Johanis REBENSTOCK on 1 March 1702 purchased jointly with Henrich TIBBEN
200 acres in Germantown, Philadelphia County, PA.1 In 1711 Johannis
REVENSTOCK was a member of the Whitemarsh Church, as was also Sibillae
REVENSTOCK, wife of Hendrick TIBBEN.8  It is believed that John and Sibilla
REVENSTOCK were brother and sister.  

John REBENSTOCK was closely associated with several families that immigrated from
Mülheim on the Ruhr, in present day Germany, very near the border of Holland. 
Among those immigrants from Mülheim were his brother-in-law Henry TIBBEN
[TÜBBEN] and Dirk JANSEN.  Neither the baptism or marriage of Henrick
TIBBEN/TÜBBEN or any records of REBENSTOCK are found in the church
records there.

Dirk JANSEN wrote his will in 1709, and made Henry TIBBEN one his executors, and
Johanes (x) REBENSTOCK was a witness.9 Henry TIBBEN's will was written on
23 March 1712/3.10  His wife Sibilla was the executrix, and Johannes (x) REBENSTOCK
was a witness to the will.  His widow Sibilla remarried about 1720.11

In 1709 as Johannes REBANSTOCK he was naturalized with a long list of other men,
including Henry TUBBEN.2  

John RABENSTOCK died at Cresham, Philadelphia County about 1745.3 The name of
his wife is unknown, but they were the parents of two children.

John REBENSTOCK had children born at Germantown, Philadelphia Co., PA:
1. Derick REBENSTOCK3 born say 1710;6 unmarried; d. Nov. 17454 Germantown,
   Philadelphia Co., PA
2. Sibilla REBENSTOCK3 born say 1715;7 m. Stephen5 GREIFF4 [GREIF] ca. 1735;
   d. between 20 Oct. 17423 and 7 Sep. 1745,4 PA

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