In the Name of God Amen I Richarde Robins of Buckby in the County of 
Northton yeoman being desirous to prepare & fitt my selfe for the tyme of 
my departure out of this Life doe make this my Last will and testament
   First I commend my Soule to Allmighty God my Creator & to Jesus Christ
my Redeemer by whose passion & merits only I stedfastly brleeve I am made
an heire of everlasting Life in heaven And to the holy Spirit my only 
Comforter three persons & one Eternall God And my body to be comly buried
at Buckby at the descreson of my Executors.  And touching my lands and 
goods where with God hath blessed me beyond my deserts
   First to show some thankefullnes to God for his mercy I doe give five
pounds a yere for ever out of the half yard land Lately William Gilberts
in Buckby aforesaid unto John Thorneton of Broackall Esq. & to Willm
Cartwright of Northton, gent, & to their heires and Assignes to the use of
the poore Inhabitants of Buckby for the time being for ever ether yearly
to be disposed among them according to their severall needs or other wise
to be disposed of to their persitts as by them shall be iudged most
convenient, provided allwayes and my will is That my sonn & heire & his
heires shall have the free power to dispose & give forty shillings a yere
of the foresaid five pounds to any manner of person or persons at his and
their free will and pleasures. And because the sayd Mr. Thorneton & Willm
Cartwright be mortall my desire it they will make other honest religeous
men ffeofees of the sayd yearly rent that yt may be for ever imployed 
according to this my will.
   Item my will is that my sonn & heir shall provide and give to Dorothy
my Loveing wife at my house in Buckby where I now inhabit good & sufficient
Lodging meat drinke diet fyre candle & washing fit and according to her
degree & calling as now she hath for & during her Life and the som of 
thirtie pounds yearly to be payd out of my Lands payable to her quarterly
at the severall feasts of St. Thomas the Apostle, the annunciation of the
blessed virgin Mary, the Nativity of St. John the Baptist & St. Michael
Archangel by equall porcions for & dureing her life.  And If my sayd wife
shall forebear to take her diet & lodging afforesayd, then my sonn & heir
& his heires shall pay unto her ten pounds a year more in lew of her diet
& lodging payable at the dayes afforesayd by equall porcions dureing her
life.  Further my will is my said wife shall have her coffen to her self
as she thinks fitt to store it.  But if my said wyfe shall recover her 
dower out of my Lands, them my meaning is she shall hould her self therewith
content and what I have foremerly given to her shall cease & not be payde
unto her.
   Item I give to my tow sonns Obedience and Edward to each of them one 
hundred pounds to be payd them within three months next after my decease
   Item I give to my Sonn John two hundred & forty pounds of which one
hundred to be payd him within three months next after my decease and the
other hundred & forty within tow yeares next after my decease.  Also I
give to my sayd sonn John & his heires my Close & ground called the
hether Throp in the parish of Norton, provided alwayes & my will is That
yf my Sonn & heire shall pay unto my said Sonne John or his heires
the som of tow hundred & fifty pounds of good and Lawfull money of England
at any tyme within three yeares next after my decease That then my Legacy
made to my sayd Sonn John of my close called hether Throp shall cease & be voyd.
   Item I give & bequeath unto my sonn Thomas my Lease & terme for yeares
which I have of any Lands or tenements in West Haddon parish.
   Item I give my sonn Thomas & his heires all my meadow & ground called
Corne meadow in the parish of Watford Provided alwayes & my will is That yf
my heire at any time within three yeares next after my decease shall pay
my sayd sonn Thomas & his heires or Assignes the som of three hundred &
fifty pounds of Lawful money of England then my heir shall reenter into the 
sayd ground called the Corne meadow and into my sayd Lease to have the meadow
to him and his heirs for ever & the lease for the the years therein to Come
& -------.
   Item I give to my sayd sonn Thomas forty pounds to be payd him within
two yeares next after my decease.
   Item I give more to my sayd sonne Thomas the Lease I have of only pasture.
   Item I give and bequeath to my tow youngest Lemuell & Mary to each of them
twenty pounds to be payd them presently after my decease And my will further
is and I doe bequeath That yf my said tow daughters shalbe married by the
consent & advice of the forenamed John Thorneton then my Executor shall pay
them so marrieing, or her that so married one hundred & four score pound
a pece of Lawfull money of England within three monthes next after his notice
thereof and I doe further devise that yf the said Mr. John Thorneton shall
die before the marriage of my sayd tow daughters or before he hath given
his derection therein Then my sayd Executor shall pay my sayd daughters
180 l. a peece at their severall ages of twenty yeares and my will further
is that yf my said daughters or ether of them die before marriage then the
porecon of them or her that so dieth shall remayne to my Children to be
equally devided amongest them.
   Item I give to my daughter Sara tenn pounds.
   Item I give to my daughter Contenew forty shillings.
   Item I give  to all my gran Children forty shillings a peece.
   Item I give to my three brothers to each of them twenty shillings.
   Item I give to my loveing frends Mr. John Thorneton & Mr. Willm Cartwright
to each of them twenty shillings.
   Item I give to each of my servants which I shall have at the tyme of my
death to each of them xii d.
   All the rest of my lands, goods, Cattells & Chattells I give to my loveing
Sonn Richard Robins who I make my Sole executor of this my last will &
Testament and doe renounce all former wills made by me to be of non effect.
And I intreat my loveing frends Mr. John Thorneton, Mr. William Cartwright
and my brother William Wills to be my overseers of this my last will, and
with their counsell and advise to derect my Executor in the due execution
of this my last will & testament; And I doe advise & charge my Executor
to take this advise therein & to be ruled by the same. And my will is And
I do hereby devise That yf any question ambiguitie or contreversie shall
happen to arise or grow upon any word legacie clause or matter contained
in this my last will, then the same shalbe heard exponunded determined &
iudged by the sayd overseers of this my last will or by the more part of
them and such their expossicion iudgement & determinacon. I declare to be
my last will and Testament And I will that within xx dayes next after my
decease A trew Inventory be taken of all my goods and Chatttells and a trew
Copy thereof delivered to my overseers.  It wittness whereof I have put
my hand & seale this first day of March 1633.
			Richard Robins
Sealed and delivered in the presence of Wm Cartwright Richard Carvel his
mark Valentine Robinson his mark


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