchoir
   HAPPEL 4 June 1672 Flonheim
5. Johan Augustin THIEL bap. 2 Feb. 1653 Flonheim; m 2 Feb. 1679
   Flonheim, Anna Elisabeth Lardener (Lardeni?) of Uffhofen
   Lardener is not written entirely clear.  The only other use of what
   may be this surname found in the churchbook is when in 1680   
   Johannes Lardeni of Uffhofen had a little son, age 8, buried.    
   Augustin was living 1722 when his wife died.
   Anna Elisabetha, wife of Augustin Diehl of Flonheim was buried 16 
   May 1722 at Framersheim age 63. (=b. ca. 1659)  There are no 
   baptisms in the Flonheim book from 1658 to 1670, although 
   marriages and burials were recorded.

Johan Augustin THIEL/DIEHL and wife Anna Elisabeth had children:
1. Johan Michael THIEL bap. 7 Mar. 1680 Flonheim; bur. 8 Mar. 1680
2. daughter not named in record bap. 9 Oct. 1681 Flonheim;
   child unnamed in record, buried 20 Apr. 1684 Flonheim
3. Anna Margaretha THIEL b. ca. 1684; m. 1 Apr. 1704 Johann Philipp 
   WENDEL at Flonheim
4. ?(Anna Maria THIEL m. 1 Apr. 1704 Flonheim Julius MEYER)?
5. Johann Niclaus THIEL bap. 16 Mar. 1690 Flonheim

Augustin was listed as a potter at the marriage of his daughter Anna 
Margaretha, and at the baptism of his grandson Augustin WENDEL.
On the marriage record, Philipp WENDEL was listed as a wagonmaker 
from Framersheim.  
Information from FHL microfilm 1474811


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