Martin LINK was in Heidelberg Twp., Berks Co., PA, by the time of a 1752 tax
list.19 He was associated with Adam Shoeck when they advertised that 
Hans Zimmerman of Cocallico, Lancaster Co., had received bonds and notes from
them in an unreasonable manner, bearing several dates. They forbid all persons
from buying such bonds from said Zimmerman, "for we will not pay them, having
no Consideration for them."40 A notice in a German language newspaper on
1 Apr. 1756 listed a plantation for sale in Heidelberg Twp., Berks Co., on
Cacoosing Creek, including a grist and saw mill and two houses where Martin LINCK
and Adam SCHOEK live.23 

On 30 Aug. 1759 as Martin LINK of Heidelberg Twp., yeoman, he purchased what
would appear to be that tract from Conrad WEISER, Esquire, and wife Eve of
Reading, Berks Co., for 175 pounds money of Pennsylvania. It was 31 acres,
part in Heidelberg Twp., and part in Cumru Twp., on which was erected a water
corn mill and saw mill, adjacent to Lodowick MOON and Conrad WEISER. The deed
was witnessed by Benja PARVIN and Benja LIGHTFOOT. William TALLMAN and Benja
LIGHTFOTT witnessed for Eve WEISER. It was acknowleded on 21 January 1760.20

For the 1767 tax list for Heidelberg Twp., Martin LINK had 2 grist and saw mills
30 acres, 1 horese, 2 cattle, and no sheep. In the 1768 tax list as Martin
LINCK he was listed as a miller with 30 acres, 2 horses, 2 cattle, and 1 sheep.21

Martin LINK was involved in a number of court cases in Berks County.41
May 1764 Martin LINK vs. Peter BATHOLOMEW Capias Covenant
Feb. 1765 George BIEGLER vs. Martin LINK. Capias Case
Feb. 1765 Adam WITMAN, assee of  Martin LINK vs. George BEIGLER. Capias Debt £30
Nov. 1765 Conrad SCHITZ vs. Martin LINCK Fi[eri] Fa[cias]
Feb. 1768 Martin LINK vs. George HILL. Summons Case
May 1768 Martin LINK and Catharine his wife vs. Frederick ROHRBAUST. Capias Case
Feb. 1769 Paul GARE, assee of John SHOCK, executor of Ulrich SHOCK (who was assee
          of Hans ZIMMERMAN), vs. Martin LINK. Capias Debt £18
May 1769 Paul GARE, assee of John SHORK, executor of Ulrich SHORK (who was assee
          of Hans ZIMMERMAN), vs. Martin LINK. Alias Capias Debt £18
May 1770 Paul GARER, assee of John SHORK (executor of Ulrich SHORK), who was assee
         of Hans ZIMMERMAN), vs. Catharine LINK, administratrix of Marth LINK
         dec'd. Summons Debt £18

Martin LINK, miller, died about Dec. 1769 in Heidelberg Twp., Berks Co., PA,
and letters of administration were issued to his widow Catharine on 8 Mar. 1770.1
He and Catherine,1 had two children:
1. John LINK1 b. ca. 1749;11 m. Anna34 Margretha "Margaret";8,11,34,35 ZUMWALT d. from
   11 Oct. 1783,35 to 1 May 1787;2 Shenandoah Co., VA27,35,36
2. Martin LINK1; m. Elizabetha Härd 28 Sep. 1790;39 d. after 1792;5

After Martin's death, his widow Catharine LINK (also spelled LINCK) on 1 April 1773
made a deed for the tract of 31 acres to Jacob HEISER of Heidelberg Twp. for 252 pounds,
he having been the highest bidder at a public sale on 1 May 1771. It was described
as adjacent to Ludwig MOHN, George HILL, Casper STIFT, and others. It was witnessed
by James WHITEHEAD and Michl. HOPKINS and acknowledged by Catharine LINCK on 
16 April 1773, but not recorded until 1792.22 Jacob was either her son from her
first marriage, or her step-son. Jacob HEISER and wife Susanna sold the tract on
16 April 1773 to George Michael HELL.22

According to an 1806 court case, Catherine moved to Shenandoah Co., VA, where
she died.27 Her will was written there on 21 Apr. 1799 and proved 10 Sep. 1799.
She left everything to her "beloved" son "Henry Haeser". Henry Hiser was granted
administration with the will annexed. The mark she made in signing her will was
identical to that she made when she obtained letters of administration on her
husband Martin Link in Berks Co., PA.30 That mark would appear to be a German
script capital "H". She apparently had some estate still in Berks Co., PA, as
letters of administration were issued there to her "stepson" Henry HEISER on
30 Nov. 1799.28 Henry's mark on the administration bond would appear to be
the same that he made on deeds in Shenandoah County.32

From depositions in 1806 in Shenandoah Co., VA, it would appear that Catherine was
the widow of Daniel HEISER/HISOR when she married Martin LINK.27 Whether Henry HEISER
was a son as stated in her will, or a stepson as stated in the letters of administration
is not known. If he was a stepson, then Henry would have been a son of Daniel from a
first marriage. Jacob HEISER who purchased land of Catharine in 1773 may have been the son
of Catharine by Daniel HEISER, as he would appear to be only about two years older than John
Daniel HEISER's two known children:
1. Henry HEISER27,34 m. Catherine -?-;32,34 d. after 1810;33
2. Jacob HEISER27 b. ca. 1747;21 m. Susanna29,31,38 MAURER 30 Nov. 1769;38
   d. 18 Nov. 1789 to 31 Dec. 1789 Shenandoah Co., VA27,31

While living in Berks County, Martin LINK also bought a tract in 1763 of 158 3/4
acres in Cocalico Twp., Lancaster County. While that deed is not found in the indexes,
the purchase is referenced in the sale in 1792 by Martin's son Martin.5

From the Revolutionary War pension application of John Zinn, who was born in
Berks County, Pennsylvania, in 1763 he was taken with his "uncle John Links" to
Augusta Co., VA, and about Sep. 1779 went with said uncle to Ruddle's Station,
now Bourbon Co., KY, where they arrived in January  1780. On 24 June 1780 the
station was attacked by Captain Byrd with about 150-200 British regulars, two
pieces of cannon, and about 500 Indians. At their surrender, there were about
50 or 60 effective men bound to military duty and between 100 and 150 others
of old men, women, and children, who were taken in small parties by the Indians
to Detroit.12

On a 22 July 1782 list of return of Rebel Prisoners in the Province of Quebec 
was Jno Link, age 33, of "Keantuck" [Kentucky]  who was prisoner at
Coteau du Lac, Quebec, Canada. On 3 Nov. 1782 Jno Link was listed as remains on
an island at Coteau du Lac and had obtained permission to build a house.
A return dated 18 July 1783 of American prisoners forwarded from Ticonderoga
to their respective states included:11
Jno. Link 34
Margt. Link  36
Jno Link Jr. 13
Caty Link 10
Molly Link 8
Sarah Link 6
Their daughter Susannah was not listed and either omitted or probably born
about this time. The fact that her parents and siblings were held captive
in Quebec may account for information circulated in the 1980s and 1990s among
descendants of Susanna that she was born in France. 

Martin Link Sr. also owned land in Lancaster Co., PA. John Link had died
by 1787 as shown by the petition of his brother Martin Link regarding
their father Martin's land in Lancaster County.2

Later in 1787 Martin wished to hold the land and secure that he would pay
the widow and representatives of his deceased brother John their shares.3 
A distribution on the valuation was made in 1789 showing that Martin Link Sr.'s
widow Catharine was still living.4

On 15 May 1792 Martin Link, of Cocalico Twp., Lancaster Co., yeoman, sold
the land to George Zinn of the same, carpenter.5 On the same date
George Zinn sold it to Jacob Zinn.6 In consecutive households in
the 1790 Cocalico Twp., Lancaster Co. census were:
Martin  Link
Jacob Zin Jur.
Phillip Birch
George Zin
Jacob Zin7

That John LINK's wife was named Margaret and that she secondly married Peter
VANDEVENTER was shown by a Power of Attorney in 1796 from Pendleton Co., [West]
Virginia, for Michael COPP [Margaret's son-in-law] to represent them to execute
a deed to Jacob ZINN for a tract in Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, PA,
which John's brother Martin LINK had sold, but no title had been made for the
part possessed by John LINK. The body of the document listed Peter VANDEVENTER,
his wife Margaret, widow of John LINK, [her daughter] Mary LINK, and Peter as 
guardian to Elizabeth LINK. There were two provings of the document listed on 
the same date. One that it was acknowledged by Peter VANDEVENTER, Margaret 
VANDEVENTER, Mary LINK, and [blank] as guardian to Elizbeth LINK. The second
was the same except that it listed Peter as the guardain to Susanna LINK.8 
On the same date 7 March 1796 Peter VANDEVENTER was appointed guardian to Elizabeth LINK.25 

The same Power of Attorney was recorded in Lancaster County, except the body
of the document listed Peter VANDEVENTER as the guardian to Susanna [not
Elizabeth] LINK. There was also only one listing of the document being 
acknowledged, and again it was Peter VANDEVENTER who acknowledged as 
guardian for Susanna LINK.42 That POA was followed in the Lancaster
Co. book with another POA from Frederick PLUM [also spelled PLUME] and wife
Sarah, daughter of John LINK, to  Michael CAPP. That document also gave him
authorization to sell to George ZINN and Jacob ZINN, not just Jacob ZINN.43
Sons John Jr. (if still living), and daughter Sarah would had to have executed
separate POAs to Catherine's husband Michael COPP. The fact that John's son Martin
was not included on the POA may indicate he had a different guardian, perhaps
either his brother John, or the husband of one of his two married sisters,
any of which may have been better able to provide for him and teach him a trade. 

Peter VANDEVENTER appeared in personal property tax lists in Pendleton
County through 1804 (See source 18 on LEWIS/McCOY page.

Peter and Margaret then moved to Washington Co., TN, where her sons-in-law
Michael COP, Frederick BLUM, and Jacob McCOY appear on tax lists.9 Numerous
members of the BROYLES/BRILES family with which the family associated were
also on those lists, including Tobias BRILES who witnessed Peter's will in
Harrison Co., IN. Peter was probably over the age to be taxed, and owned no
land, so he is not found in the tax lists. Margaret died before 7 October 1811,
at which time Peter VANDEVENTER had a marriage bond with Mary CASNER, with his
step-son-in-law Jacob McCOY as his bondsman.24

Peter VANDEVENTER along with sons-in-law Frederick BLUME and Jacob McCOY then
moved to Harrison Co., Indiana, by 27 Mar. 1815 when Peter VANDEVENDER sold
horses, cows, and household goods to Jacob THESMER.26 Peter wrote his will in
1820 which named several of his step-daughters.10 As his second
wife Mary was not named, she apparently died before that time. 

John LINK and wife Anna34 Margaret8,11,34,35,42 ZUMWALT37 had children:
1. John LINK11 b. 16 Dec. 1769 Lancaster Co., PA;11,29; d. before 1806;27
2. Catherine LINK10,11,27 b. ca. 1771;11 m. Michael CUPP10,27/COPP 29 Dec. 1791;13
   d. after 1850;14
3. Mary "Molly" "Polly" LINK8,10,11,27,42 b. ca. 1773;11 m. Abner27 MORAN10/MOREHEAD27
4. Magdalena LINK b. 10 March 1774 Shenandoah Co., VA;34 d. before 1783;11
5. Sarah LINK10,11,27 b. ca. 1776;11 m. Frederick BLUME10,27 19 Oct. 1795;13
   d. 13 Jan. 1848 Harrison Co., IN, bur. Conrad Hottel Cem., White Cloud,
   Harrison Co., Indiana15
6. Susanna LINK8,10,27,42 b. ca. 1783;45 m.1. Mr. LEWIS;16 m. 2. Jacob17 McCOY10,16,27; 
   d. 11 Dec. 1867 Marion Co., OR, bur. Miller Cem., Silverton,
   Marion Co., OR18
7. Martin LINK b. ca. 1785; living 1806;27

1. Martin Link estate file, Berks Co., PA. 8 Mar. 1770 letters of administration to Catharine Link, widow, of Martin Link of Heidelberg Twp., with John Hartman [signed Johannes Hartiman] of the town of Reading, taylor, and Henry Rüthmeyer [signed Heinrich Reuthmeyer] of Reading, wheelwright as security. 30 Mar. 1771 petition of Catharine Linck, administratrix of Martin Linck late of Heidelbert Twp., deceased, miller, that he died about fifteen months ago leaving a widow, the petitioner, and two children John Linck and Martin Linck, the youngest of which is still under age 21. 2. Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, Miscellaneous Books 1784-1787, p. 443. 1 May 1787 Petition of Martin Links, minor son of Martin Links late of Berks County, yeoman, setting forth that the said Martin Links died intestate with a tract of land in Cocalico Township, Lancaster County containing about 158 3/4 acres, leaving a widow and two children, the petitioner and John Links an elder Brother who is since dead and prays the court award an inquest as to whether the tract can be divided amongst the widow and children without injury to the same. 3. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Miscellaneous Books 1784-1787, pp. 488-490. 12 October 1787 The court resumed an inquisition returned to this court by the Sheriff of Lancaster on the seventh day of June last, taken in pursuance of an order of this Cort made on the first day of May last... twelve good men....viewed a certain plantation and tract in Cocalico Township in the County of Lancaster containing about 158 3/4 acres... late the property of Martin Links, deceased who died intestate...Martin Links the son of said Martin Links, deceased praying for a confirmation of said plantation to him inasmuch as he was willing to pay or secure to be paid to the representative of John Links, his deceased brother and to the widow their respective shares. 4. Lancaster Co., PA Miscellaneous Books 1788-1891, pp. 382-383. 12 April 1789 The court resumes the consideration of the distribution of valuation money of a tract in Cocalico Township, Lancaster County confirmed by and order of this Court to Martin Links one of the sons of the deceased on 12 October 1787 and do order the valuation money amounting to 235 pounds be distributed as follows: to Catherine the widow of the said deceased the sum of 4/14/0 yearly during her natural life, being the interest on a principal of 78/6/8, one third of the valuation. After the death of the widow to be the sum is to be divided amongst the children of the deceased or their legal representatives: To the representatives of John Links, the eldest son of the deceased, the sum of 104/2/3 with interest from 12 April 1789; to Martin Links another son the sum of 52/11/1 with interest from 12 April 1789. 5. Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, Deed Book WW, pp. 483-486. 15 May 1792 Martin Link of Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, yeoman, to George Zinn of the same, Carpenter, whereas Joseph Burghard, Nathaniel Burghard, Jehu Burghard, Peter Burghard and Salome his wife by their deed [blank] 1763 granted a tract of 158 1/4 acres adjoining Abraham Weidman, Jacob Seller, Nicholas Wineholt, Conrad Friedly, George Road, Christian Andreas, George Ury, and Jacob Kissinger to Martin Link in fee. The said Martin died intestate and left his widow and two sons John Link his eldest son since deceased and the said Martin Link (party hereto). At an Orphans Court on 12 October 1787 it was ordered said Martin Link should enjoy the tract and pay the several shares of the widow and to the representatives of John Link, the eldest son of the deceased. Said Martin Link for 150 pounds delivers the tract to George Zinn subject to the purchase money and interest now due and hereafter to become due and also the the several shares of Catherine Link, widow of Martin Link, deceased, and to the representatives of John Link according to the distribution. Signed: Marin (his mark) Link Witness: Tobias Ream, Henry Ream Acknowledged 23 April 1794 by Martin Link 6. Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, Deed Book WW, pp. 487-489. 7. Martin Link household, 1790 Cocalico Twp., Lancaster Co., PA, census, p. 176. 8. Pendleton Co., [West] Virginia, Deed Book 2, pp. 203-205. 7 March 1796 Peter Vandenter and Margaret his wife, widow and relict of John Link, deceased, and Mary Link; and Peter Vandeventer guardian to Elizabeth Link heirs of the said John Link, deceased, of Pendleton County, Virginia, appoint Michael Copp of Shenandoah County, Virginia, to execute a deed to Jacob Zinn of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, for a tract in "Logatico" [Cocalico] Township, Lancaster County, supposed originally to contain 150 acres, which Martin Link, brother of the said John Link, deceased, took one share and sold in conjunction with the said John Link to the said Jacob Zinn but for the part possessed by the said John Link no title had been made. Signed: Peter Vandevinter, Margaret Vandevinter, Mary Link, Peter Vandevinter guardn. 7 March 1796 the Power of Attorney from Peter Vandeventer and Margaret Vandeventer, Mary Link and [blank] guardian to Elizabeth Link to Michael Coop and acknowledged by the said Peter, Margaret, Mary & [blank] 7 March 1796 the Power of Attorney from Peter Vandeventer and Margaret Vandeventer, Mary Link and Margaret his wife widow and relict of John Link & Mary Link & Peter Vandeventer guardian to Susanna Link, heirs of said John, deceased was acknowledged by the said Peter, Margaret, Mary & Peter. 9. Washington Co., TN tax lists. 1806 Captain Gruro Company Frederick Plum [Blum] Jacob McCoy John Mauk Michael Cop 1808 Captain Gwins Company Jacob McCoy Frederick Blum John Mauk 1809 Ira Greens Company Michael Cop Frederick Blum John Mauk 1810 Capt. Greens Company Michael Coss [Cop] Frederick Plume [Blum] John Mauk Jacob McCoy 1811 Capt. Green's Company Michael Cop 10. Peter Vandevander will, Harrison County, Indiana, Will Record A, pp. 98-99. 4 May 1820 Peter Vandevander will of Harrison County County, Indiana To step children Catharine Link (now Catharine Copp) the heirs of Polly Link lately Polly Moran, deceased, Sarah Link now Sarah Blume, and Susanna Link now Susanna McCoy all the landed estate as well as personal estate I now own either legally or equitably in Pendleton County, Virginia, each one fourth part, as tenants in common not as joint tenants. My step daughters aforesaid shall not inherit nor their heirs any other or further portion of my estate real or personal. Frederick Blume to be executor Signed: Peter (X his mark) Vandevender Witness: Tobias Briles, David Conrod, John Cosner? May Term 1824 proved by David Conrod and Tobias Briles 11. Canadiana Heritage, Haldimand Papers transcriptions, Reel H-1738. Papers and Correspondence relating to Rebel Prisonsers, n.d., 1778-1783 MG 21, Add. Mss. 21843, (B-183). [starts at image 62 above] Return of Rebel Prisoners in the Province of Quebec, 22 July 1782. p. 247H, #249 Jno. Link, age 33, taken Keantuck 24 June 1780 Province belongs to: Virginia Where Prisoner: Coteau du Lac Return of Prisoners who have requested to remain in the Province, 3 Nov. 1782 p. 258 Jno. Links remains on an Island at Coteau du Lac where he has obtained permission to build a house, taken at Kentuck, Virginia, 24th June 1780 Return of American Prisoners forwarded from Ticonderoga to their respective States July 18th, 1783 by order of his Excellency General Haldimand p. 279F Number Name Province Township when taken where taken age No. of rations 169 Jno Link Virginia Cantuck June 80 Licking Creek 34 1 170 Margt Link do do do do 36 1/2 171 Jno Link Juno do do do do 13 1/2 172 Caty Link do do do do 10 1/2 173 Molly Link do do do do 8 1/2 174 Sarah Link do do do do 6 1/2 12. John Zinn W6379, Revolutionary War Pension application 12 May 1834 "He has no record of his age, nor has he any other data by which he can ascertain his age except that his uncle John Link told him in February 1780 that he was over the age of sixteen therefore he must have been born in the year 1763 but the time of the year was not ever known to this declarant which is the reason that he says that he is about seventy one years. He was born in the County of Berks in the State of Pennsylvania and lived in said county and state with his father until he was about twelve years old when his uncle John Links took him to the county of Augusta State of Virginia and he has not seen his father since that time. He remained in Augusta Virginia until about September 1779 when he moved with his said uncle to Riddles Station, then in the district of Kentucky State of Virginia now in Bourbon county Kentucky where he arrived in the month of January 1780.... " How John Link was an uncle to John Zinn is not certain. If a true uncle, then John Zinn's father would not have been a brother to either Martin Link or wife Catharine. John Zinn's mother would not have been a Link, as Martin Link's estate file (#1) indicates he only had two children, John and Martin. It would also not appear that John Zinn's mother was a Zumwalt, sister to Margaret, as no Zinn was listed as having married a daughter of Andrew Zumwalt in the 1820 court case. (see #7 on the Zumwalt page) If John Zinn's mother was a Heiser and daughter of Catherine, then she and John Link would have been half siblings, and John Link would have been John Zinn's uncle. 13. Shenandoah Co., VA marriage bonds. Michael Copp and Catharine Link, Bondsman Christian Grayble. Back of bond says Chr. Grayble Guardian consented. Frederick Plume and Sarah Link, Bondsman: Michael Copp 14. John W. Gray household, 1850 Washington Co., TN, census, p. 213A. 15. Sarah Blume headstone, Conrad Hottel Cem., White Cloud Cem., Harrison Co., Indiana. 16. Lynne C. Morris Keasling, Early Marriage Consents and Records in Harrison County, Indiana: January 1810 to December 1832, (Corydon, IN: Hoosier Elm Chapter NSDAR, 2011). Image of Susanna McCoy signed consent for marriage of daughter Mary Lewis. The author was contacted to obtain a copy of the original and this was their response: "About 6 years ago the Co Clerk's Archives were moved to a location again in the old original courthouse during a County wide records move. My DAR group helped in the sorting and stacking of things. I found a folder/box of old marriage consents that I was positive had not been at least copied. So another DAR sister and I sorted them, copied and put into book form. The folder/box (I don't quite remember what it was in) was then moved to the Clerk's archives kept locked. I checked my book copy and indeed there is the Mingles permission slip that I will copy for you. All we have is the xeroxed copy of the original permission. I searched diligently through the Clerk's boxes and did not find that collection. They did have a box of the earlier ones but this was not among them. Those had been put into book for in probably the 1950's. The County Clerk even came down and we both looked everywhere for those loose slips that I had found some years ago. IF they are there--they are in another box but their files are very well organized. It IS possible that somehow they have been "removed/taken" or ? So I will send you a copy from my book of those "Unearthed" copies." 17. See LEWIS, Note #6. 18. Susanna McCoy memorial, Miller Cem., Silverton, Marion Co.,OR 19. Richard T. and Mildred C. Williams, 1752 List of Taxables, Berks County, Pennsylvania, (Danboro, Pennsylvania: R. T. and M. C. Williams), p. 15. 20. Berks Co., PA, Deed Record A, No. 2, pp. 75-79. 21. William Henry Egle, Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd Series, Vol. XVIII, (Harrisburg: Wm. Stanley Ray, State Printer, 1897), pp. 51 and 134. In addition to Martin Link in 1767 and 1768 Heidelberg Twp., in 1767 Cumru Twp., p. 32 was Jacob Zinn. In 1768 Cumru Twp., p. 120 was Jacob Zinn, and p. 121 was Jacob Heiser, a single man. As he was not identified in 1767, it would suggest that he had just turned 21 as was born about 1747. See also #38 were Jacob Heiser was of Cumru Twp. when he married the following year. 22. Berks Co., PA Deed Record 12, pp. 396-397. Catharine Link to Jacob Heiser. The following deed, pp. 397-399 is Jacob Heiser and wife Susanna to George Michael Hell. 23. Edward W. Hocker, Genealogical Data Relating to the German Settlers of Pennsylvania and Adjacent Territory from Advertisements in German Newspapers Published in Philadelphia and Germantown, 1743-1800 (Baltimore, MD: Clearfield Co., Inc., 2003), p. 55. 24. Washington Co., TN, Marriage Licenses and Bonds, Peter Vandeventer-Mary Casner marriage bond. 25. Pendleton Co., [West] Virginia, County Court Record Book 1794-1800, p. 58. 26. Boone-Douglas Family Papers, 1809-1891, Manuscript and Vistual Collections Department, William Henry Smith Memorial Libaray, Indiana Historicl Society, Indianapolis, Indiana. 27. Shenandoah County, Virginia, Chancery Court Case 1815-004 Heirs of John Link vs. Heirs of Jacob Heiser Shenandoah County, Virginia, Chancery Court, 20 October 1806; filed November 1807 Michael Copp and Catharine his wife, Abner Morehead and Molly his wife, Frederick Plumb and Salley his wife, Jacob McKoy and Susan his wife, and Martin Link, which said Catharine, Molly, Salley, Susan and Martin are children and heirs at law of John Link, deceased. John Link departed his life in the County of Shenandoah some considerable time ago entitled to a mile [sic, mill] and piece of Land situate in [blank] County in the state of Pennsylvania, as heir at law to his father M Link, deceased, but the said John Link died having left his father and the state when very young and wandered through different parts of the Visten(?) [Western?] County finally made his residence in this county where he died: and being an ignorant man and particularly of the Laws did not know his rights; that long previous to his death his Mother Catharine Link widow and relict of his father Martin Link, deceased, intermarried with a certain Jacob Heiser now deceased who in conjunction with his said wife sold and conveyed the said mile [mill] and land for a large sum of money to wit £ [blank] Pennsylvania currency and gave up the possession thereof and removed to this county where they both died...your orators and oratrixes having made some enquiries of counsel in the said state of Pennsylvania as to their rights have been advised that they are barred by length of time, whether this opinion is according to the laws or not they cannot say but there being a doubt about their legal or equitable title and their dispersed situation and distance from the land when legal remedies must be pursued and they being very poor they are deterred from commencing any action for the recovery of the land and determined to pursue the estate of the said Jacob Heiser, deceased, to recover the purchase money being so much money received by him ... the said Jacob Heiser departed this life sometime about the year [blank] leaving Abm. Greable his executor and leaving Mary Heiser, Jacob Heiser, Elizabeth [Heiser], Daniel Heiser, Susannah Heiser, and John Heiser his children and heirs at law, which Mary hath since intermarried with a certain John Moore who your orators and oratrixes may be made defendants to this his bill of complaint. They further show that Abraham Greable the executor of said Jacob Heiser, deceased, hath become insane and Christian Greable his security have taken unto his hand the personal estate of said Jacob Heiser, deceased... and the said John Moore hath received a part of said estate in right of his wife... most of your orators and oratrixes residing in the state of Tennessee, five or six hundred mile from where the land lies. They believe they can establish... these facts that their Grand father the said Martin Link died intestate leaving John Link now also deceased his heir at law and also leaving & being seized of the mile [mill] & land aforesaid, that at his death the said John Link was wandering through what was then called the new country, that Jacob Heiser intermarried with the widow of said Martin Link deceased and sold the mile [mill] & land for [blank] Pennsylvania currency which said Jacob Heiser received, that they removed to this county where they died, that the said John Link also settled in this county where he died and that your orators and oratrixes are his heirs at law. 15 September 1808 Answer of Overton Causby and Susanna his wife late Susanna Hisor and one of the children and heirs of Jacob Hisor, deceased. Some long time ago and more that fifty years before the commencement of this suit as they have been informed....that the Grand father of the wife of your Repsondent one Daniel Hisor departed this life in the County of [blank] in the state of Pennsylvania leaving [blank] Hisor his widow and relict and two sons Henry & Jacob Hisor, then infants of tender age, his only children and heirs at law. After his death his widow married one Link and who they have been informed and believe took possession of all the estate both real and personal of the said Daniel... your respondent Overton states that Link married the widow of Daniel Hisor, and not Daniel Hisor the widow of Link as is falsely state in the complainants bill and from the best information he can at this day obtain of so old a transaction, his father in law Jacob Hisor and his brother Henry ought to have sued Link for the estate of Daniel Hisor which he sold and appropriated to his own use, and he has understood the reason they did not was that they did not wish to distress their mother. The court found the plaintiffs failed to prosecute the suit, and ordered the bill to be dismissed. Comment: See the Berks County Deeds 12, pp. 397-399 where in 1773 Jacob Heiser and wife Susannah sold the 31 acres he purchased the land in source 22 [this is the deed following that in source 22]. From the claim of Jacob's daughter Susannah Causby in the case, Daniel Hisor's widow married a Link which would appear to be Martin Link. Note that in addition to Jacob Heiser's wife being named Susanna in 1773, that in 1806 "Susey" Hysor gave consent for her daughter Susey to marry Overton Cosby in Nicholas Co., KY. See also #28 where Henry Heiser was called the stepson of Catherine Link. As she was a Link when she died, that would show that she first married a Heiser and then a Link, rather than marrying a Heiser as the widow of Martin Link, as claimed by the plaintiffs. 28. Catherine Link estate file, Berks Co., PA. 30 November 1799 administration bond of 100 pounds on the estate of Catherine Link to Henry Heiser, a "stepson", with security of John Frey, potter and Christain Kappelberger, yeoman, both of the Borough of Reading. 29. Thomas Montgomery Lynch, Pennsylvania Archives, 6th Series, Vol. VI, (Harrisburg: Harrisburg Publishing Company, State Printer, 1907), p. 181. Baptisms of Rev. John Waldschmidt include: Johannes Linck, son of Johannes and wife Margretha born 16 Dec. 1769; bap. 25 Mar. 1770 Sponsors: Filip Gebel and wife Margretha p. 172 Johann Jacob Hausser, son of Jacob and wife Susanna born 20 Aug. 1770; bap. 17 Nov. 1770 Sponsors: Jacob Zinn & wife Catharina 30. Catharine Link original will, Shenandoah Co., VA. Catharine Link recorded will copy, Shenandoah Co., VA, Will Book E, pp. 307-308. 31. Jacob Hiser will, Shenandoah Co., VA Will Book D, pp. 314-315. 32. Shenandoah Co., VA, Deed Book O, pp. 498-500. Henry Heiser Senior and wife Catharina to Jacob Heiser Note: There are many earlier deeds where Henry's wife is also named Catherine. While the mark on this deed is a rendition made by the clerk of the original, it would appear to be the same as his original mark on the administration of Catharine's estate in #28. 33. Shenandoah Co., VA, personal property tax lists, 1810A, p. 19. Henry Hiser, Jacob Hiser, Henry Hiser. Note: In early lists they were listed as Henry Hiser Sr. and Jr. 34. Frederick S. Weiser, The Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, Frederick County, MD, Parish Register Book II, 1762-1811, p. 78. Although these records are recorded in Frederick County, Maryland, all the records for baptisms on 9, 13 and 19 June 1774 are parents and sponsors in Shenandoah County, Virginia. The pastor was apparently traveling during that time, and recorded these baptisms in his records on returning to Maryland. Henrich Hauser and wife Catharina, son Johannes born 22 Sep. 1773; bap. 19 June 1774 Sponsors: Joh. Mack and wife Anna Ottilia Johannes Linck and wife Anna Margreth, daughter Magdalena born 10 March 1774; bap. 19 June 1774 Sponsors: Johannes Mack and wife Anna Ottilia Note that that Johannes Linck and Henrich Hauser [Hiser, etc.] were step brothers (or half brothers) and had children baptized the same day with the same sponsors. Anna Ottilia was the daughter of Andrew Zumwalt and wife of John Mauk/Mauck. 35. John Linck/Link will, Shenandoah County, Virginia, Will books (loose documents not in book), Will Book E, [images 1030-1039) I John Linck am very sick but of sound Memory and since I don't Know how soon I shall die, therefore have I thought it necessary to Ordain how it shall be after my deceased (viz) That I have ordained this to be my last Will and Testament and that the Peeceof Land or Plantation which Jacob Zinn has bought of me and my Brother Martin Link Eleven Years ago Situate in Lancaster County Logalico [Cocalico] Township State of Pennsylvania for the Sum of One hundred and Fifty pounds Pensilvany Currency, to live our Mother her Share thereof her share thereof agreeable to the Bargain that was made at that Time if the said Jacob Zinn his bargain is able to Keep and to perform then shall that Share which will come to my Heirs to be divided in four or five according as the Lord shall give good Luck to the fifth equal Shares, with this exception that my Son John Link shall have Five pounds over and before his Share, That is to say that my Wife Margretha her Bed Clothing and her Thirds first shall have in her hands and in her full Possession, according to Law, then the said Children as mentioned above shall divide the Remainder, but if the said Jacob Zinn his Bargain can not perform, then shall according to Law, Matters be settled and enquired about said Land so that it my be proceeded with said Land agreeable to Order and Equity and that my Children and Heirs to their full Right and each of them to hir Share may come, as mentioned above, that is to say what is Justice belongs to me, and that my Brother Martin Link his own may get thereby. Further is it my Will that my Son John Link shall be send Two Years into the English School, to learn to Read and write and afterwards to be put to a good trade, as the Rest shall be sent into the German School to learn to read, and this shall be my last Will and Testament, and I do hereby ordain my true intimate Friends John Mack and Fredric Altorfer [Aldorffer] to be my Executors and Admiinstrators of this Will and Testament, and Ordain these Executors and Administrators shall have full Power to make a good right or Title to such Person or Persons who shall purchase said Land into the Land office in Pensilvania, to be understood whatever shall concern said Land which is mentioned above or may occur, This is my last Will and Testament as mentioned above and no other done on the Eleventh Day of October One Thousend Seven hundred and Eighty Three in Shenandoah County Collony of Virginia and acknowledge the same with my own hand and Seal by Witnesses [Signed]: John (his mark) Link [Witness]: Frantz Jacob, Georg Keller a true Translation from the German Original [Signed] David Jordan [Original will in German follows] [the will was actually proved 14 Oct. 1794, see #36] 36. Shenandoah Co., Virginia, Minute Book 1791-96, p. 290. 14 Oct. 1794 The last will & testament of John Link, decd. pre. unto Court & proved by George Keller & [-?-] and the Translation by David Jordan. John Mauk one of the Exors refused to execute the same, and on mo. of Michl Copp adm. with the will annexed is Granted him who made Oath & Entered unto Bond with Security according to Law. 37. Evidence that John Link married Margaret Zumwalt includes: a. See #7 on the Zumwalt page that Margaret Zumwalt married a John Link. b. By 1755 Henry Heiser/Houser, step-brother to John Link moved to (now) Shenandoah Co., VA, and lived in the vicinity of the Zumwalt family. c. Between 1755 and 1759 John Link would have had opportunity to have accompanied or visited Henry Heiser and met Margaret Zumwalt. d. By early 1770, after the death of his father Martin Link in Dec. 1769, John had returned to PA and his son was baptized there. See #29. e. By 1774 John and Margaret returned to Shenandoah Co. and had [her sister and brother-in-law] John Mauk and wife Anna Ottilia as sponsors. See #34. f. In his 1783 will, John Link named John Mauk as an executor. See #35. g. One witness to the will of John Link was Frantz Jacob. See #35. This would appear to be Johannes Franciscus Jacob who was born 15 Feb. 1732 and baptized at Contwig.44 Frantz Jacob was a first cousin to John Link's wife Margaret. 38. Saint Gabriel's Church, Douglassville, Amity Township, Berks County, PA, p. 120. 30 Nov. 1769 Jacob Heiser to Susannah Maurer, Cumru Township 39. John William Boos Pastor Records, FHL Microfilm 1673149. 28 7bris [Sep.] 1790, Martin Linck & Elisabetha Härd, Brecknock Twp., Lancaster Co. 40. The Pennsylvania Gazette (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), 15 May 1755, Thursday, p. 3. 41. Berks of Old May 1764; Vol. 1, No. 3 (Nov. 1983), p. 22 Feb. 1765; Vol. 2, No. 2, (Aug. 1984), pp. 21 and 24 Nov. 1765; Vol. 3, No. 1 (May 1985), p. 13 Feb. 1768; Vol. 3, No. 2 (Aug. 1985), p. 12 May 1768; Vol. 3, No. 3 (Nov. 1985), p. 12 Feb. 1769; Vol. 4, No. 2 (Aug. 1986); p. 12 May 1769; Vol. 4, No. 3 (Nov. 1986), p. 11 May 1770; Vol. 5, No. 4 (Nov. 1988), p. 12 42. Lancaster Co., PA, Deed Book YY, pp. 299-300. 43. Lancaster Co., PA, Deed Book YY, pp. 300-301. 44. Contwig, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Register 1, 1692-1764. Baptismal section p. 127 Born 15 Feb. 1732; bap. 22 Feb. 132 Johannes Franciscus Parents: Johann Jacob Jacob citizen at Nnieder Auerbach [Niederauerbach] and Anna Maria Ambossin his wife 45. Susanna was not named in #11, so she was born after 18 July 1783. John Link's will (#35) indicated his estate was to be divided among his children in four or five shares as the Lord shall give good luck to the fifth equal share, suggesting that Susanna had been born by 11 October 1783 when he wrote his will.


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