Ulrich FISCHER married Barbara WASEM 9 May 1606 at Rüeggisberg, Canton Bern,
Switzerland.1 They had children baptized there:
1. Peter FISCHER bap. 11 Jan. 1607;1
2. Bendicht FISCHER bap. 25 Mar. 1608;1
3. Margred FISCHER bap. 8 Jan. 1609;1
4. Hans FISCHER  bap. 29 Apr. 1610;1
5. Bendicht FISCHER bap. 26 Apr. 1612;1 m. Margret ROHRBACH 17 Apr. 1635;4
6. Christen FISCHER bap. 30 Jan. 1614;1 m. Madle MISCHLER 22 Jan. 1649;4
7. Peter FISCHER bap. 1 Oct. 1615;1 m. Anna MEGERT 25 May 1649;4
8. Anna FISCHER bap. 20 July 1617;1 m. Christen STAAL 14 Sep. 1649;4
9. Elsbeth FISCHER bap. 19 Apr. 1619;1
10. Uli FISCHER bap. 6 Feb. 1623;1 m. Anna MEGERT 25 May 1649;4
11. Hans FISCHER bap. 18 Dec. 1625;1

There were two persons named Peter FISCHER of age to be the Peter who married in 1649 to
Anna MEGERT. One was the above Peter born in 1615, the son of Ulrich FISCHER and Barbara
WASEM. The other was Peter FISCHER baptized 7 Jan. 1622, the son of "Jagÿ" [Jacob] FISCHER
and Margret WYL.1 Evidence that the Peter who marrried Anna Megert was the one
born in 1615 includes:
11 Sep. 1636 Peter FISCHER, juvenis, Uli FISCHER's son at Niderbütschel was a sponsor.2
15 Jan. 1637 Peter FISCHER and Elsbeth FISCHER [possibly his sister] were sponsors for
Uli MARTI and Anna WASEM, presuamably a relative of his mother.2
9 Feb. 1640 Peter FISCHER was a sponsor for a child of Uli MARTI and Barbara WASEM,
   presumably a relative of his mother.2
31 July 1642 Peter FISCHER, Uli's son, and Hans FISCHER were sponsors, showing he
   was still living.2
25 May 1649 Peter FISCHER was married on the same date as [his brother] Uli FISCHER.4
26 Sep. 1652, the same date he had a child of his own baptized, he and  Madle
   MISCHLER [his brother Christen's wife] were sponsors for Bendicht Schönthal
   and wife Anna Bachmann.2
29 Aug. 1658 Bendicht FISCHER and wife Babi [Barbli] ROHRBACH has as sponsors
   Peter Fischer, Leni Mischler [wife of Peter Fischer's brother Christen],
   Margreht Rohrbach [wife Peter Fischer's brother Bendicht Fischer]2

As residents of Niederbütschel Peter FISCHER and Anna MEGERT were the parents
of five children baptized at Rüeggisberg.
1. Peter FISCHER bap. 2 Feb. 1651;2 m. Madleni MARTI 26 May 1676;4
2. Melcher FISCHER bap. 26 Sep. 1652;2 m. Anna ROHRBACH 27 July 1677;4
3. Barbara FISCHER bap. 5 Mar. 1654;2
4. Elsi FISCHER bap. 21 June 1657;2
5. Anna FISCHER bap. 11 May 1662;3

Peter FISCHER and Madleni MARTI had children born at Niederbütschel:
1. Christian FISCHER bap. 11 Nov. 1677;3
2. Peter FISCHER bap. 10 Aug. 1679;3
3. Elsbeth FISCHER bap. 23 Oct. 1681;3
4. Anna FISCHER bap. 25 Jan 1685;3 m. Christen GRÜNIG 27 Jan. 1716;4,5 d. 10 Feb. 1764,

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Rüeggisberg Book 12 1626-1759 Marriages. p. 23 Bendicht Fischer und Mergret Rorbach [Rohrbach] p. 45 Christion Fischer unde Madlen Mischler p. 46 Peter und Uli Fischer to Anna Megert and another Anna Megert p. 47 Christion Staal and Anni Fischer of Niderütschel p. 83 Peter Fischer of Niederbütschel - Madleni Marti of Hinterfultigen p. 85 Melcher Fischer, Peter's son - Anna Rohrbach of Hinterfultigen p. 136 On 19 January 1716 a certificate was presented by Anna Fischer at Rüeggisberg for her marriage to Christian Grünig to occur at Thurnen 5. Mühlethurnen Book 6, Baptisms 1693-1721 and marriages 1693-1718. Marriage section p. 30 Christen Grünig of Durishaus-Anni Fischer of Rüeggisberg, 1716 The marriage was supposed to occur on the 23rd, but on the way to the wedding the bride became so ill they thought she was going to die, so the wedding occurred on the 27th. 6. Mühlethurnen [Thurnen] Book 24 1757-1787 death register. p. 44 Anna Fischer, the deceased Christen Grünig's widow of Durishaus died 10th; bur. 12 Feb. 1764; age 78 years


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