Jacob HÄNNI was married at Amsoldingen, Canton Bern, Switzerland
as a resident of Forst, on 6 Oct. 1684 to Anna HÄLMER [HELMER], who
was listed as of Laümmeren  [Leimeren], a farm associated with
Längenbühl.1 At the baptism of his first child he was listed as
of "aus d[er] Breÿten," [Breiten] a farm that was part of Forst.
He probably died by 1705, for on 2 Oct. 1705 Hans Wenger, the
Chorrichter [justice of the family and marriage court] at Forst
married Anna Helmer, which is believed to be Jacob's widow.1  Hans
and Anna had no children.
Jacob HÄNNI and Anna HELMER had children born at Forst:
1. Jacob HÄNNI bap. 2 Aug. 1685;1 m.1 Barbara ZumBach 31 Mar. 1707;5
   m.2 Madlena WENGER 15 Sep. 1726;1 d. 1 Jan. 1770 Forst, bur. 3 Jan.3
2. Bendicht HÄNNI bap. 12 Mar. 1693;1
3. David HÄNNI bap. 27 Jan. 1695;1 m. Magdalena KISLIG;3
   bur. 15 Oct 1762.3

David HÄNNI and Magadlena KISLIG were married by about 1730, although
the marriage was not recorded at Amsoldingen.  They were probably married
at her residence.  Magdalena KISLIG was born about 1703 and died on
31 Dec. 1766 at Forst and was buried on 2 Jan. 1767, age 63.3

David HÄNNI and Madlena KISLIG had children:
They had children, born at Forst and baptized at Amsoldingen:
1. David HÄNNI bap. 25 Nov. 1731;1 m. Magdalena WENGER 9 Oct. 1757;3
   d. 14 Sep. 1804 Forst, bur. 16 Sep. 1804.3
2. Hans HÄNNI bap. 18 Oct. 1739;9 m. Elisabeth FELLER [GFELLER] 15 Aug. 1760;3
   d. 30 Apr. 1767;3 bur. 2 May;3

For their marriage record, David HÄNNI was listed as of Forst, and his wife
Magdalena WENGER was of Längenbühl, both Gemeinde of Amsoldingen Parish.
David HÄNNI and wife Magdalena WENGER had children born at Forst:
1. David HÄNNI bap. 23 July 1758;2 m. Hermijna Minkman 3 May 1801;6
   d. 4 Sep. 1827 Velp, Gelderland, Netherlands8
2. Christian HÄNNI bap. 6 July 1760;2 m. 19 June 1789 Maria Meÿer;3 d. 13 Jan. 1815
   Velp, Gelderland, Netherlands7 [went by HENNIJ in the Netherlands]
3. Christina HÄNNI bap. 8 Aug. 1762;2 m. 31 Mar. 1786 Christian WENGER;3
   d. 2 Aug. 1822 Forst, bur. 5 Aug. 1822.4
4. Johannes "Hans" HÄNNI bap. 22 Nov. 1765;2 single in 1798
5. Carolus HÄNNI bap. 22 Sep. 1776;2 d. 5 Aug. 1777 at Forst,
   bur. 7 Aug.3

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