Johann Wilhelm Andreas "Andrew" ZUMWALT b. about 1698;26
m. Anna Margretha JACOBS 2 Nov. 1728 Contwig, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany1
He arrived at Philadelphia on 24 Sep. 1737 on the ship Virtuous Grace as
Andreas Sumwald, age 39.26
Andrew ZOMWALD wrote his will in Frederick Co., VA on 20 Oct. 1764 and it
was proved 6 March 1765.11

They had children:
1. Maria Elisabetha ZUMWALT7 b. 17 July 1731;2 m. Joseph RIDENHOUR7
2. Maria Susanna ZUMWALT b. 31 Dec. 1733;3
3. Anna Ottilia ZUMWALT7 bap. 2 Feb. 1736;4; m. John MAUK7
4. Johann Heinrich ZUMWALT7 b. 22 Sep. 1738 York Co., PA5 m. Catharine13; d. 1803 in (now)
   St. Charles, Missouri7
5. Johann George ZUMWALT7 b. 10 Oct. 1741 York Co., PA6 m. Mary;16 d. between 4 Sep. 1815
   and 12 Feb. 1816,17 Harrison Co., KY16,17
6. Anna8 Margaretha ZUMWALT7 b. ca. 1747,21 York Co, PA; m.1 John LINK7,12; m.2. Peter
   VANDEVENTER;18 living 1796;18

Andrew ZUMWALT secondly married Regina and they had children:
7. Christopher ZUMWALT7 b. 14 Jan 1750;9 m.1 Mary14; m.2 Elizabeth7,15
8. Jacob ZUMWALT7 b. about 1752; m. Catharine20 Miller 11 Dec. 1774;19
9. Catharine ZUMWALT7 say 1753;23 m. Bartholomew Carroll 13 Dec. 1772;22
10. Adam ZUMWALT7 born about 1755 VA;10 m. Mary ROTH [Rhodes] 24 May 178510
    d. 23 Aug. 1834 Warren Co., MO10
11. John ZUMWALT7 b. ca. 1756; m. Elizabeth CONRAD;24; d. 1821 St. Charles Co., MO27
12. Andrew ZUMWALT7 b. ca. 1759; m. Margaret25 d. 1830 St. Charles Co., MO28

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Missouri Gazette and Public Advertiser, (St. Louis, MO), Tuesday, 3 May 1820. Notice of a court case involving heirs of Andrew Zumwault [died 1765] was published for several weeks. From the names listed in the notice, the order has been retained and they have been separated here into families of the children and grandchildren [all grandchildren are not named] of Andrew Zumwalt. Additional information on those names are in brackets. The children, heirs, and legal representatives of Andrew Zumault, by his second marriage: John Zumault son, Andrew Zumault son, Adam Zumault son, Jacob Zumault, Dr. Andrew Zumault, George Zumault, Michael Zumault, Abraham Zumault, Issac Zumault, Daniel Zumault, Jacob Zumault, Anthony Zumault, Frederick Zumault, Henry Zumault, David Boyd & wife, late Caty Zumault, John Hostetter, [married Rachel Zumault] Lewis Crow & wife, late Susan Zumault Sarah Clifton late Sarah Zumault [married Bosman Clifton] Mary Zumault, Andrew Kent & wife late Eliza Zumault, Christopher Zumault deceased, Peter Zumault, Jacob Zumault, David Zumault, Christopher Zumault, Michael Ribold & wife, late Rachel Zumault, [Michael Rybolt] John Burget & wife, late Caty Zumault, John Eddleman & wife, late Mary Zumault, Wm. Cragg & wife, late Elizabeth Zumault, David Coonrod & wife, late Teiney Zumault, [David Conrad and wife Christine] Mr._____ Curles & wife, late Caty Zumault, [Bartholomew Carroll and wife Catharine] The heirs and legal representatives of Andrew Zumault, the elder by his first marriage: Henry Zumault, deceased Teney Johnson, late Teney Zumault [Christiner m. John Johnson] Jacob Hensen & wife, late Elizabeth Zumault [Jacob Hiser] Caty Jones, late Caty Zumault, Rachel McCoy, late Rachel Zumault, [m. Daniel McCoy] Benjamin Rogers & wife, late Margaret Zumault, Barbary Zumwalt, Mary Nowel, late Mary Zumault, [m. Reuben Noell] Susan Zumault, George Zumault, dec, Jacob Zumault, Christopher Zumault, John Zumault, Elizabeth Zumault, Mary Zumault, Mr._____ Readenour & wife, late Mary Zumault, [m. Jospeh Ridenhour] John Marke & wife, late Tilley Zumault, [John Mauk and Anna Ottilia] John Link & wife, late Margaret Zumault 8. Frederick S. Weiser, The Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, Frederick County, MD, Parish Register Book II, 1762-1811, p. 78. Although these records are recorded in Frederick County, Maryland, all the records for baptisms on 9, 13 and 19 June 1774 are parents and sponsors in Shenandoah County, Virginia. The pastor was apparently traveling during that time, and recorded these baptisms in his records on returning to Maryland. Johannes Linck and wife Anna Margreth, daughter Magdalena born 10 March 1774; bap. 19 June 1774 Sponsors: Johannes Mack and wife Anna Ottilia 9. Pennsylvania Births and Christenings, 1709-1950, database, FamilySearch Christopher Umwald b. 14 Jan. 1750; bap. 14 Feb. 1750 Parents: Andrew Umwald and wife Regina 10. Adam Zumwalt W9651 pension application", "Southern Campaign American Revolution Statements & Rosters. 11. Andrew Zomwalt will", Frederick Co., VA Will Book 3, pp. 256-257. 12. Evidence that this John Link married Margaret Zumwalt includes: a. See #7 that Margaret Zumwalt married a John Link. b. By 1755 Henry Heiser/Houser, step-brother to John Link moved to (now) Shenandoah Co., VA, and lived in the vicinity of the Zumwalt family. c. Between 1755 and 1759 John Link would have had opportunity to have accompanied or visited Henry Heiser and met Margaret Zumwalt. d. By early 1770, after the death of his father Martin Link in Dec. 1769, John had returned to PA and his son was baptized there. See #29 on Link page. e. See #8 that by 1774 John and Margaret returned to Shenandoah Co. and had [her sister and brother-in-law] John Mauk and wife Anna Ottilia as sponsors f. In his 1783 will, John Link named John Mauk as an executor. g. One witness to the will of John Link was Frantz Jacobs. See #35 on Link page. Was he a relative of Margaret's mother? 13. Frederick Co., VA Deed Book No. 14, pp. 422-426. 22/23 Apr. 1771 Henry Sumwalt and wife Catharine to John Mauk. 14. 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Pendleton Co., [West] Virginia, Deed Book 2, pp. 203-205. 7 March 1796 Peter Vandenter and Margaret his wife, widow and relict of John Link, deceased, and Mary Link; and Peter Vandeventer guardian to Elizabeth Link heirs of the said John Link, deceased, of Pendleton County, Virginia, appoint Michael Copp of Shenandoah County, Virginia, to execute a deed to Jacob Zinn of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, for a tract in "Logatico" [Cocalico] Township, Lancaster County, supposed originally to contain 150 acres, which Martin Link, brother of the said John Link, deceased, took one share and sold in conjunction with the said John Link to the said Jacob Zinn but for the part possessed by the said John Link no title had been made. Signed: Peter Vandevinter, Margaret Vandevinter, Mary Link, Peter Vandevinter guardn. 19. Catherine Spiker Kibler, "Shenandoah County, Virgina, Marriage Bonds", (n.p.: n.p., 1939), p. 495. Jacob Sumwald and Caty Miller, 11 Dec. 1774. 20. 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Names daughter Elizabeth Sumwolt and her husband John Sumwolt. 25. Bourbon Co., KY, Deed Book B, p. 16. 16 Mar. 1790 Andrew Zumwalt and wife Margaret to Isaace Ruddell 26. Ralph Beaver Strassburger and William John Hinke, Pennsylvania German Pioneers, (Norristown, PA: Pennsylvania German Society, 1934), Vol. 1, p. 175 27. John Zumwalt administration bond, St. Charles Co., Missouri, Deed Book G, p. 97. 27 February 1821 Adam Zumwalt and John Zumwalt are granted administration on the estate of John Zumwalt of St. Charles County, Missouri, who died intestate. 28. Andrew Zumwalt administration bond, St. Charles Co., Missouri, Wills and Letters of Administration 1, p. 142. 9 July 1830 Andrew Zumwalt Senr late of St. Charles County, Missouri, died intestate, and Margaret Zumwalt his widow signed her renunciation to the administration, and William Skinner has given security and granted administration.


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