Mr. RIDGELY had children:
1. Henry RIDGELY born in England; m.1. Elizabeth HOWARD;1 m.2.
   Alice SKINNER ca. 16722 (she was the daughter of Aquilla SKINNER3 and
   Alice CORNISH, and granddaughter of James CORNISH27 (born ca. 1568) and
   first wife); m.3. Mary (widow) DUVALL;4 d. between
   1 Jan. 17086 and 13 July 17105 Prince George's Co., MD5
2. William RIDGELY5 born England; m. Elizabeth;16 d. 1716 Anne Arundel Co., MD16

After his death, Henry Ridgely's widow Mary married Jacob Henderson as her third

Henry RIDGELY was NOT from Tiverton, Devon, England as listed by some
researchers.  The name RIDGELY does not occur there, and this likely is
confusion with his second wife Alice SKINNER, who was from Tiverton. 

J.D.WARFIELD, stated that Henry RIDGELY married Sarah, and speculated that
Sarah was a daughter of James WARNER and Elizabeth HARRIS, apparently
based upon Henry RIDGELY and James WARNER having jointly patented the tract
"Waldridge" in 1661.26

Simply, there is no truth to that.  James WARNER transported himself,
Joan his wife, and Joan his daughter into Maryland in 1650.7 He secondly
married to Elizabeth, the widow of William HARRIS.  William HARRIS in his
will written 20 Sep. 1669 and probated 11 April 1670 left his estate, real
and personal to his wife Elizabeth.8  The will of James WARNER was
written in 1673 and probated in 1674.9  He left his plantation to his wife Elizabeth,
and after her death to his daughter Johanna SEWELL.  He also made bequests
of clothes to his son[-in-law] Samuel HOWARD and son[-in-law] Henry SEWELL.

On 4 August 1674 Elizabeth WARNER, widow and relict of James WARNER sold a
parcel of 100 acres granted to William HARRIS on 10 Jan. 1667, the land
having come to James WARNER by right of his wife Elizabeth.10 

The preceding documents show that James WARNER married Elizabeth, the
widow of William HARRIS between 1670 and 1673.  James had only one daughter,
who was named Johanna/Joan when he entered Maryland in 1650.  Any alleged
daughter Sarah would have been born after 1650 as she was not named in the
tranportation.  In that the only "evidence" of a RIDGELY-WARNER connection
was the joint patent in 1661, to assume Henry married a daughter of James
WARNER, would require a belief that Henry RIDGELY married this daughter
by 1661.  An 11 year old (at most) being married stretches the limits
of believability.

Henry RIDGELY, Sr. did not marry a daughter of James WARNER.  Although
the Bible of Nicholas RIDGELY stated his grandparents were Henry RIDGELY
and wife Sarah,25 it is doubtful that Henry had any wife named Sarah.
Henry's first wife Elizabeth HOWARD died about 25 years before Nicholas was
born, and his father Henry died was barely 5. Nicholas had no first hand
knowledge of what his grandmother's name was.

It is known that Henry RIDGELY married first Elizabeth HOWARD and second
Alice SKINNER.  Depositions in the MD chancery court show that his only
child by his wife Alice SKINNER was his son Charles.2

Henry RIDGELY's third marriage to Mary, widow of Mareen DUVALL was too late for
her to be mother to any of his children.  That leaves Elizabeth HOWARD to be the
mother of Henry's children Sarah and Henry.  As added circumstantial evidence as
to the mother of Sarah and Henry, Jr., note that Sarah named her only daughter
from her first marriage to John BREWER, Elizabeth (after her mother) and Henry
RIDGDLY, Jr. named his two daughters Ann (after his wife's mother) and Elizabeth
(after his mother).

Henry RIDGELY Sr.'s first wife was Elizabeth HOWARD.  She died between
1669 when her son Henry was born, and about 1672 when Henry, Sr. married

Henry RIDGELY and first wife Elizabeth HOWARD had children:
1. Sarah RIDGELY5 b. Anne Arundel Co., MD; m.1. John BREWER;11 m.2. Thomas
   ODELL;5 d. ca. 1727 Prince George's Co., MD13
2. Henry RIDGELY5 b. 3 Oct. 166912 Anne Arundel Co., MD; m. Katherine GREENBERRY;14
   d. 19 Mar. 169912 [1700] Anne Arundel Co., MD

Henry RIDGELY's second wife Alice SKINNER arrived in MD ca. 1671, and
depositions state they were married within a year.2 She died about 1694.2

Henry RIDGELY and second wife Alice SKINNER had child2:
1. Charles RIDGELY2,5 b. ca. 1680;2 m. Elizabeth2,31 READ31 25 Aug. 1698;2,31 d. ca.
   1722 Anne Arundel Co., MD15

Henry RIDGELY (Jr.) and Katherine GREENBERRY had children:
1. Henry RIDGELY14,23 b. Anne Arundel Co., MD; m. Elizabeth WARFIELD 2 Oct. 1722;29
   d. between 6 Feb. and 14 Mar. 1749 Anne Arundel Co., MD21
2. Ann RIDGELY14,23 b. Anne Arundel Co., MD; m. Joshua DORSEY23 16 May 1711;17,
   d. between 17 Oct. and 11 Dec. 1771 Anne Arundel Co., MD18
3. Nicholas RIDGELY14,23 b. 12 Feb. 169425 Anne Arundel Co., MD; m.1. Sarah
   WORTHINGTON 26 Dec. 1711;19 m.2. Ann, widow of James GORDON 5 Dec. 1723;25
   m.3. Mary, widow of Benjamin VINING 23 Dec. 1736;25 d. 16 Feb. 1755
   Dover, Dover Co., DE25
4. Elizabeth RIDGELY14,23 b. Anne Arundel Co., MD; m Thomas WORTHINGTON19,23 
   23 July 1711;19 d. 8/9 Dec. 1734 St. Anne's Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD20
5. Charles RIDGELY14 b. Anne Arundel Co., MD; d. between 29 Dec. 170322 and
   30 Apr. 17055 Anne Arundel Co., MD

Henry RIDGELY's widow Katherine GREENBERRY secondly married John HOWARD22
and they had child:
1. Katherine HOWARD22,24 b. 1702 Anne Arundel Co., MD; m. Orlando GRIFFITH
   6 June 1717;30; living 1753;28

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