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"Thomas Grenberrye, widdower" was buried at St. John, Stamford on 
3 Oct. 1581. Probable children include.
 1.	i. Cuthbert Greenberry b. ca. 1540
       ii. Margit Greenberry m. 19 Aug. 1569 to Bryan Clough at St. John,
	   Stamford and had two known children, Elizabeth baptized 27 Nov.
	   1574 and William bap. 8 Oct. 1576.  
      iii. "Peter Grinbery" who was forgiven debts he owed to John Dickenson
	    of All Saints, Stamford in his 1600 will

1. Cuthbert Greenberry is first found at Stamford, Lincolnshire, England.
Cuthbert was a butcher, an occupation followed by many of his descendants.
He was married to Joan Dawson 18 July 1564 at All Saints Church, Stamford Lincoln.
He had children baptized at St. John's, Stamford. The parish register lists the
following children.  It would appear some of the entries may have been
misrecorded. The Bishop's Transcripts exist for only one year during this time, and
contain different information than the parish register.
	i. Mabel Greenberry bap. 3 Apr. 1565 St. John, Stamford;
  	   m. (Thomas?) Horkett; two probable children Cuthbert Horkett
	   and Elizabeth Horkett named in the will of Cuthbert Greenberry
       ii. Annys Greenberry bap. 23 May 1566 St. John, Stamford;
	   not named in father's will
      iii. Godfray Greenberry bap. 22 May 1568; bur. 3 Aug. 1570 St. John, Stamford
       iv. Godfray Greenberry bap. 22 May 1569 St. John, Stamford. The
	   same baptismal date and name is given two years in a row. As
	   Cuthbert's son Thomas, that is named in his will, had a child
           born in 1590, he was probably born about this time.  This
	   duplicate date and name except for the year, may be a misrecording
           by the priest, and actually apply to 
 2.	   Thomas Greenberry 
   	v. Katterne Greenberry bap. x (10) Mar. 1569 (1570) St. John Stamford as
           given in the Bishop's transcripts.  The parish register lists a third
 	   entry for Godfrey Greenberry bap. viii (8) May 1570.  Katterne was not
           named in father's will
       vi. John Greenberry bap. 9 Nov. 1570; bur. 2 Jan. 1570 (1571)
 	   St. John, Stamford
 3.   vii. John Greenberry bap. 22 Dec. 1571 (as a daughter, sic) St. John,
     viii. Sebell Greenberry bap. 9 Aug. 1573; bur. 13 Sep. 1573
       ix. Alice Greenberry b. ca. 1575 was named in the will of her 
           father.  "Alice Grenberye" daughter of Cuthbertt Greneberye 
           was buried 17 July 1604 at St. Michael, Stamford

"Cutberd Greneberye" secondly married on 19 July 1579 at Bourne, Lincoln
to Jone Ashton. It is possible that Alice may have been child of
this marriage, and born about 1580.  
Cuthbert Greenberry married a third time to Elizabeth Blower at Ketton
Cum Tixover, Rutland on 16 Jan. 1581 (1582). 
 4.    x. Tobias Greenberry bap. 7 Oct. 1582 All Saints, Stamford
      xi. Elisabeth Grembury bap. 30 Aug. 1584 and buried 1 Sep.
           1584 All Saints, Stamford  
 5.  xii. Cuthbert Greenberry bap. 7 Nov. 1585 All Saints, Stamford
    xiii. Susanna Greenberry b. ca. 1587 and named in her fatherís will 
	   as under age 21
     xiv. Elizabeth Gremberrye bap. 4 July 1590 All Saints, Stamford

"Mr. Cutberd Greinbury" was buried 17 March 1595 (1596) at All Saints, Stamford,
Lincoln, England.  "Elizabeth Grenberry" wife of "Coutbard Grenberry gen." 
was buried at All Saints, Stamford, Lincoln, on 25 July 1603.

Cutbert Greenberry of Stamford, County of Lincoln, gentleman, wrote his
will on 19 January 1595.(10)  The bequest to his "father Dickenson" and
his mother (Dickenson?), along with brothers William Dickenson, Thomas 
Dickenson, and John Dickenson may indicate that one of his wives was
maiden name Dickenson, and had a previous marriage.

2. Thomas Greenberry was probably born ca. 1569
        i. Elizabeth Greenberry bap. 9 May 1590 St. John, Stamford
       ii. Cudbert Greenberry bap. 2 April 1592 St. John, Stamford.  On
           14 Dec. 1595 "Cudbert Greneberye, the son of Thomas Greneberrye, 
           butcher, was buried" at St. John, Stamford
      iii. Peter Greenberry bap. 2 Dec. 1593 St. John, Stamford, Lincoln. 
           Possibly the Peter Greenburie that was married 23 July 1627 at 
           St. Mary, Leicester, Leicester to Mary Miles and secondly 
	   married (Bishop London Marriage Allegations 1635-1636, FHL
	   microfilm 544132) 30 May 1636 as Peter Greenebery of "Mortlopp"
	   (probably Mortlake), co. Surrey, yeoman, widower, age 40 with
	   Alice Burley of the same place, widow, age 35 at St. Gregory
	   by St. Paul, London
       iv. Mary Greenberry (named in will of brother Nicholas)
On 18 October 1603, Tomysen Greneberrye, wife of Thomas Grenberrye, 
butcher, was buried at St. John, Stamford, Lincoln. Thomas secondly 
married 3 October 1605 at Corby, Lincoln, to Agnes Musson.  They had
four children baptized at Corby:
   6.   v. John Greenberry bap. 12 Aug. 1606
   7.  vi. Nicholas Greenberry bap. 27 Feb. 1607 (1608)
      vii. Edmunde Greenberry bap. 17 Aug. 1610
           "Edward Greenbower" appeared in the Devon Protestation Return
           for Irnham, Bulby, and Hawthorpe of 13 Mar. 1641 (1642). Edward
  	   Greenbery of Hawthorpe wrote his will 14 Apr. 1668. He named
           his daughter Katheren and his wife Mary who was his executrix.
           He stated that about 4 years hence he had of his nephews
           Edmond & Anthony Andrewes of North Luffenham, eight shillings.
           He also owed to his cousin Lennerd Chester ten shillings. Wit.
  	   G? Newton and Leonard Chefter.  Proved 1668. (Consistory Court
 	   of Lincoln, p. 298 FHL microfilm 198919).  He was buried 26 May
	   1668 at Irnham.  It is uncertain who this Edward is, unless he
	   is identical to Edmund of the baptismal record.  North Luffenham
	   is in Rutland.
     viii. Elizabeth Greenberry bap. 28 February 1612 (1613);
           bur. 28 Feb. 1612 (1613)
"Thomas Greenbery" was buried 13 Apr. 1613 at Corby.

3. John Greenberry born ca. 1570; buried 18 July 1604 St. John, 
Stamford, Lincoln.  The St. John Church register contained on average 
two or three burials, to about a dozen per year.  In 1604 there were 78 
burials alone in the months of June, July, and August, most probably from
the plague.  From the burial register it could be seen how the disease
appeared to move from family to family. On 20 July 1604 was buried Anne 
Greeneberry. She could possibly be Johnís wife, or a daughter whose 
baptism was not recorded.  John was also a butcher.
        i. Tobye bap. 22 Feb. 1600; bur. 19 July 1604 St. John, Stamford, 
       ii. Mary Greenberry bap. 23 Oct. 1603 St. John, Stamford, Lincoln

4. Tobias Greenberry was baptized 7 Oct. 1582 at All Saints Church, 
Stamford, Lincoln as Toby Grenbury. Elizabeth, wife of Tobias Greenbury
was buried 28 Dec. 1632 at Lambourn, Berkshire. His will was written 3 Dec.
1658 at "Lamborne" in the County of Berks.(11)  He named his sons 
Samuel Greenbury, son Thomas Partridge, son John Greenbury, daughter 
Ann Partridge, wife of Thomas Partridge. His son John Greenbury was the 
residuary heir and executor.  Overseers were Arthur Merntell of Lamborne
and Thomas Woodruff of Lamborne.  Witnesses were Arthur Merivale and Tho:
Woodruf.  It was probated 9 Nov. 1664. At the baptism of his last child he
was listed as "vicar."  Tobias Greenberry, minister, was buried at Lambourn
19 Oct. 1664.
        i. Tobias Greenberry bap. 30 Mar. 1619; bur. 6 Jan. 1619/20
           Lambourn, Berks.
 8.    ii. John Greenberry bap. 1 July 1620 Lambourn, Berks.
      iii. Lucy Greenberry bap. 12 Jan. 1622 (1623) Lambourn Berks.; died 
 9.    iv. Samuel Greenberry bap. 24 Sep. 1624 Lambourn, Berks.
        v. Anna Greenberry bap. 4 Feb. 1626 (1627) Lambourn, Berks.; m.
           Thomas Partridge 21 Aug. 1651
       vi. Elizabeth Greenberry bap. 15 Feb. 1628 (1629); bur. 21 Nov. 1632 
           Lambourn, Berks.
      vii. Lucy Greenberry bap. 2 Apr. 1632; bur. 20 Dec. 1632 Lambourn, Berks.

5. Cuthbert Greenbury was baptized 7 Nov. 1585 at All Saints, Stamford, 
Lincoln as Cutberd Grinbury.  He married on 5 Nov. 1611 at South Witham,
Lincoln to Easter Yeomans. He had two children baptized at South 
Witham, Lincoln. He wrote his will as Cuthbert Greenbury of Aslackby in 
the County of Lincoln, yeoman on 13 May 1643.(12)  He named daughters
Elizabeth, Mary, Jane and Susanna (Jane and Susanna under 18); brother 
Tobie Greenbury; grandchild Thomas Greenbury at age 21; Cuthbert
Greenbury his godchild; son John Greenbury was executor.  Supervisors 
were Meury Myles of Folkingham and John Branson of Poynton. Wit.: 
Edward Olvey, Thomas Gromett, and Alexander Burson. Proved 14 July 
1650.  His godchild Cuthbert Greenbury was probably the son of his nephew
7. Nicholas Greenberry.
 10.    i. John Greenberry bap. 22 Nov. 1612 South Witham, Lincoln
       ii. Elizabeth Greenberry bap. 15 Apr. 1615 South Witham, Lincoln
      iii. Mary Greenberry
       iv. Jane Greenberry born after 1625
        v. Susanna Greenberry born after 1625

6. John Greenberry was baptized 12 August 1606 at Corby, Lincoln as 
John Greeneberrie.  He had one known child.  His wife's name is unknown,
but she may be the "Ann Greeneborow," widow, that was buried 2 Apr. 1638
at Irnham.
        i. John Greenberry bap. 14 November 1627 Irnham, Lincoln

7. Nicholas Greenberry was baptized 27 Feb. 1607 (1608) at Corby, Lincoln as
Nicholas Greeneberrie.  He was married on 23 May 1633 at Irnham as Nicholas
Greenborow to Katherine Haukins.  His wife as "Goody" (Goodlady) Greenbury
was buried 18 May 1661.  Nicholas secondly married Elizabeth -?-, who
was his wife at death.  Nicholas was buried on 29 Noveber 1673. In the
original parish register, for the births of his first five children the
name is spelled Greeneborow and Greeneborough. There is only one entry in
the Irnham parish register from 1643-1652, and the Bishop's Transcripts
exist for only the years 1646 and 1647 in this time period.  In the
Bishop's Transcripts, the children baptisms are spelled as Greenborough
and Greenbury.  "Nicholas Greenbower" was in the Devon Protestation Return
at Hawthorpe on 13 March 1641 (1642).  Nicholas Greenberry wrote his will
in 1673.(13)
        i. Cutbert Greenberry bap. 19 Jan. 1633 (1634) at Irnham; possibly the
           Cuttbert married 12 May 1660 to Elizabeth Woodward at St. Gregory
           by St. Paul, London
       ii. Ann Greenberry bap. 1 (Bishop's Trancripts) or 14 (Parish Register)
           May 1635 Irnham, Lincoln; bur. 13 Mar. 1680/1 Irnham
 11.  iii. Edward Greenberry bap. 25 July 1636 Irnham, Lincoln; possibly
 	   the Edward who wrote his will in 1694 in London
       iv. Mary Greenberry bap. 21 Apr. 1639 Irnham, Lincoln; bur.
	   30 Oct. 1639
        v. Nicholas Greenberry bap. 15 Dec. 1640 Irnham, Lincoln
       vi. Peter Greenberry born ca. 1643
 12.  vii. John Greenberry b. ca. 1645
     viii. Elizabeth Greenberry bap. 4 Apr. 1647 Irnham, Lincoln
       ix. Mary Greenberry b. ca. 1649

8. John Greenberry was baptized 1 July 1620 at Lambourn, Berkshire. His
wife was named Mary, and she was buried 7 Dec. 1686 at Lambourn.
	i. Tobias Greenberry bap. 21 Feb. 1655 (1656)
       ii. Elizabeth Greenberry bap. 26 Dec. 1657 Lambourn, Berks.
      iii. Frances Greenberry bap. 3 June 1662 Lambourn, Berks.
       iv. Ann Greenberry bap. 29 August 1667 Lambourn, Berks.
        v. Susanna Greenberry bap. 16 Mar. 1668 (1669) Lambourn, Berks
       vi. Margarett bap. 13 July 1671 Lambourn, Berks.

9. Samuel Greenberry was baptized 24 Sep. 1624 at Lambourn, Berkshire. His
was named Anne.
        i. Susanna Greenberry bap. 25 Nov. 1652 Lambourn, Berks.
       ii. female Greenberry bap. 15 Oct. 1659 Lambourn, Berks.

10. John Greenberry was baptized on 22 Nov. 1612 at South Witham.
Baptismal records of his children give his wifeís name as Elizabeth.
        i. Thomas Greenberry bap. 10 Nov. 1642 Aslackby, Lincoln
 13.   ii. Henry Greenberry bap. 23 Feb. 1644 (1645) Aslackby, Lincoln
      iii. Elisabeth Greenberry bap. 18 Jan. 1646 (1647); bur.
           25 Oct. 1647 Aslackby, Lincoln
       iv. John Greenberry bap. 19 Mar. 1649 (1650); bur. 11 July 1656
           Aslackby, Lincoln
        v. Martha Greenberry bap. 18 Feb. 1651 (1652) Aslackby, Lincoln
       vi. James Greenberry bap. 31 July 1653 Aslackby, Lincoln
	   (possibly the James Greenebury m. Saray Banes 16 July 1680
	   St. James, Clerkenwell, London)
 14.  vii. Edmond Greenberry bap. 9 Nov. 1655 Aslackby, Lincoln
     viii. Mary Greenberry bap. 5 May 1658 Aslackby, Lincoln
       ix. Elizeabeth Greenberry bap. 2 Mar. 1659 (1660) Aslackby, Lincoln

11. Edward Greenberry was baptized 25 July 1636 at Irnham.  He is likely the
Edward that "age about 26," of St. Sepulchre's, London had a marriage license
on 15 Jan. 1668 (1669) to Helen Sherely of the same, widow, age about 30.
(Vicar-General of the Archbishop of Canterbury Marriage Licenses) Edward and
Ellinor had baptized at St. Sepulchre's Holborn (FHL microfilm 374998).
	i. Edward Greenberry bap. 14 Nov. 1669; died young
       ii. Edward Greenberry bap. 5 Feb. 1670 (1671)
      iii. Johnson Greenberry bap. 20 Apr. 1673
       iv. James Greenberry bap. 22 Nov. 1674
        v. Elizabeth Greenberry bap. 6 Sep. 1676; m. 17 May 1691 John Cannon
       vi. daughter buried 10 Sep. 1681
Mr. Edward Greenbury from Smithfield was buried at St. Sepulchre's 
27 Mar. 1694.  He wrote his will in 1694.  Although the age at marriage
doesn't quite match, he did have two living children when his father Nicholas
in his will written in Nov. 1673 made a bequest to his son Edward and his two

12. John Greenberry was born ca. 1645.  His wife was named Jane. He wrote
his will 19 May 1719 at Hawthorp, parish of Irnham, co. Lincoln, as John
Greenberry, butcher.  He named his son Edward, son William, daughter Anne
Hutchinson, and third son Peter Greenbury.  His wife Jane was his residuary
heir and executrix. Wit.: John Breton, Wm. Baines, Susanna Baines. The will
was probated in 1723.(14)
	i. Edward Greenbury bap. 5 Jan. 1684 (1685) Irnham, Lincoln
       ii. John Greenbury bap. 10 Jan. 1685 (1686) Irnham, Lincoln
      iii. John Greenbury bap. 24 Jan. 1687 (1688); bur. 17 Apr. 1688 Irnham,
       iv. William Greenbury bap.  24 Feb. 1688 (1689) Irnham, Lincoln
        v. Anne Greenbury bap. 13 Apr. 1690 Irnham, Lincoln
       vi. Peter Greenbury bap. 25 Jan. 1691 (1692) Irnham, Lincoln
      vii. Jane Greenbury bap. 19 Aug. 1693 Irnham, Lincoln
     viii. John Greenbury bap. 15 Oct. 1694 bur. 2 Nov. 1694 Irnham, Lincoln
       ix. Thomas Greenbury bap. 6 Apr. 1696 Irnham, Lincoln
        x. Mary Greenbury bap. 11 Jan. 1699 (1700) Irnham, Lincoln

13. Henry Greenbury was baptized 23 Feb. 1644 at Aslackby.  His wife was 
named Katharine/Catherine Bate, and they obtained a marriage license from
the Diocese of Lincoln dated 21 Nov. 1671.
	i. Elizabeth (in parish register) John (in Bishop's Transcripts)
           Greenberry bap. 29 Aug. 1672 Gosberton, Lincoln
       ii. Catharine Greenbury bap. 10 Feb. 1675 (1676) Gosberton, Lincoln
      iii. Thomas Greenbury bap. 28 Mar. 1678 Gosberton, Lincoln
       iv. Ann Greenbury bap. 22 Jan. 1679/80 Gosberton, Lincoln
	v. Jane Greenbury buried 14 June 1681 Gosberton, Lincoln
       vi. Susana Greenbury bap. Feb. 1681 (1682) Gosberton, Lincoln

14. Edmund Greenberry was baptized 9 November 1655 at Aslackby, Lincoln.
He wrote his will on 23 March 1685 at Careby.(15)  He named his
sister Martha, sister Ann, Steven Emsby of Careby, widow Lorn, widow
Lenten, Elizabeth Ross? of Stamford, John Porter of Stamford, Benjamin
Sculthorpe?, Thomas Lorn of Careby, Harberon Wallis of Careby, John
Times? of Careby, Ann Simpson of Careby, Henry Rewell? of Careby, John
Bull of Rall?; John Hudson of Witham.  James Greenbery to be executor.
Wit.: Behjamin Sculthorp, Elizabeth Lorne. He was buried 25 Mar. 1686.

The question for Greenberry descendants is whether Nicholas, baptized in 
1640 is identical to Nicholas Greenberry of Maryland.

Evidence against them being the same includes:
1. The tombstone of Nicholas Greenberry of Maryland states he died in
1697, age 70.  The Nicholas Greenberry of Irnahm was baptized in 1640.

2. Number 7. Nicholas Greenberry in his will made bequests to his son 
Cuthberd and two children, and his son Edward and his two children.  The
bequest to his son Nicholas mentioned no children.  This could tend to
imply that his son Nicholas had no childen, at least none that he knew of.
Nicholas who went to Maryland in 1674 had one child at the time Nicholas, Sr.
wrote his will. 

Evidence for them being the same includes:
1. Nicholas born in 1640 was living in 1673 when his father's will was
written.  No record is found at Irnham of a burial, marriage, or children
born there after this time, indicating he must have relocated.  No record
of a will or administration through 1730 has been found for this Nicholas
Greenberry in Lincolnshire.

2. If Nicholas left Lincoln, a likely place he may have gone would be the
greater London area.  Cuthbert and Edward, brothers of Nicholas Jr., may be
identical to the men found in London.  Nicholas of Maryland can be placed
in London for at least at short time, when he sailed from there for Maryland
in 1674. Though not stated in the 1674 record from what port the master William
Wheatly sailed the ship "Constant Friendship," it was undoubtedly London.
Records in 1672 for the "Friendship" and 1675 for the "Constant Friendship"
with William Wheatley as master both times sailed from London.  Shippers of
goods included names with Anne Arundel Co., MD connections: Sparrow,
Sprigg, John Collingwood (uncle of Nicholas Gassawasy), and Edward Lloyd.(16)
There are a number of Courts in which an estate may have been probated in 
the London area. At present, no will or administration has been found for
a Nicholas Greenberry in the London area.

3. The mother of Nicholas (Jr.) of Irnham was named Katherine, and Nicholas
of Maryland named his first daughter Katherine.

4. Nicholas' tombstone states he died 17 Dec. 1697, age 70.  If that age
was accurate, that would make him about age 45 when his first child was
born.  Possible, but not common. If the age of Nicholas at death was
incorrect, then the birth in 1640 would seem more likely.

   At present Nicholas Greenberry, baptized in 1640 at Irnham, Lincoln, can
not be proved to be identical to Nicholas Greenberry of Maryland.  It can
also not be ruled out that they are not the same.  It is not known what
happend to Nicholas Sr.'s brothers Peter and John, and either or both
may have also named a son Nicholas after their brother, that could be the
Nicholas of Maryland.  

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