Mr. TENNIS/TENNISON had children:
1. John TENNISON b. ca. 16281 Holland;2 m. Elizabeth, d. Jan. 1682/3
   St. Mary's Co., MD3
2. Justinian TENNISON born ca. 16295 Weymouth4 or Yarmouth,2 England; m. 
   Katherine GRESHAM;6 d. between 23 Jan.7 (or Feb.)8 and 8 July 1699 Charles.
   Co., MD7,8

That Justinian, brother of John, and Justinian, son of John both died about
1699 has caused confusion for some researchers.  Justinian, brother of John
died testate in Charles County.  He made his wife (not named) his executrix.
That she was Katherine was shown in that in July 1699 in Charles County
the will of Justinian TENNIS was proved by the three witnesses, and Katherine
TENNIS, executrix, posted testamentary bond of 60 pounds sterling with
Thomas CLAXON and Thomas SIMSON as security.9

Justinian, son of John died ca. 1699 in St. Mary's County.  In May 1699
in St. Mary's County Eliza: TENNISON posted administrative bond of 150
pounds with John SHANKES and Danl: HENLY as security.10 

John TENNISON and Elizabeth had children:
1. John11 TENNISON d. before 170012
2. Mary11 TENNISON m. William CHESHIRE11
3. Matthew11 TENNISON
4. Justinian11 TENNISON m. Elizabeth SHANKS;13 d. ca. 1699 St. Mary's Co., MD10
5. Absolom11 TENNISON

Justinian TENNIS the elder was in Northumberland Co., VA by 1650, at which
time John MOTTROM patented 250 acres who had the rights on assignment from
Justinian TENNIS who transported 5 persons into the colony.14 Justinian TENNIS
is last found in Northumberland Co. on 10 April 1666 when he was appointed
a constable.15  In Sep. 1668 Justinian DENNIS of St. Mary's Co., MD demanded
a warrant for 350 acres for having transported himself, Katherine his wife,
Jane/Jean (spelled both ways), Barbara, Justinian, and Mary his children
and William SOMERSETT his servant into the province.16

Justinian TENNISON (TENNIS) and wife Katherine GRESHAM had children:
1. Jane16 TENNISON b. say 1657 Northumberland Co., VA;17 m. Vincent MANSELL/MANSFIELD18
   d. between 22 June 168719 and 18 Jan. 1687/8 St. Mary's Co., MD18
2. Barbara7,8,16 TENNISON b. say 1660 Northumberland Co., VA;17 m. Oliver BURCH;20,21
   died between 16 Aug. 172934 and 14 June 1743;35 Charles Co., MD
3. Justinian16 TENNISON b. say 1663 Northumberland Co., VA;17 never married
   died 15 July 1686 St. Mary's Co., MD26
4. Mary TENNISON7,8,16 b. say 1666 Northumberland Co., VA;17  She
   did NOT marry George DEMENT/DIAMOND.  His wife was Mary, eldest daughter of
   William TYMOTHY.22
5. John7,8 TENNISON b. say 1668 Charles Co., MD;17 m. Sarah24 LEMASTER;23
   d. between 12 Apr. 1743;24 and 24 July 1745;25 Charles Co., MD
6. Catherine7,8 TENNISON b. say 1670 Charles Co. MD;17 m. John SCOTT;21,27 living
   19 Apr. 172528
7. Tracie7,8 TENNISON b. say 1672 Charles Co., MD;17 m. Abraham PRICE36
8. Elizabeth7,8 TENNISON b. say 1674 Charles Co., MD;17 m. James WILLIAMS;27,30
   living 27 Aug. 172429
9. Sarah7,8 TENNISON b. say 1676 Charles Co., MD;17 possibly m. John NOE33
10. Christian7,8,32 TENNISON b. say 1678;17 m.1. Samuel COOKSEY;20,30,31
    m.2. John LEMASTER;20,27,31 d. spring 1759 Charles Co., MD32

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