Werli BÄLER attended the church parish of Thierachern, Canton Bern,
Switzerland. There were two Gemeinde within Thierachern where the
surname BÄLER held citizenship, those being Uebeschi and Uetendorf.
Werli held citizenship at Uebeschi. The baptismal record for Thireachern
do not survive between 1599 and 1605, and it was probably during that time
that Werli was born, as his baptism is not found in the earlier and
later records.

Werli BÄLER born about 1599 to 1605 
married 4 Feb. 1628 at "Anseltingen" [Amsoldingen]
Werli BÄLER and Verena KOLER had children:
1. Christen BÄLER bap. 26 Sep. 1630;1 died young
2. Hans BÄLER bap. 16 Dec. 1632;1 died young
3. Hans BÄLER bap. 16 Feb. 1634;1 
4. Anna BÄLER bap. 2 Apr. 1637;1
5. Christen BÄLER bap. 9 June 1639;1 m. Verena SIBER [SIEBER]
   18 June 1666;1
6. Peter BÄLER bap. 13 Feb. 1642;1
7. Werli BÄLER bap. 28 Jan. 1644;1 died young
8. Werli BÄLER bap. 7 June 1646;1 m. Elsi BÄLER 2 Dec. 1675; bur.
   11 Mar. 1729;3
9. Michel BÄLER bap. 31 Dec. 1648;1
10. Barbli BÄLER bap. 9 Dec. 1649;1

There is a marriage on 18 June 1666 for Weerli Bäler and Anna Wÿss, which is the
same date Christen Bäler married Verena Siber [Sieber].1 It is not certain whether
this was a second marriage for the elder Weerli, or a first marriage for the 
younger. No children were found for this couple, so it may have been a second
marriage for the elder. 

Werli BÄLER and Elsi/Elsbeth BÄLER had children:
1. Anna BÄLER bap. May 1677;2 m. Peter STUTZMANN 18 Jan. 1703;4 d.
   2 Dec. 1748;3
2. Elsbeth BÄLER bap. Feb. 1680;2 m. Joseph WENGER 18 Jan. 1703;4 bur. 13 Jan. 1768
3. Maria BÄLER bap. Dec. 1682;2
4. Barbli BÄLER bap. Nov. 1686;2 Christen WENGER 8 Jan. 1722; d.
   17 Aug. 1776 Blumenstein7
5. Verena BÄLER bap. May 1691;2 m. Hans BÄLER 28 Oct. 1718; d. 13 Mar. 1776;6
6. Christina BÄLER bap. 10 Feb. 1695;2

The identity of Werli BÄLER's wife Elsi/Elsbeth BÄLER is not known, but she 
was born about 1655, and died on 19 March 1739 at her daughter Barbli's husband
Christen WENGER's house and was buried at Blumenstein.3

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