Andreas WEIDMANN was born about 1625 and was died on 14 Jan. 1705 at Niederauerbach,
Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, and was bureid the following day, age 80.1

Andreas WEIDMANN was the father of two known children:
1. Catharina Elisabetha WEIDTMANN2 b. ca. 1655; m. Hans Wolffgang JACOB m.  
   13 Apr. 1675;2;
2. Hans Philip WEIDANN3 b. ca. 1663;

1. Contwig, Germany, Baptisms, Confirmations, Deaths, Marriages, and Deaths Book 1, 1692-1764. Deaths p. 2, 1704 the 14th January died and the 15th same buried at Unteraurbach [Unterauerbach = Niederauerbach] Andreas Weÿdmann from Unteraurbach [Unterauerbach] age 80 2. Zweibrücken, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, marriage register 1607-1744, FHL Microfilm 434563. #915 13 April 1675 Hans Wolff Jacob, legitimate son of Hans Christoff Jacob, Burger [citizen] and Schuhmacher [Shoemaker] of here and Elisabetha, legitimate daughter of Andres Weidtmann of Nider Uhrbach [Niederauerbach] married at Uhrbach [Niederauerbach] 3. Zweibrücken, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany 1662-1744 baptisms, confirmations, death book, FHL Microfilm 434558. Baptisms #644 8 Jan. 1682 Johanna Eva Father: Hanns Wolff Jacob, Schuster [Cobler] Mother: Cathrina Sponsors: Hans Philip, son of Andress Weidmann; Johann, wife of Hans Peter Trautmann; Eva Elisabeth, daughter of Christoffel Wahnen #733 June 1684 [name not listed] Father: Hans Wolff Jacob, Schuster [Cobler] Mother: Cathrina Elisabeth Sponsors: Friederich Christian Omphaliech, son of Herr Omphalii; Hans Philipp Weidmann of Nid Aurbach [Niederauerbach]


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