If you are a male HOOD descended from this family, to date no one has y-DNA tested
from this line. If you are interested in testing, and in knowing how y-DNA may
help identify earlier generations, please contact me.

James HOOD b. 17701-17752 Ireland;2 Arrived in U.S. in Nov. 1800;3 In 1810 
  Chester Co., PA.4 To Allegheny Co., PA in 1811, to Beaver Co., PA
  ca. 1824.3 To Meigs Co., OH in 1838. Died between 22 May and 21 July 1845
  Chester Twp., Meigs Co., OH when his was written and probated.5

James is probably closely related to a William Hood who in 1850 was living 8
households away from his son James Hood in Beaver Co., PA. This William was age 60
and  born in Ireland. He may be the 26-45 year old male living with James in the 1820 
Allegheny Co., PA census. William died 10 Sep. 1853 and was buried in Old Mill Creek
Cemetery, Hookstown, Beaver County.41

Elizabeth b. 17701-17752 Ireland; d. between 1 June 18406 and 22 May 18455
   Meigs Co., OH; 
1. William5 HOOD b. about 14/15 July 17987 Ireland; m. Nancy DEAN;17,18
   d. 11 Aug. 1850, bur. Hood Cem., Bashan, Meigs Co., OH7,44
2. Margaret5 HOOD b. ca. 1802 Ireland;8 unmarried in 18508
3. Ann5 HOOD b. 1804-181010; living 18455
4. Nancy5 HOOD b. 1804-181010 or ca. 18138; m.1. James Hutchison
   CALHOON;9,48 (m.2. John BUNTING)?
5. James5 HOOD b. ca. 1810 PA;8 m.1. -?- -?-;11 m.2. Eliza -?-;8
   6 Oct. 1868 to 23 Oct. 186812
6. Jane5 HOOD b. ca. 181113/181814 PA; m. Isaac S. KINNAMAN 12 Apr. 1853;15
   d. between 14 Oct. 186336 and 21 Sep. 1864 Meigs Co., OH37
7. Mary5 HOOD b. ca. 1813 PA; m. Isaac S. KINNAMAN 17 Mar. 1842;15 d.
8. Sarah5 Jane HOOD b. 10 Sep. 181616 PA; m. Shorah JEWETT 29 Mar. 1853;15
   d. 5 Apr. 1872, bur. Red Brick Presbyterian Church Cem., Sutton Twp.,
   Meigs Co., OH16

William HOOD and Nancy DEAN had children:
1. James HOOD b.  abt. 2 May19/June49 1822 PA; m. Nancy CURTIS 30 May 1844; d.
   20 Jan. 1891, bur. Gilmore Cem., Meigs Co., OH19,49
2. Nancy Ann HOOD b. 28 Sep. 1824 PA;17 m. William DECKER 24 May 1852;15
   d. 18 Mar. 1909, bur. Portland Cem., Meigs Co., OH17
3. William HOOD b. Jan. 182721 Beaver Co., PA; m. Almira STEWART 15 Mar.
   1855;15 d. 24 Jan. 1909 Ashland, Boyd Co., KY22
4. Samuel HOOD b. 15 June 1829 Hookstown, Beaver Co., PA; m.1.
   Civilla Catherine ALLEN 16 Apr. 1853;15 m.2. Annie (GARNER)24 BERRY24
   18 Dec. 1890;24,34 d. 21 Apr. 1913 Ft. Dodge, Ford Co., KS;24 bur. West GAR
   section, Maple Grove Cem., Ford Co., KS23
5. Joseph HOOD b. Mar. 1834 Beaver Co., PA; m. Elizabeth Ruth CAMPBELL
   22 July 1858;15 d. 25 Sep. 1901 Minersville, Meigs Co., OH19
6. Alexander HOOD b. ca. 1836 Beaver Co., PA; m.1. Nancy A. DAVIS
   9 Sep. 1860;15 m.2. Elizabeth PRITCHETTE 20 Nov. 1865;15
   d. 27 (or 20?) June 1875 Meigs Co., OH25
7. Andrew HOOD b. 27 May 1839 Meigs Co., OH;47 m. Catherine GALE 25 Sep.
   1864;15 d. 17 Oct. 1910 Mason City, Mason Co.,WV;47
   bur. Portland, Meigs Co., OH
8. Wallace HOOD b. May 1842 Meigs Co., OH; m. Sarah Ann (WILLIAMSON)26
   SHEIBLER 31 May 1865;15 d. 24 Mar. 1909 National Military Home,
   Jefferson Twp., Montgomery Co., OH20,26 bur. Dayton National Cemetery38
9. Sarah Anne HOOD b. 9 May 184518  Meigs Co., OH; m. Henry C. BELL 
   1 Oct. 1865;15 d. 11 May 1913,18 bur. Browning Cem., Meigs Co., OH42
10. Mary Ann HOOD b. abt. 26/27 June 1848 Meigs Co., OH;7,45 d. 11 Aug. 1850,
    bur. Hood Cem., Meigs Co., OH7,45

Biographical information on Samuel Hood.
Samuel HOOD and Civilla Catherine ALLEN had children:
1. Edwin24 Alonzo HOOD b. 26 Feb. 185424 West Columbia, Mason Co., WV;
   m. Catherine28,39 Amelia28 "Mollie"31 SIEMSEN;31/SIEMSON;28 1 Apr. 1885
   Faulk Co., SD;31 d. 31 Jan. 192930 Escondido,31 San Diego Co.,30 CA;
   bur. Oak Hill Memorial Park, Escondido, San Diego Co., CA39
2. Thomas24 Jerome "Romy" HOOD b. 21 Jan. 185724 Meigs Co., OH; m. Nellie
   ANDERSON 24 Sep. 1890 Bloomington, SD;31 d. 30 Aug. 192830 San Diego,
   San Diego Co,30 CA; bur. Greenwood Memorial Park, San Diego46
3. James Wesley HOOD31 b. 10 Apr. 185831 Meigs Co., OH; d. May 185831 Meigs
   Co., OH
4. William Presly HOOD31 b. 10 Apr. 185831 Meigs Co., OH; d. May 185831 
   Meigs Co., OH
5. Andrew24 Watson "Watt" HOOD b. 17 Aug. 185924,35 Meigs Co., OH; m. Ida
   Jane Rebecca McCARTER 23 Dec. 1885 Woonsocket, SD;31 d. 3 June 192335
   Chillicothe, Livingston Co., MO, bur. Jones Cem.35
6. Mary24 Elizabeth "May" HOOD b. 16 Sep. 186124 Meigs Co., OH; m. Henry
   Wilford AMY 18 Mar. 1885 Gladbrook, Tama Co., Iowa;32,40
   d. 10 Aug. 1929, bur. Roselawn Cem., Pueblo, Pueblo Co., Colo.29,43
7. Bertha24 Augusta HOOD b. 24 Nov. 186524 Meigs Co., OH; m.1. Linaus B.
   STAUFFER 24 Nov. 1886;33 m.2. George T. STRANGE32 31 Oct. 1906;34
   d. 31 Mar. 1929, bur. West GAR section, Maple Grove Cem., Ford Co., KS23
8. Homer24 Clayton HOOD b. 20 Aug. 186724,50 Meigs Co., OH; m. Edith BERRY
   (step-sister) 4 Jan. 1896 Ft. Dodge, KS;34 d. 1 Apr. 1946
   Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., CA;50 bur. Forest Lawn Memorial Park,
   Long Beach51

Samuel HOOD and Annie (GARNER) BERRY had child:
1. Cora24 Irena HOOD b. 5 Apr. 189324 Ft. Dodge, Ford Co., KS; m.
   George Grover MOORE52 15 June 1911 Ft. Dodge, KS;31,34 d. 11 Jan. 1985
   Los Angeles Co., CA28 bur. 14 Jan. 1985 Pierce Brothers
   Valhalla Cemetery, North Hollowood, Los Angeles Co., CA53,54

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