Mr. Lewis16 was married about 1801 to Susanna LINK17
They had child:
1. Mary LEWIS16 born 12 Jan. 1802,1 probably VA; m.1. George MINGLES 17 Jan. 1819;2
   m. 2. Ephraim BRILES 6 Aug. 1835;3 d. between 2 Aug. 1843,4 and 27 July 1845,5
   Harrison Co., IN

Susnnah LINK17 secondly married about 1803 to Jacob McCOY6,17,18 probably in
Pendleton County, [West] Virginia18 and had children:
1. Sarah "Sally" McCOY born 20 May 1804,6 VA; married 22 June 1823 Elijah DAUGHERTY;7
   d. 21 Nov. 1887 Crawford Co., IN
2. Peter McCOY born 4 Apr. 1808,6,9 Washington Co., TN; m. Myra MELTON 20 Oct. 1831;8
   d. 4 Aug. 1880;9 bur. Gibson Cem., Colchester, McDonough Co., IL9
3. Elizabeth McCOY b. 22 May 1810,6,12 Washington Co, TN; m.1 Joseph BAILEY 28 Feb. 1828;10
   m.2. Francis M. PIKE 27 Dec. 1864;11 d. 8 Sep. 1882 bur. Bethel Cem., Lynnville,
   Jasper Co., IA12
4. John McCOY b. 18 June 1812,6 Washington Co., TN
5. Dovie McCOY b. 23 Feb. 1814,6 Washington Co., TN; m.1 Benjamin Franklin Wade
   20 Mar. 1834;13 m.2 Charles William Smith 21 Jan. 1869;14 d. 1882 Silverton,
   Marion Co., OR; bur. Miller Cem., Silverton, Marion Co., OR15

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