Stephan ZUM WALD was born say about 1600 in Switzerland. He had one known child:
1. Daniel ZUMWALD b. ca. 1630 Thun, Canton Bern, Switzerland35,41 m. 23 Jan. 1665
   Veronica33,34,41 [Verena]42 RICKEL41 RICKLI]42 at Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin41 
   d. 2 Mar. 1710 at Hinzweiler, Germany.35

Daniel and Veronica had one child born at Barr, where they were living when married.
They are next found as residents of Petersbach, Bas-Rhin, where their next two
children were baptized, and then had six children baptized at Weitersweiler
[Weiterswiller], Bas-Rhin. 
1. Elisabetha ZUMWALD bap. 19 Apr. 1666 Barr, Bas-Rhin43
2. Anna Maria ZUMWALD born Petersbach, Germany; bap. 27 Jan. 1668 Lützelstein33
3. Daniel ZUMWALD bap. 23 Feb. 1669 Lützelstein; bur. 28 Feb. 1669;33
4. Johann Philipp ZUMWALD bap. 25 Feb. 1670;34 m. Susanna FELLER29 
5. Hans Daniel ZUMWALD bap. 21 Jan. 1672; died 8 Dec. 1672;34
6. Johann Henrich ZUMWALD bap. 31 Oct. 1673;34
7. Daniel ZUMWALD born about 1674; died Sep. 1678;34
8. Margaretha ZUMWALD bap. 8 Aug. 1680; died 16 Jan. 1681;34
9. Margaretha ZUMWALD bap. 14 Jan. 1682;34

Philipp ZUMWALD1 and Susanna FELLER29 had children:
1. Johann Wilhelm Andreas "Andrew" ZUMWALT1 b. about 1698;26
   m. Anna Margretha JACOB 2 Nov. 1728 Contwig, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany1
   Died between 20 Oct. 1764 and 6 March 1765 when his will was written and proved
   in Frederick Co., VA.11

Susanna FELLER secondly married Hans Nickel SEEGMÜLLER at Contwig on 29 August 1713.29
They had child:
1. Johann Friederich SEEGMÜLLER30 b. 11 Jan. 1714;30 d. 6 July 1719;31

   Andrew arrived at Philadelphia on 24 Sep. 1737 on the ship Virtuous Grace as
   Andreas Sumwald, age 39.26

Andrew ZUMWALT and Anna Margaretha JACOB had children:
1. Maria Elisabetha ZUMWALT3,38 b. 17 July 1731;2 m. Joseph RIDENHOUR7
2. Maria Susanna ZUMWALT b. 31 Dec. 1733;3
3. Anna Ottilia ZUMWALT7,38 b. 29 Jan. 1736;4; m. John MAUK7
4. Johann Heinrich ZUMWALT7,38 b. 22 Sep. 1738 York Co., PA5 m. Catharine13; d. 1803 in (now)
   St. Charles, Missouri7
5. Johann George ZUMWALT7,38 b. 10 Oct. 1741 York Co., PA6 m. Mary;16 d. between 4 Sep. 1815
   and 12 Feb. 1816,17 Harrison Co., KY16,17
6. Anna8 Margaretha ZUMWALT7,38 b. ca. 1747,21 York Co, PA; m.1 John LINK7,12; m.2. Peter
   VANDEVENTER;18 living 1796;18

Andrew ZUMWALT secondly married Regina and they had children:
7. Christopher ZUMWALT7,38 b. 14 Jan 1750;9 m.1 Mary14; m.2 Elizabeth7,15 SHEVER39
8. Jacob ZUMWALT7,38 b. about 1752; m.1 Catharine20 Miller 11 Dec. 1774;19 m.2.
   Franqui PRICE 4 Nov. 1800;40
9. Catharine ZUMWALT7,38 say 1753;23 m. Bartholomew Carroll 13 Dec. 1772;22
10. Adam ZUMWALT7,38 born about 1755 VA;10 m. Mary ROTH [Rhodes] 24 May 1785;10
    d. 23 Aug. 1834 Warren Co., MO10
11. John ZUMWALT7,38 b. ca. 1756; m. Elizabeth CONRAD;24; d. 1821 St. Charles Co., MO27
12. Andrew ZUMWALT7,38 b. ca. 1759; m. Margaret25 LAIL;36 d. 1830 St. Charles Co., MO28
    Note: Andrew had no wife Margaret Baldridge as claimed by some.37

1. Contwig, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Baptims, Confirmation Marriages, Deaths, 1692-1764. Marriage section p. 23 2 9bris [Nov.] 1728 married after proclomation at Niederaurbach [Niederauerbach] Johann Wilhelm Andres Zum Wald, son of the deceased Philipp Zum Wald former resident at Lohr in the Graff Schoeft [Grafschaft] Saarwerdern, with Anna Margaretha, daughter of Hans Wolfgang Jacobs, citizen at Nieder Aurbach 2. Contwig, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Register 1, 1692-1764. Baptismal section p. 126 Born 16, bap. 23 July 1731 Maria Elisabetha Parents: Andreas Zumwald, citizen at Nieder Aurbach [Niederauerbach] and Anna Margreth, born Jacob, his wife. Sponsors: Hans Nickel Müller from the same; Susanna Elisabetha, wife of Johannes Baurer(?) from Krähenberg; Maria Catharina, wife of Meister Johannes Welterluhs(?), Schreiner(?) at Zweibrücken 3. Contwig, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Register 1, 1692-1764. Baptismal section p. 132 Born 31 Dec. 1733; bap. 5 Jan. 1734, Maria Susanna Parents: Andreas Zum Wald of Nieder Auerbach [Niederauerbach] and Anna Margreth Jacobin Sponsors: Meister Henrich Hubeli, Zimmermann [carpenter] at Ober Auerbach and Meister Conrad Keller, Schuhmacher [Shoemaker] in Zweibrücken; Maria Elisabeteha, wife of Paul Blinner(?) from Niederhausen; and Maria Susanna,single daughter of Conrad Senbach öhlig schlager in Zweibrücken 4. Contwig, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Register 1, 1692-1764. Baptismal section p. 138 Born 29 Jan. 1736; bap. 2 Feb. 1736 Anna Ottilia Parents: Johann Wilhelm Andreas Zum Wald of Nieder Auerbach [Niederauerbach] and Anna Margreth Jacobin his wife Sponsors: Henrich Fuhrmann of dar and Johann Henrich single son of Jacob Jaqueus Kensorens(?) of the same, Anna Margreth wife of Meister Rudolff Sutfer, and Anna Ottilia single daugher of Christoff Fuhrmann 5. Pennsylvania Births and Christenings, 1709-1950, database, FamilySearch Johann Heinrich Zungenbaldt b. 22 Sep. 1738; bap. 15 Feb. 1739 Parents: Andrew Zungenbaldt 6. Pennsylvania Births and Christenings, 1709-1950, database, FamilySearch Johann George Zungenbaldt b. 10 Oct. 1741; bap. 16 Dec. 1742 Parents: Andrew Zungenbaldt 7. Missouri Gazette and Public Advertiser, (St. Louis, MO), Tuesday, 3 May 1820. Notice of a court case involving heirs of Andrew Zumwault [died 1765] was published for several weeks. From the names listed in the notice, the order has been retained and they have been separated here into families of the children and grandchildren [all grandchildren are not named] of Andrew Zumwalt. Additional information on those names are in brackets. The children, heirs, and legal representatives of Andrew Zumault, by his second marriage: John Zumault son, Andrew Zumault son, Adam Zumault son, Jacob Zumault, Dr. Andrew Zumault, George Zumault, Michael Zumault, Abraham Zumault, Issac Zumault, Daniel Zumault, Jacob Zumault, Anthony Zumault, Frederick Zumault, Henry Zumault, David Boyd & wife, late Caty Zumault, John Hostetter, [married Rachel Zumault] Lewis Crow & wife, late Susan Zumault Sarah Clifton late Sarah Zumault [married Bosman Clifton] Mary Zumault, Andrew Kent & wife late Eliza Zumault, Christopher Zumault deceased, Peter Zumault, Jacob Zumault, David Zumault, Christopher Zumault, Michael Ribold & wife, late Rachel Zumault, [Michael Rybolt] John Burget & wife, late Caty Zumault, John Eddleman & wife, late Mary Zumault, Wm. Cragg & wife, late Elizabeth Zumault, David Coonrod & wife, late Teiney Zumault, [David Conrad and wife Christine] Mr._____ Curles & wife, late Caty Zumault, [Bartholomew Carroll and wife Catharine] The heirs and legal representatives of Andrew Zumault, the elder by his first marriage: Henry Zumault, deceased Teney Johnson, late Teney Zumault [Christiner m. John Johnson] Jacob Hensen & wife, late Elizabeth Zumault [Jacob Hiser] Caty Jones, late Caty Zumault, Rachel McCoy, late Rachel Zumault, [m. Daniel McCoy] Benjamin Rogers & wife, late Margaret Zumault, Barbary Zumwalt, Mary Nowel, late Mary Zumault, [m. Reuben Noell] Susan Zumault, George Zumault, dec, Jacob Zumault, Christopher Zumault, John Zumault, Elizabeth Zumault, Mary Zumault, Mr._____ Readenour & wife, late Mary Zumault, [m. Jospeh Ridenhour] John Marke & wife, late Tilley Zumault, [John Mauk and Anna Ottilia] John Link & wife, late Margaret Zumault 8. Frederick S. Weiser, The Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, Frederick County, MD, Parish Register Book II, 1762-1811, p. 78. Although these records are recorded in Frederick County, Maryland, all the records for baptisms on 9, 13 and 19 June 1774 are parents and sponsors in Shenandoah County, Virginia. The pastor was apparently traveling during that time, and recorded these baptisms in his records on returning to Maryland. Johannes Linck and wife Anna Margreth, daughter Magdalena born 10 March 1774; bap. 19 June 1774 Sponsors: Johannes Mack and wife Anna Ottilia 9. Pennsylvania Births and Christenings, 1709-1950, database, FamilySearch Christopher Umwald b. 14 Jan. 1750; bap. 14 Feb. 1750 Parents: Andrew Umwald and wife Regina 10. Adam Zumwalt W9651 pension application", "Southern Campaign American Revolution Statements & Rosters. 11. Andrew Zomwalt will", Frederick Co., VA Will Book 3, pp. 256-257. 12. Evidence that this John Link married Margaret Zumwalt includes: a. See #7 that Margaret Zumwalt married a John Link. b. By 1755 Henry Heiser/Houser, step-brother to John Link moved to (now) Shenandoah Co., VA, and lived in the vicinity of the Zumwalt family. c. Between 1755 and 1769 John Link would have had opportunity to have accompanied or visited Henry Heiser and met Margaret Zumwalt. d. By early 1770, after the death of his father Martin Link in Dec. 1769, John had returned to PA and his son was baptized there. See #29 on Link page. e. See #8 that by 1774 John and Margaret returned to Shenandoah Co. and had [her sister and brother-in-law] John Mauk and wife Anna Ottilia as sponsors. See #34 on Link page. f. In his 1783 will, John Link named John Mauk as an executor. See #35 on Link page. g. One witness to the will of John Link was Frantz Jacob. See #35 on Link page. This would appear to be Johannes Franciscus Jacob who was born 15 Feb. 1732 and baptized at Contwig.32 Frantz Jacob was a first cousin to John Link's wife Margaret. 13. Frederick Co., VA Deed Book No. 14, pp. 422-426. 22/23 Apr. 1771 Henry Sumwalt and wife Catharine to John Mauk. 14. Frederick Co., VA Deed Book No. 14, pp. 431-440. 22/23 Apr. 1771 Christopher Sumwalt and wife Mary to Michael Sumers 26/27 Apr. 1771 Christopher Sumwalt and wif Mary to Henry Sumwalt 15. Shenandoah Co., VA Deed Book K, pp. 564-565. 21 June 1796 Christopher Sumwalt and wife Elizabeth of Harrison Co., KY to Benjamin Grabill. While listed in the deed as Elizabeth, the clerk's rendition of her signature appears to be "Marilissa" in German Script. 16. George Sumwalt will, Harrison Co., KY, Will Book A, pp. 310-311. 17. Harrison Co., KY Court Order Book C, [no page numbers], 12 Feb. 1816 court. 18. Pendleton Co., [West] Virginia, Deed Book 2, pp. 203-205. 7 March 1796 Peter Vandenter and Margaret his wife, widow and relict of John Link, deceased, and Mary Link; and Peter Vandeventer guardian to Elizabeth Link heirs of the said John Link, deceased, of Pendleton County, Virginia, appoint Michael Copp of Shenandoah County, Virginia, to execute a deed to Jacob Zinn of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, for a tract in "Logatico" [Cocalico] Township, Lancaster County, supposed originally to contain 150 acres, which Martin Link, brother of the said John Link, deceased, took one share and sold in conjunction with the said John Link to the said Jacob Zinn but for the part possessed by the said John Link no title had been made. Signed: Peter Vandevinter, Margaret Vandevinter, Mary Link, Peter Vandevinter guardn. 19. Catherine Spiker Kibler, "Shenandoah County, Virgina, Marriage Bonds", (n.p.: n.p., 1939), p. 495. Jacob Sumwald and Caty Miller, 11 Dec. 1774. 20. Harrison Co., KY Deed Book 1, pp. 455-456. 17 Aug. 1799 Jacob Zumalt and wife Catherine to James Berry and John Bery. 21. Return of American Prisoners forwarded from Ticonderoga to their respective States July 18th, 1783 by order of his Excellency General Haldimand p. 279F Number Name Province Township when taken where taken age No. of rations 169 Jno Link Virginia Cantuck June 80 Licking Creek 34 1 170 Margt Link do do do do 36 1/2 171 Jno Link Juno do do do do 13 1/2 172 Caty Link do do do do 10 1/2 173 Molly Link do do do do 8 1/2 174 Sarah Link do do do do 6 1/2 22. Catherine Spiker Kibler, "Shenandoah County, Virgina, Marriage Bonds", (n.p.: n.p., 1939), p. 488. Bartholomew Carroll and Catharine Sumwald 13 Dec. 1772 23. Bartholomew Carrol S35827 Revolutionary War pension application. 28 October 1820 deposition of Bartholomew Carrol stated his wife Catharine was age 76. See #7 that Catharine was a child of Andrew's second wife. See #21 that Margaret, who was from Andrew's first wife that she was born about 1747. One of their ages as given would be incorrect. As Catharine married in 1772, it may more likely be her age that was listed incorrectly, and she may have more likely been born about 1753 than 1744. 24. Ulrick Coonrod Senr. will, Pendleton Co., [West] Virginia Will Book 2, pp. 53-55. Names daughter Elizabeth Sumwolt and her husband John Sumwolt. 25. Bourbon Co., KY, Deed Book B, p. 16. 16 Mar. 1790 Andrew Zumwalt and wife Margaret to Isaace Ruddell 26. Ralph Beaver Strassburger and William John Hinke, Pennsylvania German Pioneers, (Norristown, PA: Pennsylvania German Society, 1934), Vol. 1, p. 175 27. John Zumwalt administration bond, St. Charles Co., Missouri, Deed Book G, p. 97. 27 February 1821 Adam Zumwalt and John Zumwalt are granted administration on the estate of John Zumwalt of St. Charles County, Missouri, who died intestate. 28. Andrew Zumwalt administration bond, St. Charles Co., Missouri, Wills and Letters of Administration 1, p. 142. 9 July 1830 Andrew Zumwalt Senr late of St. Charles County, Missouri, died intestate, and Margaret Zumwalt his widow signed her renunciation to the administration, and William Skinner has given security and granted administration. 29. Contwig, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Register 1, 1692-1764. Marriage section p. 9 29 August 1713 were married Hans Nickel Seegmüller, widower and -------- [occupation] with Susanna Fellerin [female form of Feller] the surviving widow of the deceased Philip Zum Wald, former Hofmann at Weltersweÿler at Weiss Church 30. Contwig, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Register 1, 1692-1764. Baptismal section p. 44 Born 11 Jan. 1714, bap. 21 Jan. 1714 Johann Friedrich Parents: Hans Nickel Seegmüller and Susanna of Oberauerbach Sponsors: Friederich Becker of Oberauerbach, Friederich Hoffman of Niederhauser, Anna Maria Wolffin of Oberauerbach 31. Contwig, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Register 1, 1692-1764. Burial section Died 6 July 1719, bur. 7 July, Johann Friederich Son of Hans Nickel Seegmüller of Oberauerbach; bur. at Unterauerbach [Niederauerbach]; age 5 years and 6 months 32. Contwig, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Register 1, 1692-1764. Baptismal section p. 127 Born 15 Feb. 1732; bap. 22 Feb. 132 Johannes Franciscus Parents: Johann Jacob Jacob citizen at Nieder Auerbach [Niederauerbach] and Anna Maria Ambossin his wife 33. Lützelstein [La Petite Pierre], Bas-Rhin, Alsace, Volume 1, 1637-1787 #2 27 Jan. 1668 Anna Maria baptized Father: Daniel Zum Walt the Ziegler at Peterspach [Petersbach] Mother: Feronica Sponsors: Jacob, son of Peter Cron [Kron] at Peterspach; Anna Maria, daughter of Hans Philipp Helmstetter at Peterspach; Anna Maria, daughter of Jacob Jung at Lohr #3 23 Feb. 1669 Daniel baptized Father: Daniel Zum Weld the Ziegler at Peterspach [Petersbach] Mother: Veronica Because of weakness ----- in the church at Peterspach ------ Sponsors: Hans Philipp Helmstetter the Würth; Lorentz Br--, Hans Nickel Ott the Schneider at Volspurg [Volksberg]; Anna Ursula, daughter of Peter Cron [Kron]; and Elisabeth, daughter of Paul Lutz, Schmid at Peterspach Daniel [buried] 28 Feb. 1669 Son of Meister Daniel Zum Wald the Ziegler at Peterspach 34. Gerhard Hein, Weitersweiler, p. 195. Daniel Zum Wald, Ziegler and Burger at Weitersweiler [Weiterswiller], Bas-Rhin, and wife Veronica had children: Johann Philipp bap. 25 Feb. 1670 Hans Daniel bap. 21 Jan. 1672; died 8 Dec. 1672 Johann Henrich bap. 31 Oct. 1673 Margaretha bap. 8 Aug. 1680; died 16 Jan. 1681 Margaretha bap. 14 Jan. 1682 Daniel died Sep. 1678 age 4 35. Hinzweiler, Rheinland-Pfalz, Baptism, Death, and Marriage Register, 1c, 1703-1799, p. 582. Translation at Jax Zumwalt Web Page, 13 Dec. 2012. Note: This incorrectly lists the date as 1709 rather than 1710. ZUWALT, DANIEL, Ein armer Schweizer Zu Thon gebürtig ist krank nach Hinzweiler, gerbracht worden, etliche Tage allhier gelegen, bis er den 2.3.1709 im Alter von 80 gestorben ist. Translation...DANIEL ZUWALT, An impoverished Swiss native of Thon has been brought sick to Hinzweiler (Germany), lay here for several days until he died on 2 March 1709 at the age of 80. 36. George Lail will, Bourbon Co., KY, Will Book A, pp. 133-134. Included bequest to daughter "Margit Simmolt" and named Andrew "Simmolt" as one executor. 37. Margaret Zumwalt deposition in Adam Zumwalt W9651 Revolutionary War Pension file. Margaret Zumalt of lawful age appears in open Court and after being duly Sworn on her oath disposeth and saith that she has been acquainted with the above Mary Zumwalt ever since the both were children. That they (deponent) and said Mary Zumwalt were both raised in the State of Kentucky that she knows the above named Mary Zumwalt is the widow of the above named Adam Zumwalt that she was present and said Adam Zumwalt and said Mary Zumwalt married but that she said deponent has very little education & is not in the habit of keeping dates and cannot speak positively as to the date of the marriage But she believes it was about the time mentioned in the foregoing declaration to wit the 24th day of May in the year 1785. Signed: Margaret (X her mark) Zumwalt Subscribed & sworn to in open Court before the count court of Warren County Missouri aforesaid on this 20th day of August 1839. [Margaret Zumwalt was the widow of Adam Zumwalt's brother Andrew Zumwalt.] That Margaret had known Mary [Roth] since childhood and was present when she married Adam Zumwalt fits with Margaret Lail, daughter of George. As noted on WikiTree: "This primary source testimony makes it impossible to assign her to a Baldridge family, because none of the Baldridges were there." 38. Elizabeth Zumault deposition, 8 June 1820. This day personally appeared before the undersigned two Justices of the peace in and for the County aforesaid Elizabeth Zumwalt and deposeth and saith that Andrew Zumwalt Died in Shenandoah County and State of Virginia and that She Knew nothing of the Property he died possessed of but as to heres [sic, heirs] She believes that there was Henry Zumwalt George Zumwalt Elizabeth Zumwalt Anney Till Zumwalt Peggy Zumwalt which I have understood ware [sic] by his first wife and that Christopher Zumwalt Catharine Zumwalt Jacob Zumwalt John Zumwalt Adam Zumwalt Andrew Zumwalt ware by his last wife. For a transcription of other information from the court case, see this page. 39. St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, St. Charles, MO Translations of Parish Records, pp. 115-116. 22 Jan. 1801 Jacob Somwhalt, on of Christophe Sommewhalt and Elisabeth Shever, native of Pennsylvania, married Sara Hosteter, daughter of Francis Hosteter and Frankque Sheets, native of Maryland. 40. St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, St. Charles, MO Translations of Parish Records, pp. 113-114. 4 Nov. 1800 Jacob Sommewalt, widower of Queti Miller, native of Virginia, married Franqui Price, daughter of Quely Price and Lise Thomas, native of Virginia 41. Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin, Book Baptisms 1656-1706, Marriages 1655-1761, p. 89 [left page]. Transcription [with spelling corrections] Ao 1665 der 23 January ward zu Wolfes- heim ein gesegnet Daniel Zum Wald von Thun, Berner gebiethes; seines handwerk ein Ziegler; anjetzo zu Barr diensthaft Stephan Zum Wald seel. Ehelicher sohn Mit Jungfr. Veronica Rickel von Rohrbach, Berner gebiethes; anjetzo zu Barr diensthaft Peter Rickels des Wagners Eheliche Tochter Rough translation: 23 January 1665 was at Wolfisheim was married Daniel Zum Wald of Thun, Bern region; his trade a brick/tile maker; now subject of the Barr rulers the legitimate son of the deceased Stephan Zum Wald with the maiden Veronica Rickel of Rohrbach, Bern region; now at Barr subject of the Barr rulers legitimate daughter of the wagonmaker Peter Rickel 42. Evangelische-Reformierte Kirche, Rohrbach, Canton Bern, Switzerland, Rohrbach Book 2, Baptisms 1626-1653, Marriages 1626-1687. p. 149 Verena baptized 23 Feb. 1645 Parents: Peter Rickli of Dietwyl and Elsbeth Hochstrasser Sponsors: Ludi Flückinger [Flückiger], Christina -itshman, Verena Loutz? 43. Barr baptismal index, 1642-1793. Elisabetha Zumwaldin 19 Apr. 1666 Parents are not listed in the index, and the baptisms from 1665-1668 are either not microfilmed or extant. As this is where Daniel was living when married in #41, this is undoubtedly his child.


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