Hans WENGER was married to Barbli BILANG at Amsoldingen, Canton Bern, Switzerland on
2 Feb. 1663.1 He was a citizen of Längenbühl, and his children were baptized at the
church parish of Amsoldingen.
Hans WENGER and Barbli BILANG had children:
1. Hans WENGER bap. 10 Jan. 1664;1
2. Christen WENGER bap. 11 Feb. 1666;1
3. Verena WENGER bap. 14 Feb. 1669;1
4. Barbli WENGER bap. 11 Dec. 1670;1
5. Joseph WENGER bap. 29 Dec. 1672;1; m. 18 Jan. 1703 Elsbeth BÄLER;6
6. Anna WENGER bap. 27 Dec. 1674;1
7. Madlena WENGER bap. 25 Feb. 1677;1
8. Elsbeth WENGER bap. 2 Feb. 1679;1
9. Maria WENGER bap. 10 June 1683;1
10. Benedict WENGER bap. 15 Mar. 1685;1

Joseph WENGER and Elsbeth BÄLER were married at her parish of Thierachern, Canton Bern, 
Switzerland on 18 Jan. 1703.6 He was listed as of Amsoldingen Church, and she of Übischi
[Uebeschi] a Gemeinde that is part of the church parish of Thierachern.

Joseph WENGER and Elsbeth BÄLER had children:
1. Christian WENGER bap. 11 Nov 1703;1 m. Anna HIRSIG 14 Dec. 1731;1;
   d. 13 Nov. 1782, bur. Thierachern 16 Nov.3
2. Elsbeth WENGER bap. 18 July 1706;1
3. Wernhard "Werli" WENGER bap. 21 July 1709;1 m. Barbara KREBS 18 Mar. 1753;2; 
   d. 24 Aug. 1782 Längenbühl, bur. 26 Aug.3
4. Maria WENGER bap. 30 Aug. 1711;1 d. 17 Feb. 1788, bur. 19 Feb.3
5. Peter WENGER bap. 25 Feb. 1714;1
6. Joseph WENGER bap. 25 Feb. 1714;1 m. Elisabeth KÖNITZER, widow of Christen ZAUGG;7
   d. 15/6 June 1782 Längenbühl, bur. 17 June.3

Julius Billeter in Genealogy of the Fischer Family of Höfen, & Amsoldingen;
Wenger Family of Höfen, Forst, Langenbühl & Dittlingen, Kt. Bern, Switzerland,
abt. 1540-18954 listed that the Christian WENGER who married Anna HIRSIG was
from Forst, and the Christian baptized 17 Dec. 1702, son of David WENGER and Anna
STRAUS, and died 24 June 1775. The baptisms of David and Anna's children
Anna in 1701 and Christen in 1702, as well as the death of their son Daniel in 1770
identify this family as from Forst.5 Christen Wenger who married Anna Hirsig
was identified in his marriage record as well as the baptism of their son
Johannes as from Längenbühl.

Christen WENGER who married Anna HIRSIG was the son of Joseph WENGER and Elsbeth
BÄLER. Although the baptism of their son Christen listed them as of Forst, the
baptism of their daughter Maria listed them as of Längenbühl. All records of their
children Joseph and Wernhard, including baptisms of their children, when they were
sponsors, and their death records list they were from Längenbühl.

While there were 5 Christen WENGER's born between 1698 and 1706 whose families
were from Längenbühl, there are records that help to identify which was the one
who married Anna HIRSIG. For their first child, one of the sponsors was Maria
WENGER. If she was a sister to Christen, only three of the possible Christens had
sisters named Maria. The sponsors that Christen WENGER and Anna HIRSIG's daughters
Maria and Magdalena had for their children provide evidence as to which Christen
WENGER their father was. 

Christian WENGER and Anna HIRSIG's daughter Magdalena WENGER and husband David HÄNNI
had as a sponsor for their first child, Barbara KREBS, wife of Wernhard WENGER of
Längenbühl.8 There was only one Wernhard WENGER and he was the son of Joseph
WENGER and Elsbeth BÄLER, and would have been an uncle to Magdalena. Maria WENGER and
her husband Christen BÄLER, citizens of Längenbühl, lived at Hubel, part of the
Gemeinde of Thierachern. For their second child, Anna born in 1759, one of the
sponsors was Elsbeht Könizer, the Obman's [overseer] wife at Längenbühl.9 From his
death record, the Obman at Längenbühl was Joseph WENGER,3 whose age corresponds
with being the son of Joseph WENGER and Elsbeth BÄLER.

Christen WENGER was known to be living in 1769, when Christen BÄLER and wife Maria
WENGER among the sponsors for their child Magdalena had "Christen WENGER the mother's
father," and "Madlena WENGER the mother's sister."9 Christen WENGER's own death was
recorded at Amsoldingen as Christen WENGER of Längenbühl died on 13 Nov. 1782 [age
not given] and buried at Thierachern, the date not given. He was probably visiting
his daughter Maria and her husband Christen BÄLER when he died. The Thierachern death
register for that date listed only one death, that of "Christen BÄLER" of Längenbühl,
age 80.10 The clerk apparently accidentally wrote the name of his son-in-law Christen
BÄLER rather than the correct name of Christen WENGER. His age of 80 also corresponded
with him being the son of Joseph WENGER and Elsbeth BÄLER.

Christen WENGER and Anna HIRSIG had children:
1. Maria WENGER bap. 9 Nov. 1732;1 m. Christen BÄLER 25 Jan. 1756;3 d. 18 Apr. 1793,
   Hubel, Thierachern Parish, bur. 21 Apr.10
2. Magdalena WENGER bap 6 Mar. 1735;1 m. David HÄNNI 9 Oct. 1757;3
   d. 5 Apr. 1807 Forst, Amsoldingen Parish, bur. 8 Apr. 1807.3
3. Johannes WENGER bap. 29 Sep. 1743;2

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