Tobias MÜLLER was born about 1560 and was first found in records at Bockenheim (now 
Saarunion), Alsace-Lorraine. His first wife was Sara and his second that he married
on 17 Nov. 1612 was Anna GARNIER, widow of Paul Peter TUCHMANN.1

Tobias MÜLLER had two known children:
1. Elisabeth MÜLLER b. ca. 1588; m. Peter LÖFFELKORB 31 May 1608;1
2. Tobias MÜLLER b. ca. 1590 m.1 Eva KOCHER 16 June 1613;1 m. 2. Maria GOTTFRO
   5 November 1622;1 m.3 Maria, widow of Wensel SCHMIDT 19 Sep. 1648;2
   She died in August 1683, age 83.3

Tobias MÜLLER the younger was associated with Abraham JACOB at Bockenheim when Abraham was sponsor
for Tobias' son Johann Philipp in 1626. Both families moved from Bockenheim to Zweibrücken
about 1633 when Tobias MÜLLER of Bockenheim had a child baptized at Zweibrücken, for which one
of the sponsors was Johanna, wife of Abraham Jacob, Schumacher of Bockenheim. In 1641 Tobias'
daughter Elisabetha marrried Abraham's son Hans Christoffel.

Tobias MÜLLER and first wife Eva KOCHER had children:
1. Sara MÜLLER bap. 14 Sep. 1614 Bockenheim;4 m. Peter METZ 5 January 1637;2
2. Elisabetha MÜLLER bap. 20 October 1616 Bockenheim;4 m. Hans Christoffel JACOB
   14 Dec. 1641;2 bur. 27 Nov. 1676;3
3. Tobias MÜLLER bap. 11 Dec. 1618 Bockenheim4
4. Johanna MÜLLER bap. 1 May 1621 Bockenheim4

Tobias MÜLLER and second wife Maria GOTTFRO had children:
1. Susanna MÜLLER bap. 19 Oct. 1623 Bockenheim;4 m. Christoffel LAUFF
   10 Nov. 1646;
2. Johann Philipp MÜLLER bap. 4 June 1626 Bockenheim4
3. Johann Phillip MÜLLER bap. 4 Nov. 1627 Bockenheim4
4. Johanna Catharina MÜLLER bap. 15 Sep. 1633 Zweibrücken3
5. Casimer Abraham MÜLLER bap. 5 Apr. 1640 Zweibrücken3
6. Tobias MÜLLER bap. 2 Oct. 1642 Zweibrücken3
7. Judith MÜLLER bap. 23 Apr. 1645 Zweibrücken3
8. Anna Catharina MÜLLER bap. 9 Mar. 1648 Zweibrücken3

Tobias MÜLLER's third wife Maria died Aug. 1683, age 83.

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