Abraham JACOB was born about 1590,1 and his wife was named Johanna. Abraham was
buried 9 June 1668 at Zweibrücken, age 78.1 His wife Johanna was buried at
Zweibrücken on 5 Mar. 1665, age 73.2

Abraham was first found at Lauterecken, Germany and then moved to Bockenheim, now known as
Saarunion after the unification of Bockenhim and Neu-Saarwerden in 1794. Both the JACOB and
MÜLLER families moved from Bockenheim to Zweibrücken about 1733. At that time Tobias MÜLLER
of Bockenheim had a child baptized at Zweibrücken, for which one of the sponsors was Johanna,
wife of Abraham Jacob, Schumacher of Bockenheim. The family lived mostly at Niederauerbach,
which is about half way between Zweibrücken and Contwig.

Abraham JACOB and Johanna had children: 
1. Hans Stephen JACOB bap. 11 Aug. 1616 Lauterecken, Kusel, Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany3
2. Hans Christoffel JACOB bap. 29 Apr. 1618 Lauterecken;3 m.1 Elisabetha MÜLLER
   14 Dec. 1641;4 m.2. Maria Barbara, widow of Jacob Schmidt 21 Nov. 1678;13
   d. 21 Jan. 1706 Zweibrücken1
3. Anna JACOB bap. 2 Jan. 1623 Bockenheim (now Saarunion), Zabern, Alsace-Lorraine,
4. Abraham JACOB b. ca. 1626; m. Catharina Margaretha LAUFFEN 19 Apr.1654;6
   bur. 14 Nov. 1717;7
5. Susanna JACOB bap. 22 Apr. 1628 Bockenheim (now Saarunion);5 m. Görg Jacob PAUS June 1651;4

Hans Christoffel JACOB and Elisabetha MÜLLER had children:
1. Abraham JACOB bap. 29 Oct. 1642, Zweibrücken9
2. Anna Catharina JACOB bap. 19 Aug. 1644 Zweibrücken9
3. Agnes JACOB bap. 23 Sep. 1645 Zweibrücken;9
4. Johanna JACOB bap. 31 Jan. 1649 Zweibrücken;9 m. Johannes KRAFFT
   15 Nov. 1670;4 bur. 21 Dec. 1704;1
5. Hans Wolffgang JACOB about 1652;10 m. Catharina Elisabetha WEIDMANN
   13 Apr. 1675;4 d. 12 Mar. 1730 Niederauerbach10
6. Veronica JACOB b. ca. 1654;11

Hans Wolffgang JACOB and Catharina Elisabetha WEIDMANN had children:
1. Anna Veronica JACOB b. ca. 1675;10 m. Matthias HOFMANN 14 July 1705;12 
   d. 15 Jan. 1742 Niederauerbach10
2. Susanna Elisabeth JACOB b. 26 May 1676;2
3. Johanna Eva JACOB bap. 8 Jan. 1682;7
4. Philip Friedrich JACOB bap. June 1684;7 m. Susanna Charlotta GIMMELS 14 Jan. 1716;8
   d. 5 Aug. 1753;10
5. Friedrich Bartel JACOB bap. 26 Mar. 1687;7 Zweibrücken; d. 9 May. 1724 Niederauerbach;10
6. Johann Jacob Jacob bap. 9 Dec. 1689 Zweibrücken;7  m. Anna Maria AMBOSS 18 May 1723;8
7. Susanna Catharina JACOB bap. 26 Feb. 1694 Zweibrücken7
8. Johann Ludwig JACOB bap. 18 Nov. 1697 Rieschweiler;
9. Anna Catharina Margaretha JACOB b. 14 Nov. 1703 Niederauerbach;10 m. 
    Johann Wilhelm Andreas ZUMWALT 2 Nov. 1728;8 d. ca. 1748 Lancaster Co., PA

1. Zweibrücken, Bayern, Germany, 1662-1744 Birth, Confirmation, and Burial Register, FHL microfilm 434558. #218 9 June 1668 Abraham Jacob, age 78. #821 21 December 1704 Johanna surviving widow of Johannis Krafft, age 5- [second numeral in margin] #868 21 January 1706 Christoffel Jacobi, the aged Schumacher [Shoemaker], age 88. 2. Don & Scharmal Triesch Conley, "Descendants of Abraham Jacob Sr", last revised 8 July 2015. Note that the Zweibrücken 1662-1774 burial register on FHL Microfilm 434558 goes from the bottom entry on the right hand page of #23 in August 1664 to the top of the next left hand page of #85 in August 1666. It appears that the pages between which would have Johanna's burial of 5 Mar. 1665 were skipped during microfilming. This site lists a child for Wolffgang named Susanna Elisabeth Jacob born on 28 May 1676 as Homburg, Saar. This record has not been located in church books. 3. Lauterecken, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Volume 2, 1596-1627. 11 August 1616 Hans Stephan Father: Abraham Jacoben, Welschem Hoffschuster [Foreign Shoemaker] Mother: Johannnae Dom Miseric[ordis] [2nd Sunday after Easter = 29 Apr.] 1618 Hans Christoff Father: Abraham Jacob, Welschem Schumacher [Foreign Shoemaker] 4. Zweibrücken, Bayern, Germany, marriage register 1607-1744, FHL Microfilm 434563. #594 14 Dec. 1641 Hans Christoffel, legitimate son of Abraham Jacob, Schumacher [Shoemaker], of here and Elisabeth, legitimate daughter of Tobias Müller, Kantengiesser, [tin or pewter can founder] married. #709 June 1651 Görg Jacob Paus, widower, and Susanna, legitimate daughter of Abraham Jacob, Burger and ----- ------- #887 15 9bris [Nov.] 1670 Johannes Krafft, wool weaver, legitimate son of Johan Krafft Barber at Burgfelden bei Basel and Johannet, legitimate daughter of Hans Christophel Jacob, Schuster of here #915 13 April 1675 Hans Wolff Jacob, legitimate son of Hans Christoff Jacob, Burger [citizen] and Schuhmacher [Shoemaker] of here and Elisabetha, legitimate daughter of Andres Weidtmann of Nider Uhrbach [Niederauerbach] married at Uhrbach [Niederauerbach] 5. Bockenheim (now Saar-Union), 1596-1667 baptisms, FHL Microfilm 799587. #1 2 January 1623 Abraham Schumacher a child baptized named Anna #29 22 April 1628 Abraham Jacob, Schumacher a child baptized named Susanna 6. Zweibrücken, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany 1607-1744 marriages, FHL Microfilm 434563. #744 19 Apr. 1654 Abraham Jacob, legitimate son of Abraham Jacob of here and Catharina Margretha, legitimate daughter of Christoph Lauffen of here married. 7. Zweibrücken, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany 1662-1744 baptisms, confirmations, death book, FHL Microfilm 434558. Baptisms #644 8 Jan. 1682 Johanna Eva Father: Hanns Wolff Jacob, Schuster [Cobler] Mother: Cathrina Sponsors: Hans Philip, son of Andress Weidmann; Johann, wife of Hans Peter Trautmann; Eva Elisabeth, daughter of Christoffel Wahnen #733 June 1684 [name not listed] Father: Hans Wolff Jacob, Schuster [Cobler] Mother: Cathrina Elisabeth Sponsors: Friederich Christian Omphaliech, son of Herr Omphalii; Hans Philipp Weidmann of Nid Aurbach [Niederauerbach] #797 26 Mar. 1687 bap. Frederich Barthel Father: Hans Wolff Jacobi, Bürger, of here Mother: Catharina Elisabeth his wife Sponsors: Friderich Ehrman, son of Hans Michael Ehrman; Barthel Trautman; Maria Louisa, legitimate daughter of Friderich Diederich Omphalÿsh #824 9 Dec. 1689 bap. Johann Jacob Father: Hanss Wolff Jacob, Bürger and Schumacher [Shoemaker] Mother: Catharina Elisabeth Sponsors: Hanss Jacob Schäfer at Auhrbach [Auerbach]; Johannes Krafft, son of Johannes Krafft, Bürger; Anna Magdalena Blosen(?) a single person of Waldmchr. #977 26 Feb. 1694 bap. Susanna Catharina Father: Hanss Wolff Jacob, Bürger and Schumacher [Shoemaker] Mother: Cath. Elisabeth his wife Sponsors: Hanss Jacob Bösshaar, Bürger and Küeffer; Susanna Dorothea, wife of Herr Joh: Daniel Brich(?), Apot; Anna Catharina, wife of Caspar the Schneider Deaths/burials #1203 14 Nov. 1711 Abraham Jacob, age 93 [buried] 8. Contwig, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Baptims, Confirmation Marriages, Deaths, 1692-1764. p. 10 14 Jan. 1716 were married Philips Friderich Jacob legitimate son of Hanss Wolf Jacob at Niedaurbach [Niederauerbach] and Susanna Charlotta, legitimate daughter of Hanss Nickel Gimmel ----- ------ at Oberauerbach p. 20 18 May 1723 married at Nieder Auerbach, Johann Jacob Jacob, legitimate son of Hanss Wolff Jacob, Gemeinsmann at Nieder Auerbach with Anna Maria, legitimate daughter of Nicholaus Ambos, Herrschäftlichen Schultheiss Winterbacher hoff at Nieder Auerbach p. 23 2 9bris [Nov.] 1728 married after proclomation at Niederaurbach [Niederauerbach] Johann Wilhelm Andres Zum Wald, son of the deceased Philipp Zum Wald former resident at Lohr in the Graff Schoeft [Grafschaft] Saarwerdern, with Anna Margaretha, daughter of Hans Wolfgang Jacobs, citizen at Nieder Aurbach 9. Zweibrücken, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany 1607-1762 baptisms and burials FHL Microfilm 434557. #1034 29 Oct. 1642 Abraham Jacob Father: Johan Christoffel Jacob, son of Abraham, Schumacher (Shoemaker) Mother: Elisabetha Sponsors: Fridrich Ross, Susanna daughter of Tobias [Müller] the kantengiesser's daughter, Barbara, daughter of Christoffel Fryels(?) #2082 19 Aug. 1644 Anna Catharina Father: Johan Christoffel Jacob Mother: Elisabeth Sponsors: Görg Meyer; Hans Albert Fess; Anna Catharina daughter of Anstatt Ehrmann; Susanna daughter of Abraham Jacobs, Schumacher; Christen, son of Jacob Eyloff #2119 23 Sep. 1645 Agnes Father: Hans Christoffel Jaqmin Mother: Elisabethae Sponsors: Peter Metz; Hans Krauss; Anna Maria Goldschmittin; Georg Stettmuller's wife Elisabeth; Agnes the surviving widow of Görg Meyer #2269 31 Jan. 1649 Johanna Father: Johan Christoff Jacob Mother: Elisabeth Sponsors: Johan Philip Mu[in margin], Christoffel Lauff, Görg Meyer son of ---- ----, Anna wife of Stoff[in margin] Becker, Sara, wife of Peter Metz, Johanna wife of Johannes -is--per(?), Ursula wife of Hans Lechinger(?) 10. Contwig, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages, Deaths, 1692-1764. p. 10 Born 14 Nov. 1703, bap. 18th Anna Catharina Margretha Parents: Hanss Wolff Jacob and Catharina Lisabetha of Unterauerbach Sponsors: Jacob Hoffman, son of Jacob Hoffman of Unter Aurbach; Kretha, daughter of Steffan Heintz of Unter Auerbach; Catharina, daughter of Johannes Krafft of Zbrücken [Zweibrücken] 1724 Died 9 May 1724 and buried 10th, Friderich Barthel, legitimate son of Johann Wolff Jacob, resident from Nieder Auerbach [Niederauerbach] age 37 years, 2 months and quite a few days. 1730 Died 12 March and the 14th buried, Hans Wolffgang Jacob, Schumacher [Shoemaker] and Gemeinsmann at Nieder Aurbach [Niederauerbach] at the age of quite a few and 70 years Comment: As he was listed as of quite a few and 70 years, he was probably in his mid to late 70s. His 1675 marriage would suggest a birth in the early 1650s. 1742 Died 15 January, buried 17th, Veronica legitimate wife of Matthis Hoffmann at Niederauerbah of age 66 years. 1753 Died 5 Aug. 1753 and buried 7th. Philip Friederich Jacob, Gemeindsman at Ober Auerbach, his age 71 years and 2 months. 11. Zweibrücken, Bayern, Germany, 1662-1744 Baptims, Confirmation, and Burial Register. 1671 Confirmations 3 7bris [September] 1671 Veronica, Christoffel Jacob's daughter confirmed 12. Zweibrücken, Bayern, Germany, 1698-1730 Marriage, Baptisms Death Register. 14 July 1705 Matthäus Hoffmann, färber [dyer] at Auerbach with Anna Veronica, legitimate daughter of Wolff Jacob, gemeindesmann at Nieder Auerbach were married. 13. Evangelisch-Reformierte Kirche Neustadt an der Haardt, Bayern, Germany, Marriages 1637-1718. p. 854 Note: Neustadt an der Haardt is now known as Neustadt an der Weinstraße 21 November 1678 Hans Christoffel Jacob, Burger and Schuhmacher of Zweibrücken and Maria Barbara surviving widow of Jacob Schmidten, Schultheiss and Postmeister at ---kenheim in the Marg graffschofft Durlach.


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