Walter Cornish of Tiverton, Devon, England was descended from the "Cornish
of Cornish Hall" in Cornwall.1 While this location has not been
identified the arms and crest used by Walter's grandson George is nearly
identical to that of the CORNISH family of Marazion, Cornwall.18 

The arms and crest of George CORNISH are described as "Sable a chevron embattles
or, charged with a crescent, between three roses argent; Crest - a bird sable
rising on a log of wood from which is issuing a twig with leaves vert, and
berries or, small flowers gules. As there is no written blazon, one may presume
this bird is a chough, though the red beaks and legs which constitute an heraldic
chough are not tricked."22

The Marazion arms and crest are identical, except they do not contain the crescent
on either the chevron or chough, and the twig does not contain the berries. They are
decribed as:
"Arms: Sable a chevron embattled, or, between three rose argent."
Crest: A Cornish chough, sable, wings endorsed, beaked and legged, gules,
standin on a branch of olive, ppr."23
A crescent was used to show cadence, and represents descent from a second son.
The earliest known person of the Marazion family is William CORNISH, Esq.
who was buried 4 Dec. 1779, age 59.19 It may be that the CORNISH family of
Tiverton, Devon and that from Marazion, Cornwall descend from a not too
distant common ancestor.

The wife of Walter CORNISH may have been Maragaret who was buried
14 Jan. 1559/60 at Tiverton.2  Walter CORNISH had children:
1. George CORNISH2 b. say 1540;3 m. Maria/Mary LAWRENCE;1 bur. 6 Feb. 1607/8
   at Tiverton;2 she bur. 15 Sep. 1622 Tiverton2
2. Edmond CORNISH5  b. say 1542;3 m. 15 Sep. 1565 Allice CORAM;2 bur. 24 Apr.
   1603 Tiverton2
3. Ralph/Raffe CORNISH5 b. say 1544;3 m. Dec. 1570 Margaret;2 bur. 27 June 1602

George CORNISH and Maria/Mary LAWRENCE had children:
1. Alice CORNISH6 b. ca. 1564;4 m. Robert READ 9 Nov. 1591;2 living 16216
2. Prudence CORNISH20 b. ca. 1566;4 m.1. John GODDARD 27 Apr. 1594;2
   m.2. -?- ISAAC 16 Jan. 1606/77
3. James CORNISH9,21 b. ca. 1568;4 m.1. -?- -?-; m.2. Sarah BERYMAN 26 Dec. 1611;2
   bur. 30 July 1635 Tiverton2
4. Annes CORNISH2 bap. 28 Sep. 1570 Tiverton;2 m. James OTTWAY 15 Sep. 15992
5. Thomas CORNISH2 bap. 4 Mar. 1571/2 Tiverton;2 d. between 1619-16418
6. John CORNISH2 bap. 14 Nov. 1573 Tiverton;2 died young
7. Margaret CORNISH2 bap. 9 Jan. 1574/5 Tiverton;2 m.1. John MIDDLEDON
   18 Nov. 1601;2 m.2. Mr. LEVITT9/LIBBETT6; living 16559
8. Ellen/Ellnor CORNISH2 bap. 12 Apr. 1577 Tiverton;2 m. Humfry MORGAN
   3 Oct. 1603;2 living 162010
9. Richard CORNISH2 bap. 25 Jan. 1578/9 Tiverton;2 m. Grace GOODING
   27 June 1604;11 bur. 29 Sep. 1625;2 she m.2. Richard HONNIWELL 22 Apr. 1628;2
   she was buried 26 July 1658 Tiverton2
10.George CORNISH2 bap. 18 Apr. 1581;2 m. Isabel ROBERTES (lic. date) 6 May 1611;12
   bur. 12 Oct. 1655 St. Mary Magdalen Milk Street, London13

Richard CORNISH and Grace GOODING had children:
1. Jane CORNISH2 bap. 6 Jan. 1606/7 Tiverton;2 bur. 28 Oct. 1608 Tiverton2
2. John CORNISH2 bap. 14 Mar. 1609/10 Tiverton2
3. Jane CORNISH2 bap. 15 Aug. 1612 as "Jone" at Tiverton;2 m.1 Edward ROBINS
   (lic. date) 16 Apr. 1630;14 m.2. George PUDDINGTON;15 living 1674 Anne Arundel
   Co., MD16
4. Alice CORNISH2 bap. 28 Aug. 1614 Tiverton2
5. Thomas CORNISH17 born ca. 1616;4 m. Agnes PUDDINGTON 13 Jan. 1634/5;2
   bur. 18 Apr. 1654 Tiverton2
6. Grace CORNISH2 bap. 14 Feb. 1618/9 Tiverton;2 m. George DREW 2 May 16392

Further details and documentation of this Cornish family may be found in an
article by this author in the Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin,
42: 51-101 (Winter 2001).

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