If you are a male FENTON descended from this family, to date no one has DNA tested
from this line. If you are interested in testing, and in knowing how DNA may
help identify earlier generations, please contact me.

John FENTON was first found in 1717 in Currituck Co., NC, being paid for
two "catts" heads on a list of claims for Wolves and wild Catts.1 A 1721
Currituck County list of tithables included Jno: FENTON, Jr. with 1, and
John FENTON, Sr. with 2, those being himself and "son Richd."2

John FENTON was probably the father of:
1. John FENTON, Jr. born before 170425
2. Richard FENTON2 born say 1705;2 m. Lyida;19 died between 14 Sep. 1778 and
   11 Aug. 1780 Currictuck Co., NC19
3. Thomas FENTON [Sr.] born after 17052,4; living 17523

Thomas FENTON in 1742 purchased 40 acres in "Albemarle County in the
Precinct of Pasquotank," NC from John O DANIEL.5  He sold that tract in Oct.
1751 to Thomas GRAY as of Pasquotank County.6 

A 1751 list of tithatbles for Currituck County included Richard FENTON with
2 tithables and Caleb FENTON with 1 titable.7 Caleb was identified in Richard's
1778 will as his son. The following year in 1752, the list of Currituck
tithables included two men named Thomas FENTON each with 1 tithable, Richard
FENTON with 2 tithables, and Caleb FENTON with one tithable.3 The implication
would be that one of the two Thomas's was the man who sold his Pasquotank
land the year before.

As Richard FENTON named no son Thomas in his will, the other Thomas of the 1752
tax list is believed to be the son of the first Thomas.  A ca. 1763 militia
list included Richard, Tomas, and Caleb FENTON.8

Thomas FENTON [Sr.] is possibly the father of:
1. Thomas FENTON [Jr.] born say 1730; m. 174723-175622 Sarah HUMPHRIES22; he d.
   between 19 Sep. 1772 and 2 April 1773 Currituck Co., NC.9  
   Sarah was living in 1779.18

The will of John BARBER written on 17 April 1762 named his "brother Thos:
FENTON" as one of his executors.20 The exact relation of Thomas FENTON
to John BARBER is unknown.

Thomas FENTON [Jr.] and Sarah HUMPHRIES had children:
1. Caleb FENTON9 b. say 1757;11 d. by 178410,12
2. Thomas FENTON9 b. say 1760;12 d. by 178412
3. Mary FENTON9,10 b. say 1764; m. Caleb13 PARR10,12;21 living 180713
4. Elizabeth FENTON9,10 b. say 1767; m. John LEE24 178514 or 178624
   living 18 Oct. 1824 Iberville Parish, LA26
5. Sarah "Sally" FENTON9,10 b. ca. 1771;17 m.1. Giles GIBBS15 1791;14
   m.2. Edward WALKER16

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