Joseph AMY's was born in Pennsylvania according to census, but his exact origin
there is unknown.  Family tradition is that the name was originally spelled EMIGH.
Tradition is that he went down the Ohio River on a flatboat, and upon arriving at
the site of now New Amsterdam his only possessions were a grubbing hoe, a bridle,
and an iron pot. In Indiana he was a blacksmith, and later a Justice of the Peace.

Biographical information on Joseph AMY.

Joseph AMY b. [calculated] 20 Apr. 1796,1 PA;4 d. 5 July 1874,1 Harrison Co., IN;2 bur. 
   Old Pittman Cem. (also known as Applegate Cem.), Harrision Co., Indiana1
Cassandra4/Casindria3 APPLEGATE b. 15 Jan. 17943
   Allegheny Co.,5 PA4; d. 15 Jan. 1874;3 bur. Old Pittman Cem., Harrison Co., IN3
1. Levi AMY;56 b. ca. 1815
2. William AMY;56 b. ca. 1817
3. Mary Jane AMY56 b. 12 Oct. 1819;6 Harrison Co., IN; m. Preston FUNK
   16 Feb. 1840;7 d. 15 Dec. 1866, bur. Ripperdan-Sonner Cem., Harrison Co., IN6
4. Elizabeth AMY56 b. ca. 1821;10 Harrison Co., IN; m. John McADAMS (lic.)
   23 June 1838;7 d. between 186010 and 8 May 18667 Harrison Co., IN
   Note: John McADAMS secondly married Martha A. [CURTS] AMY on the latter date.
5. Joseph A. AMY2,56 b. ca. 1823 Harrison Co., IN; m. Martha Ann CURTS
   3 Aug. 1845;7 d. 15 Aug. 1864 Andersonville Prison, Georgia8
   Note: She secondly married 8 May 1866 John McADAMS7
6. Jesse AMY2,56 b. 25 July 1825 Harrison Co., IN; m. Mahala MINGLES
   21/22 June 1845;7 d. 23 June 1906 Kirk, Yuma Co., Colo.9,55
7. George W. AMY2,56 b. 3 Mar. 182712 Harrison Co., IN; m.1. Margaret DAVIDSON
   12 Mar. 1848;7 m.2. Julia A. LONG 19 Apr. 1865;7 d. 17 Feb. 190711,12
   Burlington,11 Coffey Co., KS; bur. Graceland Cem., Burlington12
8. Ira AMY56 b. ca. 1829 Harrison Co., IN;4 living 18504
9. Allen AMY4,56 b. 23 Nov. 1830 Harrison Co., IN; m.1. Ann Maria VIGUS
   28 July 1850;7 m.2. Mary Magdalene BRILES 29 Mar. 1854;7
   d. 13 Mar. 1862 Cumberland Ford, KY13
10. James AMY;56 b. ca. 1832

Jesse AMY met his future wife when she was hired as a maid by his father Joseph
AMY for his wife.  In 1883 he sold the one half of his father's 80 acres he
had inherited from his will.  He moved at that time to Jasper County, Iowa.
About 1895 he moved to Colorado where his son Henry had previously moved in
1889.  Jesse and son Levi spent the winter with Henry and are listed with
him in the 1895 Denver City Directory at 3202 Madison.  Jesse and Mahala's
granddaughter Bessie Ethelyn AMY remembered every morning when she rose, both
would be sitting around the stove in rocking chairs, smoking corncob pipes,
with their feet by the fire.  All the grandchildren were glad they were there,
as Mahala cooked cornbread for them.  That was the only time they ever got it,
as Henry had grown up on it, and didn't want to eat it anymore.  After spending
the winter in Denver, Jesse moved to about one and a half miles south of where
the town of Kirk was later established.

Jesse had no middle name Isaac.  When his son George M. AMY married Elva A. DAVIS
in 1888, the record lists his parents as Jesse AMY and Mahala MINGLES.48 Both the WPA
and Family Search have incorrectly read his name as "Isaac."  While at a glance it
could appear to be Isaac, a close comparison of the letters with others by the 
clerk leaves no doubt that it is "Jesse."

Jesse AMY and Mahala MINGLES had children, all born Harrison Co., IN:
1. Margaret AMY b. 314,15/941 Apr. 1847;14,15 m. Nelson T. WILBURN 23 June 1867;59
   d. 18 Sep. 1869; bur. Old Cold Friday (aka Greenbrier) Cem., Harrison Co., IN41
2. John Manford AMY b. 16 Jan. 184817/1849;14,15,16 m. Wilana ca. 1871;16 d. 8 July
   1927 Greenville, Hunt Co., TX;17 bur. Hughes Springs, Cass Co., TX17
3. Ira AMY b. 4 Oct. 1850;14,15,18,45 m. Harriet A. JONES 12 Sep. 1875;7 d.
   7 Apr. 1923;18,45 bur. New Amsterdam, Harrison Co., IN45
4. Mary Elizabeth "Molly" AMY b. 519/16 Jan. 1853;14,15 m. Harrison PITTMAN
   26 Dec. 1872;7,19 d. 13 Dec. 1928;19 bur. Cedar Hill Cem., Corydon,
   Harrison Co., IN19,44
5. George Nelson AMY b. 31 May 1855;14,15,42 m.1. Sarah Elizabeth PITTMAN
   4 Sep. 1879;7 m.2. Julia H. SHAFFER 1 Nov. 1883;7 m.3. Elva Ann
   DAVIS 2 Sep. 1888;15,48 d. 5 Sep. 1925, bur. Cedar Hill Cem., Corydon, Harrison Co., IN20,42
6. Henry Wilford AMY b. 5 Nov. 1857,21 [1858]14,15; m. Mary Elizabeth HOOD
   18 Mar. 1885 Gladbrook Tama Co., Iowa;21,46 d. 15 Mar. 1936 Pueblo, Pueblo Co., Colo.,26 
   bur. Roselawn Cem., Pueblo, Pueblo Co., Colo.26,38,51
7. Joseph AMY b. 3 Oct. 1860;14,15 m.1. Sarah Louise BENNETT 28 July 1887;23
   m.2. Harriett ROSIER ca. 1897; d. 2 June 1947,15 KS, bur. Appleton Twp. Cem.,
   Minneola, Clark Co., KS22
8. Levi D. AMY b. 10 Dec. 186214,15,25; m.1. Mary Etta BUCKLIN 18 Sep. 1890;23
   m.2. Mrs. Minnie L. (SPITZER)27 MILHOAN 15 May 1916;24 d. 18 May 1962
   Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA25,58 bur. Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood
   Los Angeles Co., CA58
9. Fielding W. AMY b. 8 July 1865;14,15 m. Elizabeth PHIPPS 16 Dec. 1891;23
   d. 30 May 1948 Kirk, Yuma Co., Colo.,29 bur. Kirk Cemetery28
10.Nora AMY b. 15 Apr. 1868;14,15,30 m.1. Frank REITENBAUGH 30 Aug. 1885;30,47
   m.2. William B. TUCKER 12 Nov. 1925;30 d. 1 Jan. 1941,30 bur. Appleton 
   Twp. Cem., Minneola, Clark Co., KS31

Henry Wilford AMY and Mary Elizabeth HOOD had children:
1. Bessie "Betty" Ethelyn AMY b. 16 Nov. 1885,21 Calhoun Co., Iowa;33 m. Fred
   Henry ZIMMERMAN 1 Sep. 1906;32 d. 27 Feb. 1974 La Junta, Otero Co.,
   Colo., bur. Fairview Cem., La Junta, Otero Co., Colo.34
2. Edwin Wilson AMY b. 8 Jan. 1887,21,25 Baxter, Jasper Co., Iowa;57
   never married; d. 6 Nov. 1957 Butte Co., CA;25 bur. Memorial Park Cem., Oroville,
   Butte Co., CA52
3. Katheryn Mahala AMY b. 9 June 1889,21 Dodge City, Ford Co., KS; m.1.
   Thomas A. STODDARD 11 Oct. 1911;27,40 divorced 30 Mar. 1915;40 m.2. Edward Leslie43 OAKES
   21 June 1915;35,36 divorced 27 Oct. 1920;36 m.3. King F. WESTON 7 Aug. 1924;27
   living 195137
4. Lawrence Tracy AMY b. 5 Nov. 1895,21 Hugo, Lincoln Co., Colo.; m.
   12 Sep. 1935 Lucille J. (TIPPS)27  McKNIGHT;27 d. 5 Mar. 1969, bur. Mountain View Cem.,
   Mouuntain Home, Elmore Co., ID50
5. Paul Clayton AMY b. 22 June 1897,21,49 Las Animas, Bent Co., Colo.;
   d. 5 Sep. 1898;21,49 bur. Las Animas Cem.49
6. Ruth Marie AMY b. 31 May 1899,21 Las Animas, Bent Co., Colo.; m.
   Howard HOLM 31 July 1925;27 d. 3 Mar. 1966, bur. Roselawn Cem.,Pueblo,
   Pueblo Co., Colo.38,53
7. Arthur Leighton AMY b. 17 Dec. 1901,21 Las Animas, Bent Co., Colo.;
   m. Jeanette Conjentina LORENZ 23 Dec. 1929;27 d. 4 Nov. 1973;38,39 bur.
   Roselawn Cem., Pueblo, Pueblo Co., Colo.38,39,54

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